“Future Hubby”

Note: I guess I really couldn’t stay away that long could I?  🙂  Also, since my 50 Dates thing is over, I guess I’ll just go with the format of writing about the dates without numbering them.  We’ll see how this goes…

How We Met:  So let me start off by saying that this is the potential “TOWWETB” that I’ve been talking about for the past couple of months.  I figured I might as well write about him now since I’ve mentioned him so much, even if we still haven’t gone on an official date.

Anyways, we met back in college sometime during our junior year.  I want to say it was at the beginning of the year, before classes had even started.  I was (and still am) close friends with a group of guys and they would have parties at their house.  They had a hot tub so that was a huge attraction.  Anyways, “Future Hubby” was one of their neighbors.  We were honestly never close or anything.  We saw each other at parties, hung out, drank far too much for our own goods.  But it was never a, “Hey, let’s go hang out sometime to a quiet place.”  We were literally party friends.  Then around our 20th or 21st birthdays (I can’t remember which), we figured out that we’re practically birthday twins, with him being just a day older than me.  That was exciting, so for a couple of years every time our birthdays came around, I always asked him if he wanted to do something together.  Usually we didn’t, but we’d end up bumping into each other at the bars anyways and end up celebrating together.  At my college graduation party, we decided we were going to get married one day.  Obviously, we were really drunk and I can’t remember the details very well.  But my version of the story was that I found out he was majoring in mechanical engineering and I thought that to be a very good future career so I told him we should get married one day, to which he agreed.  His version of the story is that he proposed to me at my graduation party and I accepted.  Since mine makes me sound like a gold digging bitch, I’ll go with his version.  And I hope this explains the nickname I gave him and you all don’t think I’m some crazy lady thinking I’m just going to marry this guy because he’s my potential “TOWWETB”.

After that, we didn’t see much of each other.  I’d bump into him randomly at bars (we seriously party far too much) and we’d hang out, calling each other “Wifey” and “Hubby” the entire time.  A lot of times, he was far too drunk for me to put up with, so we’d hang out briefly and then I would try and run away.  Then a couple of months ago, we bumped into each other again while he was out with our mutual friends and I was out with some of the ladies.  We were just talking and he brought up the fact that we needed to get to know each other if we were going to get married one day.  I think I just laughed at that, but then he got serious…drunk, but serious nonetheless, and said something along the lines of the fact that we’ve never hung out in a quiet place, always at a bar, and that we really should get to know each other. So I agreed and he suggested I go to lunch with him sometime which I scoffed at (don’t know why at the time…).  He also mentioned how I never call him or text him to hang out so I should make more of an effort, which I threw right back at him.   He then proceeded to invite me to everything he was doing that weekend and I agreed to one thing.  And then I made out with him for pretty much the rest of the night.  This was the first time I had done ANYTHING with him whatsoever – we had never, ever been that way with one another.  And that’s how things got started.


*Physical Aesthetics: 6

*Appearance: 6

*Personality: 10

*Manners: 9

*Intelligence: 10

*Confidence: 8

*Overall Rating: 8

The “Date”: So as I prefaced before, we haven’t gone on an actual date that meets the criteria of my blog.  But for the past 2 months we have been talking, hanging out, and hooking up, so I’m counting it.

That first weekend that he pretty much invited me to hang out with him all weekend, I opted to hang out with him only one day.  I was supposed to go to a party with him at his friend’s but instead went to another party, which is where I met “Turtle” actually.  But the day after, he had reserved a table at a bar/restaurant to watch football so I told him I would meet him for that.  When I got there it was kind of awkward because the only seat available was next to someone I didn’t know, but I quickly made new friends.  I would talk to “Future Hubby” periodically and he would stare at me from across the way to make sure I was okay every once in awhile.  After all the games were finished, I ended up staying with “Future Hubby” and his roomie (also one of my friends from college who I actually would make out with back in the day haha) and watched them play flag football.  They asked me to play with them, but I didn’t have the appropriate attire nor am I good with catching footballs from long distances (I’m working on it) so I opted to just watch.  It was me and a bunch of boys the entire day.  All the while, I am texting “Eccentric Cheeseball” trying to figure out when our date was going to happen.  Maybe I’m just weird, but I thought things were kind of awkward between “Future Hubby” and I at some points that day, but quickly got over them.

So after that one time hanging out, we continued to see each other periodically.  I won’t bore you with every single detail, so I’ll condense it all into generalizations.  We’d hang out (at a bar…ya we regressed back to that), make out, then go back to his place, hook up, and I’d either leave or spend the night.  I actually got the approval of some of our friends who I decided to tell about our little situation.  Every single one of them (even the one guy who didn’t approve because he said, “You could do better than him.”  So sweet.  =) ) mentioned that he’s a good guy and that they’re happy for us if we become something.  One friend mentioned that he saw it coming and that he thought we’d be great together.

It’s all very strange because 1.) I’ve never really gone for a friend before and 2.) I never thought anything would ever happen between us.  The whole marriage thing was totally a joke.  I mean, I’ve done stuff with his friends and he’s done stuff with a few of mine back in college, so he was the last person I ever thought I would have any sort of relations with.  And it turns out he’s pretty awesome and I question as to why we never got to hanging out back in the day.  We have a lot in common, we totally get each other, and more so than not, he’s a total gentleman.  Every time I spend the night, he totally takes care of me and makes sure I’m comfortable.

But of course, with every lovely story, there’s always a bit of negativity, right??  Well yes, in today’s story, our negative bit comes from the one thing we all have a love/hate relationship with: alcohol.  I used to be a big time partier in college, and unfortunately “Future Hubby” seems to be in that phase still.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still party on the weekends and what not.  But I never get out of control and I can always handle my alcohol.  The same cannot be said for “Future Hubby”.  And let’s just say this puts a bit of a strain on things, especially this past week with all the holiday celebrations at hand.  It went from him being super attentive, getting back to me immediately if I had called or texted him, apologizing when he didn’t respond…to partying being more important to him and hearing from him at times that are far too late.  So ya, as of now, I am not too sure where we stand.  Oh, I forgot to mention, in all his drunken stupor last weekend (the one before Christmas), he called me his girlfriend.  While I’m not taking that seriously since he said it drunk, I’m not sure how he feels about that, if he even recalls saying that.  Really, I’m just a bit confused and irritated with the profuse amounts of alcohol he deems more important than anything else.

*Positives: He’s just a great guy in general, smart, funny, makes me feel comfortable, is as much of a nerd as I am (we watched Harry Potter the first time I spent the night), can be a gentleman when he wants, can be super attentive, is from one of my favorite places in the entire world (Windy City), when it comes to work he has a good job/career in front of him, has a huge dick (like seriously, it’s a bit terrifying), and a ton more.  I could go on for awhile.

*Negatives: Honestly, it really all revolves around alcohol.  How he is on it, how he wants to drink all the time, how his weekend life kind of seems to revolve around it.  God, I make him sound like an alcoholic.  He’s not an alcoholic – he’s just a huge partier still, and I know there’s nothing I can do about that.

Second First Date?:  For the time being, I’m going to back off.  I’m not going to contact him.  He can call me at decent hours, SOBER, if he wants.  I’m really irritated with his behavior as of late and I’m not going to subject myself to put up with something like that.  I already did it for three years with “Mr. Big (Past)”.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++READ BELOW THIS LINE+++++++++++++++++++++++READ BELOW THIS LINE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

So I totally wrote this post on New Years, but was apprehensive to post it then.  Probably because things weren’t going so well.  Anyways, a lot has happened since then that are awesome, so I will write an update on our situation soon!!  🙂

10 thoughts on ““Future Hubby”

    • Hahaha oh gosh, I really have portrayed him in such a light, haven’t I? I guess I should have mentioned that we really only get to see each other on the weekends because he works full-time and I live about 20 minutes away from him. But yes, his weekends consist of drinking like a fish!!

  1. The “6’s” had me worried and then you said “big dick” LOL You GO girl… 😀 Looking forward to the update!!!

    • Hahaha ;-). I guess the “6’s” are just based off of the other guys I’ve gone on dates with and how I rated them and now he compares to them aesthetically. Generally speaking, if I’m doing ratings based on just the physicality, he’s not exactly my type. But obviously there are other things that make up for that!! Hahaha.

  2. Hi lil’ L! It’s me the one who thinks that you have the lovliest face in all of the world but yet i log in today to find the phrase ‘future hubby’ on your blog! I hate to have to tell you this L but it’s a well known fact that all mechanical engineers are wife-beaters whereas comedy bloggers always make the best relationship partners. I’m just throwing that out there… He does have a huge dick though and whilst i don’t like to boast, i have found that being the owner of an unholy mandingo makes me able to quite confidently state that even if it does go wrong with ‘future hubby’ you will always have something to ‘fall back on’ 🙂 anyway, i almost forgot, i have an important announcement to make. If you can wire me the cash then i can journey to america to visit you and sweep you up in my arms. pretty good news eh? i figure that with that cash and you putting me up at your flat in california (you do live in california don’t you cos i don’t really like cold places?) we can finally be together. Your thoughts on this idea?

    • Aww you’re always so sweet to me!!! I apologize that this is the first thing you find on my blog today. I haven’t heard of mechanical engineers being wife-beaters but I’ll make sure to be wary the next time I see him. What if he’s comedic, but just doesn’t blog? Don’t worry, I will keep you in mind if things don’t work out with this one!!! 😉
      As much as I would like you to come and visit me here in the States (unfortunately I do not live in California, but I AM from there originally – I live in a place where the weather last week had been 32 degrees Fahrenheit and lower all week), I haven’t been keeping up with my prostitution business due to the fact that I found a keeper. So my funds have been lacking. I tried becoming a pimp and finding some hoes, but I guess I just wasn’t strict enough and my hoes took all my money and left.

      • Damn those hoes and their lack of loyalty! Don’t worrry though lil’ L, they’ll come back when they get bored of working at Wal-Mart just you wait n’ see!

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