The Lady Behind the Blog

After observing the blogs of some of my fellow bloggers, I’ve realized that besides my dating life and situation with men, nobody really knows my story.  And while many of my followers are people who know me in person (thanks everyone!!), I thought maybe…just maybe, other readers might be interested to know the story of the girl behind the blog…

This is me attempting to be a model.Photography by Ashley O'Brien

This is me attempting to model.
Photography by Ashley O’Brien

My name is Leslie.  I go by many other names as well, such as bitch, wee-bit (no I’m not a dwarf assholes, I’m just really short), Siren, and many more I cannot think of at the moment.  I am in my twenties and I live somewhere East of California and West of Kansas.  At the moment, I work for a lawyer doing…well shit, I’m not really sure what I do…but I do whatever it is I do part-time during the day.  At night, I get people drunk and attempt to persuade them to give me more money in any way I can (usually flattery and flirting are the key).  Despite the stereotypes that can be construed by all the fucking profanity I enjoy inserting sporadically through my blog, I have a Bachelor’s degree  in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from an accredited university (a.k.a. big party school).  I also minored in Linguistics (for anyone who really cares…).  I hope to eventually attend Law School or attain my license to be a certified paralegal.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the money nor time to spend on either one of those, so for the time being I’ll continue doing what I’m doing.

This is what I really look like.  Frightening, I know.

This is what I really look like. Frightening, I know.

While we all know why I started this blog, there’s more behind it than just me wanting to date a bunch of guys.  Being a Creative Writing major, you don’t really use your degree unless you 1.) become a teacher  2.) write an amazing novel/poems/script 3.) go to Graduate school, get your Master’s and eventually your PhD in order to become a professor.  It’s pretty much a big-time bullshit degree.  So in order to get my so-many-thousands-of-dollars worth out of my little piece of paper with my name and degree on it, I decided to attempt to put my degree to some use and start this blog.

So laugh, cry, cringe, and sigh as you read my blog and hopefully you enjoy me getting my money’s worth out of my degree.  🙂

Shake that ass!!

Shake that ass!!


8 thoughts on “The Lady Behind the Blog

  1. Hahaha… you should have made the last one a video!! 😀 At least you are comfortable enough to show the good, bad and the ugly; sounds like you are still finding your way in life and having some normal fun in the meantime. NOTHING wrong with that – you are only young once Leslie.

    • Haha I should have!! It ended up being a series of pictures of me and my “gay husband” doing some dance workout one day with his brother taking pictures of us!! Honestly, I love exploiting the ugly, as weird as that sounds. I just think it’s so much more real and fun than pretty and good all the time, ya know?? Definitely still trying to find my way and what it is I want to do, thanks for the support!!! =)

  2. hi lil’ L, i hope you don’t mind but i have saved your pictures to my hard-drive for, ahem, research purposes. i am disgusted by the top one though. Disgusted that it is not a full-frontal picture! What were you thinking?! Seriously though, i’m in love with those pics and if i wasn’t currently very busy cyber-stalking Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus i would definately cyber-stalk you. Who knows though, one of those girls may unfortunately die in a freak water-skiing accident or something and then i will definately have the time.
    Btw, i thought your middle pic showed that you are very pretty in any light. Cute as a button x

    • I hope your research purposes don’t involve Photoshopping my head onto some crazy body haha. But if it does, can I pick which body I get Photoshopped onto? I actually do have a full-frontal picture, semi-nude picture…I just haven’t posted it on here. 😉 Maybe in time I will. You’re a sweetheart dear, thanks for the compliments!!

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