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Date #18: “Flakey”

(Note: Refer to Date #0: “Flakey” for the background on this particular date)

So yes, “Flakey” and I finally went on our official date!!  Woohoo!!  Honestly, like I said in my last entry about him, I didn’t want to actually do this date.  But I figured I might as well since it’s been like 2 months in the making.  Plus, I’m running out of men that I meet organically, so why the hell not.  I will go ahead and give him a new set of ratings since he looked a lot better than I thought he would:


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 8

*Personality: 5

*Manners: 5

*Intelligence: 9

*Confidence: 6-7

*Overall Rating: 6

The Date: So “Flakey” texted me this morning asking me what I was doing today since he ended up taking the day off.  And actually, he’s been texting me A LOT to hang out.  Not sure why after I pretty much told him off.  Anyways, I was apprehensive due to our earlier situation with trying to set this up, but I figured I’d give it a chance.  Why not.  Surprisingly, this time he ACTUALLY answered my texts in time and it didn’t take him an hour to get back to me.  He must have taken what I said to him to heart, because he pretty much forced this meeting today.  I tried getting out of it when he almost flaked (apparently he had forgotten he had a dinner with his sister and her boyfriend), but he pretty much made his schedule work to what I wanted.  Which is very lovely, every girl should have that power over men.  😉  Anyways, we decided to meet halfway (actually what he doesn’t know is this wasn’t halfway whatsoever, it was much closer to my house than he thought) so that our timing would work out.  We ended up meeting at a local restaurant/bar for a couple of happy hour drinks.

We caught up on a lot of things in the short time (an hour…if even) that we got together for.  He lives downtown in a dorm-style apartment complex with a roommate that he can’t stand.  He works for a large insurance company and is pretty much living the “American dream”.  You know what I say to this??  BORING!!!  Haha.  He love his job and the corporate world, he’s not much of a partier anymore (unlike before), and he’s coming to the terms with the fact that he’s “middle-aged.”  Seriously??  Personally, I don’t find mid-twenties to be “middle-aged,” but he seriously made me feel old for a bit there.

I did like the fact that he wasn’t shy about confronting me about calling him out on shit and on him being a total douchebag (seriously, he said straight up that he was).  I’ve found the reasoning to his flakiness, which totally explains the nickname I’ve given him: he’s extremely forgetful.  Most definitely not an excuse, but maybe on our next date (if there is one), I should bring him some Ginkgo biloba.  I guess he just texts a bunch of people who he thinks are willing to hang out and then he ends up making too many plans at a time.  Or he’ll just straight up forget.  Weirdly enough, this is the exact behavior I expect from my “Tinky Winky Pooh Bear” (my bestest friend in the entire world), but she’s my best friend…and he’s not.    So ya that’s his alibi.  He did bring up the fact that he knows how irritated I was the past couple of times that we’ve tried hanging out, and he halfheartedly apologized for being a “douchebag”; which was nice.  He also brought up the fact that it was probably the same reason why we stopped hanging out back in college (gosh he remembers a lot!).  Honestly, I’m just glad that he completely realizes and comes to terms with his downfalls; because he has a lot.

We then started discussing jobs.  While I am not one to judge anyone’s occupation and whatever it is that makes a person happy, let’s just put it this way: I’m more so a dreamer and creative in every sense of the word, while he is more so the 9-to-5, corporate person who is all about the “American Dream.”  He literally made some comment about how everyone should have the dream of an old Victorian-style brick house with the white picket fence, the wife who stays at home to make dinner and the husband who comes home after a day of golf.  In fact, he’s so disappointed at his sister and his sister’s fiance in that that’s not their ideals.  Honestly, it’s a bit ridiculous.  He doesn’t get my lifestyle at all (2 jobs: one part-time desk job and one night time bar job, not wanting a 9-to-5 job (especially nothing corporate), not having the same wishes of the “white picket fence” dream, etc.) and I don’t think he means to, but I think he sees my life kind of as a joke.  Well…at least that’s how I felt.  Like, here’s serious, business oriented, corporate America “Flakey” and then there’s me, a dreamer who doesn’t want to give in to corporate America.

Our date ended after about an hour when he had to leave for dinner.  It was perfect timing because I was beginning to become annoyed.  He did, however, invite me to his friend’s party this weekend.  Will I be attending?  The likelihood is negative.

*Positives: He admitted to being a bit of a douche in that he’s extremely forgetful (a.k.a. flakey), he looked a lot better than I thought he would, he paid for all our drinks like a gentleman should (I did mention that as a girl, I never pay for things and he took the liberty to continue this statement of mine), it was fairly good conversation

*Negatives: He’s still a big flake, we don’t have any of the same ideals when it comes to living life in general, he kept obviously looking at my boobs throughout the entire date, he’s pretty boring…and I mean I’m boring…but not like he’s boring.

Second Date?: Nah.  Unless I’m really bored.  And I feel like putting myself through miserable corporate talk again.

Date #17: “Professor”, “Cop”, & “Tow Man”

Note: This wasn’t an actual date, but it might as well have been 3 miniature speed-dating sessions with all the information I found out about each of the people involved, especially “Professor” and “Tow Man.”  So I’m counting my 3 encounters as one dating session.

How We Met: “Professor” –  He rear ended my pretty little race car on the highway on my way home from work today.  Everyone was so distracted by the wildfire/lightning/accident on the other side of the highway, so he hit me.  We spent a good 30-45 minutes just chatting it up considering we had nowhere to go until “Cop” was done writing his citation and writing up the report.

“Cop” – He happened to be working on an accident on the other side of the highway when “Professor” rear ended me.  He came over and helped us with our accident.

“Tow Man” – This was the gentleman who towed my little race car.  I had him take me to the collision center and since it was fairly far away, we had a good hour or so to talk.


*Physical Aesthetics: P (“Professor”) – 6;  C (“Cop”) – 8 (for his age);  TM (“Tow Man”) – 6

*Appearance:  P – 7; C – 10 (who doesn’t love a man in uniform); TM – 5 (his uniform sucked)

*Personality: P – 10; C – 10; TM – 7

*Manners: P – 10; C – 10; TM – 7

*Intelligence: P – 10 (because of his profession); C – 10; TM – 7

*Confidence: N/A

*Overall Rating: P – 5 (because he crashed into me); C – 10; TM – 7

My pretty little race car….so, so, so, sad….I’m like a sad little panda….

The “Date”: Well long story short, my pretty little race car was rear ended today by “Professor”.  He was busy watching the lightning/wildfire/accident on the other side of the highway, and by the time he decided to pay attention to what was going on, BOOM…right into the back of my car.  I just bought this car a little over 2 months ago, so although the first thing out of his mouth was, “Are you okay?”, the first thing out of my mouth was, “I JUST BOUGHT THIS CAR!!!!”  =(.  Seriously, I am so sad right now.

“Professor” – While “Cop” sorted everything out with insurance, citations, etc., “Professor” and I had nothing better to do than chat.  He was actually a very nice man, used to be a professor of Psychology at the University of Nebraska (not sure which one).  He eventually got sick of that, and now does research out in Maryland.  He was in town for a conference at the local university and had borrowed his friend’s car while in town.  Being the super caring individual that he is (or maybe he was trying to trick me, since he was a professor in Psychology and all ), he continually asked me if I was okay.  This was his first accident…ever…so he was new to the whole situation.  He even offered to take me out and buy me a drink because he felt bad about the whole situation.  Which was super sweet.  Really nice guy, but he rear ended me, so I can’t like him all too much.  Plus he was older…early 40’s – not my type.

“Cop” – Well “Cop” was just nice, considering every other cop I’ve encountered in that city has been quite the asshole…I guess they usually have nothing better to do since it’s a college town.  With that being said, and maybe he only did it because it was his job, he sat and chatted with me while I waited for the tow truck to arrive.  We didn’t talk about anything too personal, considering he was a cop on duty.  We did talk about all the wildfires spreading throughout the state and how it’s imperative that rain starts dumping on our state.  He told me not to feel bad about the guy hitting me (I felt bad that it was his friend’s car and not his) because…well, he hit me.  He noted that I had just got my car and sympathized with me.  Very nice, older gentleman.

“Tow Man” – I had no choice, since my dashboard was completely disengaged and my wipers would not turn off, but to get a ride to the repair shop with “Tow Man”.  He was a nice guy, we talked about how awful my downgrade is going to be (going from my new car, which has a pseudo-turbo in it to my old car which barely accelerates on the highway), credit card debt, the wildfires in our state, and traffic.  He’s originally from Michigan, used to work as a chef for 8 years before he decided he was sick of that business.  He really enjoys his job because he’s not in an office, doesn’t have someone looking over his back constantly, and can pretty much do whatever he wants.  The one thing that does suck though is he is constantly in traffic.  He has a girlfriend, he lives close to one of the wildfires, and he works 2 36-hour shifts a week.  Do I know his name though….no.  Not a damn clue.

*Positives: They were all very nice, concerned, and great people to talk to.

*Negatives: I will never see any of these people again…I guess that’s not such a bad thing though.

Second First Date?: Nope.  =)

Random: *Updates* (Dates #9-15, “Mr. Big””s, General)

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update entry (the first one was in March) so I figured it’s about time that I wrote one!!  I will also include some previous dates (Dates #1-8) if anything has happened since my last update.  But I assure you, my love life is still fairly non-existent so don’t be expecting anything more than that.

*Date Updates*

Date #9: “Interrogator”: Basically, how I ended the entry about him is how “him and I” ended.  I heard from my co-worker “Becky” who had set us up that the following week, he posted on his Facebook that he was having a kid with some girl – not sure if the girl was an ex, a current girlfriend, or whatever.  But yeah, basically the guy was still trying to date other women even though he had a little one on the way.  I think things ended the way they did for the better.

Date #10: “Booze Talker”: He’s contacted me a couple of times to hang out, but either I’ve been busy or we haven’t been in the same area in order to get together to hang out.  I usually hang out in the city since I’m a total city girl, and he likes to keep it close to home in the suburbs, so the likelihood of us hanging out (unless I’m just super bored and in the area) is very slim to none.  He is too scared (not sure why) to come downtown by himself, so it really is a lose lose situation in both cases.  Which doesn’t hurt my feelings whatsoever.

Date #11: “Mr. Too Cool”: After our date, he texted me the next day telling me he had a good time and the next time we hung out, we’d go somewhere where I could get all dolled up.  I agreed that that would be a good idea, but didn’t think it would actually happen.  I was right.  We haven’t spoken since then, and I’ve already deleted his number.  Strangely enough, he told “Miss Pretty Hair” (my dear co-worker who I love to death…we’re soulmates) that he had a wonderful time and apparently made it sound like he was really into me.  But such was not the case, and I am completely okay with that.

Date #12: “Magic Hands”: This seems to always happen with “Magic Hands” when one hangs out with him – after one time of hanging out, he becomes somewhat clingy and continually blows up your phone.  I’m pretty sure he texted me a couple nights a week for about 3 weeks to hang out (a.k.a. go to the bars and get drunk), but it was always on nights that I don’t go out on – so pretty much every night except the weekends.  Eventually he gave up.

Date #13: “Boss Man”: We actually talk quite a bit, but because we’re both in the bar industry and don’t work the same nights, it’s extremely hard to find a time to hang out.  Every time we both have a night off, he’s always busy with something (which I don’t blame him for) and nights that I can go out, he’s working, or something of that sort.  We were supposed to get together sometime this week, but it just didn’t work out.  Hopefully we do hang out soon because I do enjoy hanging out with him.  I did see him last weekend at work, and he texted me after, apologized for being too busy to really have a conversation with me, and told me I looked good that night.  =)  So sweet.

Date #14: “Youngin”: I honestly don’t think I want to hang out with this one on a one-on-one basis again; he’s just too young and completely acts his age (if not younger), despite what people supposedly tell him.  He’s tried hanging out with me a couple of times since, but luckily I’m a busy lady so I haven’t had to make up excuses.  I think all he really wants to do is hang out at a house and get drunk, which I find completely boring, so I don’t foresee us hanging out anytime soon.

Date #15: “Hollywood”: After my little shit show at his place on my birthday, we didn’t talk for about a week.  But I saw him after I came back from vacation at his work.  Initially, it was kind of awkward, and I’m not sure if that was me making it awkward, or him making it awkward, or if we both were making it awkward…but it was awkward.  But after a few minutes, we were back to normal.  I honestly thought he was going to be immature about the whole situation, but we talked about it and he was really cool about it.  He didn’t make any mention of how ridiculous I was, just said that it was my birthday so it was all good.  He did mention how he was happy that I wasn’t mad at him anymore =).  So everything is back to normal…which is good in the sense that we’re fine again, but bad in that the whole no texting business is back as well.  I’m beginning to think that maybe I should just give up on this one instead of perhaps forcing something that’s not supposed to happen.  But I guess we’ll see what happens…the year is still young!!

Date #0: “Flakey”: This guy is seriously something…either he’s really dumb, extremely oblivious, or is a combination of the two.  After I made it (I think) pretty clear that I was irritated, he continued to text me at least once a week to try and hang out.  Finally, one day, I kind of just exploded on him and told him how I really felt.  He then tried making the excuse that it wasn’t anything serious, that we were just hanging out (I have a feeling he was alluding to the fact that I was mad because I thought we were hanging out because I was interested in him…which obviously isn’t the case) and that work is very important to him.  He had failed to mention he was late because of work initially, which if he did, I would have been understanding.  So clearly something is wrong with him.  Even after this, he continued to text me to hang out and eventually, I just stopped responding to his texts since me responding by saying “no” apparently wasn’t enough.  I haven’t heard from him since.

Pretty sure I already have a couple of times here….;-)

*”Mr. Big” Updates*

I was honestly going to forgo this part because for awhile, I hadn’t spoken to/heard from either one of them in awhile.  So I’ll just combine the updates instead of making separate ones.  Absolutely nothing exciting is going on with “Mr. Big (Past)”.  After my last update, things have pretty much stayed the same.  A couple of weeks ago, he texted me very late at night/early in the morning just saying “Sup.”  Seriously??  I didn’t respond and that’s that.  Exciting right?

As of last time, things were kind of weird with “Mr. Big (Present)” and I as far as chatting and what not.  For a while, I felt like I was the one making all the effort to talk (which was never the case before) so I made the conscious decision to stop talking to him for a while.  But at the beginning of this month, we started speaking again after he commented on a picture of mine that I was “frightening”.  Haha.  I completely despise when guys give me too much positive praise (a.k.a. “You’re so beautiful” 10 times in a night…ick), so for him to not know this and do the complete opposite made my day.  I have a feeling him and his troll broke up again, because that’s when our talking usually becomes more fluid.  We’ve been meaning to get together to do a book exchange (yes, we’re nerds), but every time I try to get the book, he diverts conversation to us hooking up which he says in a joking, but serious manner.  It got annoying so I kind of called him out, and we haven’t spoken since.  I’ve tried to get the book, but with no response from him.  Seriously, it’s very love-hate between us.

*Leslie Updates*

Honestly, I’ve been quite the boring person.  I haven’t been really trying too hard to meet any new guys, so in addition to my “man hating” episode, dates haven’t been coming along as freely as before.  Plus, I’ve been working so much that when I do get some time off, the last thing I want to do is go spend it on a date (unless it’s with someone I’m truly interested in to begin with).  My time off is far and few between, so sometimes all I want to do is kick back and put my feet up.  I have seen “Sunshine” and “Perfect Ass”  since our dates, as they are two of my good friends and roll into town every so often.  I think I’m over my “man hating” episode, but I’m not fully back into the dating game so we’ll see how it goes.  Like I mentioned in a few entries back, at the end of this month, I intend on joining a dating website.  Not going to lie, I’m a little apprehensive in that I don’t fully support the idea of dating websites for myself, but I’m going to test it out – see what it’s all about.  And then cross off some dates while I’m at it.  I still fully believe in meeting people in person, but hey, those websites have worked for some so maybe they’ll work for me!  =)

Date #16: “Almost Birthday Twin”

Yes everyone, I am back from my dating hiatus!!  Woohoo!!

How We Met:  We met through his younger brother who is one of my good friends from college.  I’m assuming we met at a party or gathering of some sort at his brother’s house.  For the next year, “Almost Birthday Twin” could not remember my name for the life of him, even though we’d see each other every few weekends or so at his brother’s place.  We even had a class together at one point.  Plus, it’s not like there’s very many Asian people where I went to school at so I’m not sure why he couldn’t remember my name.  I’m pretty sure his parents remembered my name before he did.  Anywhoo, when he finally remembered my name, we became friends and that’s that!!  One year…I think it was 2 years ago, we figured out that our birthdays are 2 days apart and ever since then we’ve celebrated our birthdays together.  We even got a lap dance together for one of our birthdays.  It’s a lovely thing, really.


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 8

*Personality: 10

*Manners: 10

*Intelligence: 10

*Confidence: 9

*Overall Rating: 9

The Date: The reason that this date occurred is kind of funny actually.  I had told “Almost Birthday Twin” and his brother about this blog at its inception, I think before I even had my first date.  Since I would say that I’m pretty close to them, I figured I would let them in on my “secret” (I’ve only told a select handful of men about this blog).  They both thought it was an interesting idea, but “Almost Birthday Twin” had his doubts – he didn’t think I could make it to even 15 dates without falling for one of them.  So mix this doubtful thought with booze, and a bet was made.  The bet was that if I made it to 15 dates without falling for someone, he would take me out for a steak dinner.  If I ended up falling for one of the 15, I would have to take him out for steak.  I love games and challenges, so I agreed to it.  The best part was that his girlfriend (who I just think is awesome as fuck, love that girl!)  completely supported it and in fact, “Almost Birthday Twin’s” brother was to take HER out if I won the bet, so it’d be a double date.  And since I NEVER turn down a challenge or rarely lose bets (knock on wood), I won.  =)

Initially, I didn’t think “Almost Birthday Twin” would pay up as soon as I made it to 15.  He even tried to convince me that our bet had been over Mad Greens and not steak.  But in the end, we ended up getting steak. =)  We went to a steak place in a part of town that I just love; it’s not the downtown area so it’s not too crowded, but there’s still a lot going on so it’s still exciting.  We ended up just sitting at the bar so we could watch the rest of the NBA Finals ( =(…not happy with the outcome).  His girlfriend had suggested that I order filet mignon, so of course I did just that.  =)  The drinks were also really good and the bartender was super friendly and attentive; a great atmosphere overall!

My prize!!! =)

It must have been a really long time since we had  really hung out (and our birthday doesn’t count because we were both drunk), because I feel like we did a lot of catching up, which was really nice.  He wanted to hear about all my dates, so I told him what I could remember.  Sticking to my rule of anonymity though, names were not revealed.  This lead us to discussing dating in general and just how much it can suck at times – having to get to know one another, not knowing where the other person stands, whether it’s okay to hook up with other people at the same time, etc.  I will say that I applaud him greatly in admitting that in many instances, the guy in the situation is the more attached/emotional/sensitive one.  Apparently, his dearest girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is the exact epitome of this, so he has some indirect evidence of this.  I also really like the fact that he straight up said that he would not be with a girl just because she’s physically attractive, but that she needs to have some substance behind the beauty.  I feel a lot of men (not all, so no hating here) will date or have dated a girl or stay in a relationship with a girl just for her physical aesthetics, which is just pathetic.  So it was refreshing to know that there truly are men who aren’t just looking for a “hot piece of ass,” if you will.  Or maybe it’s because he’s a Gemini and as we all know, Geminis are awesome people who are all about the whole package, and not just some superficial aspect (most of the time…).  We really talked a LOT about dating, but I won’t bore everyone with every single minute detail.

All in all, I had a wonderful time.  It was nice to go out with someone who I could have great conversation with and where there was no pressure whatsoever.  =)

And if anyone is wondering, yes he knows I’m writing about our date.  But he hasn’t even looked at this blog whatsoever, so who knows if he’ll ever read this hahaha.

This is the only picture I will ever post of a date…and I’m only posting this because he knows about me writing about this and because this counts as bragging about my win. =)

*Positives: We get along really well, we’re both Geminis, we have a lot of the same ideas, not only about dating but about music as well, he was a complete gentleman the entire time, and yeah, everything was great!  haha.

*Negatives: This was supposed to be a double date with his brother and his girlfriend, but his girlfriend is out of town and his brother has been M.I.A. (at least to me) so that was a bummer.  It would have been fun if it was all 4 of us…not that it wasn’t fun with just the two of us, but…yeah.  The more the merrier.  Haha.

*Second Date?:  Sure, but next time I hope his girlfriend comes with!!  I really do like her haha.  =)

Random: I “Hate” Men?

This is something I never thought I would ever say….because I am one of the most boy crazy people I know.  Seriously, I love men.  Everything about them….okay well maybe not everything, but most everything.  Though at the moment, I currently “hate” men.  I put hate in quotes because I don’t actually hate men (obviously), but I’m going through this “I don’t want to be around any guys and I don’t want any guys to be around me” phase that other women I know have gone through that I never thought I would go through.  I don’t mean this in a friendly way; I don’t mind them being in the vicinity or hanging out with them – I mean more so in the romantic/intimate/sexual way.  The mere thought of a guy touching me is grossing me out.  And maybe I’m just feeling this way because it’s almost that time of the month, but I have honestly never felt this way before.  I’m not exactly sure what to think about it either…is something wrong with me?

I’m writing this entry for 2 reasons: 1.) It was a spur of the moment thought while I’m doing laundry late at night and 2.) This feeling I’m having may affect my blog for the time being.  As you all may have noticed (or maybe not, I don’t fucking know), it’s been awhile since I’ve gone on a date with someone.  And while I WAS out of the country last week, I should have at least been on top of my dates this week.  But I really haven’t been feeling like going on any dates, nor hanging out with any guys one-on-one.  Yeah, sure, I’m always down to hang out with my guy friends, but I haven’t been wanting to hang out with guys who aren’t just my friends.  I even started talking to “Mr. Big (Present)” again (I’ll do an update on him and my other dates soon) and I don’t really want to see or hang out with him anytime soon.  And this is “Mr. Big (Present)” that we’re talking about here…not just one of my random dates that I go on for the purpose of this blog!!!

Yes. This is how I currently feel. Booooo.

I think the strangest thing about me feeling this way is that I can’t think of a specific thing that instigated this feeling in me.  I just started feeling it.  Even earlier today I was thinking about how maybe I should try the “slut” route for a little bit and just have fun with a bunch of different guys.  But as I sit here writing this entry, all I can think about is how disgusted I am by men right now.  I seriously don’t even want to think about being next to a guy or having a guy kiss me, let alone touch me in any such way.  I don’t necessarily think anything negative about men either…I just don’t want them around me.

So for the time being, my dates will be on a little bit of a hiatus.  Granted, I say this now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow or how I’ll even be feeling in a couple of hours.  I am a Gemini after all, so this may be an extremely temporary feeling.  I just find it so strange since I have never felt this way before, not even in the least bit.  If anything, I found comfort in wanting to be in the arms of a man or just being in the presence of a man that I wanted to be with.  And now, I am feeling the complete opposite of that.

Now, this does not mean I will be going the lesbian route.  Haha.  While I have this strange feeling of dislike towards men at the moment, I could never be sexually attracted to the same sex…I have my own boobs and vagina, thank you very much.  Nothing wrong with lesbians either…I just can’t relate in that sense.  Nor does this mean I am becoming a feminist, because there’s a lot of feminist beliefs I do not agree with (no offense to the ladies out there who are) and I truly believe that Marilyn Monroe quote about this being a man’s world but wanting to be a lady in it, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Yeah.

So in a nutshell:  1.) I am not going lesbian, but 2.) I am currently in a weird feeling of having a strong dislike for men, and 3.) This means my blog will be on a temporary hiatus (temporary meaning anywhere from tomorrow to a week or a month from now….I’m hoping for the former in opposed to the latter though).

Not gonna lie…I’m bummed I’m feeling this way.  Booooooooo.

I just realized this had a bunch of grammatical errors…THEY’RE scum, not there. And THEY’RE not worth, not there. Sheesh.

Random: International Love

Hello everyone!!  Sorry for not having written in awhile, I’ve been out of the country the past couple of days.  But now I am back and have come up with a random topic that I think everyone can relate to in one way or another….foreign men.

Now, I am speaking as a woman who was brought up in the U.S. of A.  I’m not sure if the same can be said of women from other countries, but I know that us ladies from the U.S. LOVE foreign men.  I’m not sure if there is an exact reason to the appeal of men who are not from the States, but we are most definitely drawn to them….the way they look, their accent, the fact that they sometimes appear to be so innocently lost when here in the U.S….just EVERYTHING!!  I don’t think I know one girl from the States who does not find foreign men attractive.  There’s just something about them that us ladies are so attracted to….if there was such thing as a love potion that made a woman instantaneously fall in love with a man, I’d say a foreign man is equivalent to that with ladies from the U.S.!!

The funniest thing about this situation is that there are times where these foreign men aren’t even considered attractive in their own country, yet when they enter the States…..BAM!!  They’re the hottest thing to hit the U.S. since Justin Bieber (hahaha I love the kid, not gonna lie!!).  This same incident happened when I was a freshman in college and we had two Englishmen living in our dorms; all us ladies thought they were so sexy!  Don’t get me wrong, they were attractive, but apparently they didn’t get as much attention (nor pick up as many ladies) back home in England as they did in the States.  It’s insane to think of just how attracted us U.S. women are to these foreign men.

Um YES!!!

Now, when I say foreign, I don’t mean men of different racial backgrounds other than one’s own…I mean legit foreign.  Like, did not grow up in the States, has never lived in the States, has an accent from another country, can fluently speak another (if not more than one) language, has the mannerisms and demeanor of one who is not from the States, etc.  I don’t consider an Asian guy (for example…and I can say this because I am Asian, but this is obviously applicable to any ethnic man residing here in the States) who grew up in the States, who has never lived outside of the States, who MAYBE speaks his native language, but has never used it in his native country, who was born in the States, etc. a foreigner.  A foreigner breaks every U.S. fashion faux pas, may have some difficulty understanding U.S. customs, may ask a lot of “dumb” questions, may be syntactically incorrect many times….all while still remaining sexy as fuck.

What is our attraction to these insatiable, alluring men?  Is it the fact that they’re completely and utterly mysterious in the sense that they can barely speak the same language as us, let alone understand what we’re saying half the time?  Is it the fact that we most likely never have to deal with knowing exact details of their past (a.k.a. bumping into ex girlfriends, family issues, etc.) since their lives exist in a country so far away?  Or is it because the idea of foreign men being so scrumptious was instilled into our brains at such a young age by our mothers, aunts, grandmothers who watched soap operas with exotic foreign men??

All I know is that I find foreign men extremely attractive, and have my own personal list of foreign men I’d like a chance with:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugese)
  • Gerard Butler (Scottish)
  • Colin Farrell (Irish)
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Irish)
  • Heath Ledger (Australian)
  • Alexander Skarsgard (Swedish)
  • Jude Law (English)
  • Seal (English)
  • Enrique Iglesias (Spanish)

The list is much longer than this, but these are just a few of the ones I truly love.