He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…

It all started with an idea…an idea to turn my heartache into happiness.  Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, wondering what the hell was wrong with me, I decided to be proactive.  I took my dating experiment (as I like to call it) and my skills in writing and turned it into what you are reading right now….this all started with my little idea of an attempt to go on 50 different dates with 50 different men in one single year.  There were ups, and there were most definitely some downs, but all in all, it was an amazing experience that I’m glad I could go through.

So now with that “experiment” having come to a close, I share with you my trials and tribulations in the world of dating, both past and present.  Witness my conquests, my tears, my struggles, and my happiness in the world of dating from the eyes of a 20-something-year-old!!

(For the entire backstory to how this all started, click here.)


57 thoughts on “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…

  1. I like this – sounds very cathartic, and who know, maybe you actually will find Prince Charming and live happily ever after!! I sure do hope so!

    Georgie xoxo….

  2. Love it! Fully support this and I’ll be following your posts! Make it your year…. and let dating be cautiously fun. Even when prince charming comes along, never fall for someone more than you fall for yourself! ❤

  3. Leslie! You are a beautiful, caring, true real woman 🙂 deserve nothing but the best. We have to go through the bad to appreciate the good. I wish you luck on your qwest

  4. Wow, that’s like a new guy each week! Good luck… hope you’ve already gone on 3 or 4 dates, otherwise you’re already going to be playing catch up 🙂

  5. Ok, here’s the deal….Make this super good and then it can be made into a movie and tons of hot guys can play all your dates. Maybe Mr. Prince Charming should be played by Ryan Gosling? Perfect! For this idea I only ask 2% of the profits of the hit blockbuster movie based on your trials, tribulations and ultimate triumph in the game of love! Look I’ve already written the movie poster. This should be great.

  6. Brilliant idea, Leslie! Go get them! I also agree with Kristin who commented before me about the material made into a Sex and the City type of movie. You are the Carrie Bradshaw of CO! But much, much prettier, of course. Can’t wait for the next blog!!!

  7. Ok, hopefully by checking the box below it will keep me updated!! I’m like 4 guys behind, so must read now…..xoxo

  8. Leslie!!! This is super exciting! I can’t wait to read about all of the different dates you will go on 🙂 Good luck, and hopefully your journey will get you the man who deserve.

  9. I don’t know. I believe quality is better the numbers. Find someone with the same interest. Better to find someone to make you laugh and smile then end up with a bad date. When I gave up on dating. I begin to meet the best of people.

    • I agree too with quality being better than quantity, but I guess you have to understand my background to understand why I am doing this. Every time I gave up on dating, I’d begin to meet people as well, amazing people who I had lots of things in common with who treated me like a princess…who all turned to shit at the end of the day and inevitably ended up hurting me (as I stated above). This is kind of my way of taking over my own dating life in opposed to it taking over me. And I’ve been a lot happier doing this in opposed to concentrating on a single person at a time and getting fucked over. But thank you for your input.

  10. Good luck, girl! Been through plenty ‘o a-holes myself, and I’m happy to say that it’s definitely possible to find the right man as long as you raise your standards (which sounds like ya did) 🙂

  11. You could always forget this dating idea and just concentrate on living life without needing a man. I do, although it’s probably due to me being heterosexual but that’s not the point. You can quite happily survive being single. It’s easy. All you need is a cupboard full of microwave meals-for-one and some extreme lesbian porn and you will be fine. It works for me…

    • Hahaha first of all, best comment EVER!! Anyways, the purpose of this blog is not about needing someone, or anyone for that matter. It’s about experiencing different people. I’m not sure why people always make this misinterpretation. If I needed a man, I would have settled down for the first thing that crossed my path. It’s all about the adventure in dating and the people we come across. And honestly, if you read some of my posts, I actually talk about how much I do enjoy being single and enjoy in partaking in single people activites. 😉

      • My apologies. I just saw your avatar and thought “i’m gonna check her blog out cos there might be more hot pics!” Call it ‘male instinct’. Reading it wasn’t initially at the forefront of my mind but i will now endeavour to stop being a perv long enough to do so. ‘Dating’ you say…?

        • LOL Seriously, why have we not met yet?? You have some of the best comments I’ve ever read, I seriously LOVE them!!! Anyways, maybe in the near future I will post some more pics to appease your curiosity ;-). And yes, it’s a blog about dating!!

          • We have met before!!! I was the cute guy with the night-vision goggles hanging around outside your window before stealthily (and may i say manfully) running away. How could you forget?! You girls are just soooooooooo fickle!!!!!!!!!! 😦

            Btw, i’m up to the July 2012 posts of your blog and i’m amazed at the amount of single attractive people over there. Here in Glasgow attractive people usually find themselves sacrificed in honour of the corn god which means that we usually left with just the cousins of Susan Boyle’s extended family. However, on the plus side we always have a good harvest…

            • OH! How could I have forgotten a cute guy with night-vision goggles from Scotland?! Silly me!! It’s true, us American girls are super fickle, I apologize 😦

              I find it hard to believe there are no single attractive people over there!! But yes there are MANY over here in the States. We all have “love issues” as I’d like to call it, where as other more mature countries don’t have that problem. Hence why we’re all single haha. Susan Boyle’s extended family could be beautiful…makeup and plastic surgery do wonders. You never know!!

              • I’m afraid to say that Susan Boyle has already had plastic surgery. You should have seen her before! It was interesting to hear that you have ‘love issues’ in the states. Over here we also had ‘love issues’ but we solved the problem (for the men at least) by importing eastern european prostitutes who charge a lot less than the local ones… I’m liking your blog btw and i’m kinda living vicariously through it as i do not date often because i have an Xbox. Anyways, i know what you’re thinking; he’s just hanging around until i post some hot pics of myself looking hot. And you’d be half right!!! Still, i’m also curious to find out if it all works out well in the end for you as i like a happy ending just as much as the next dweeb. I have also learned a lot from your site for when i next go on a date. Like how not to talk about a woman’s menstrual cycle like the ‘eccentric cheesball’ guy. I was horrified when i read about him as he reminded me of a girl (and i mean girl!) i dated recently. She told me she was 20 and she turned out to be 18. Thankfully over here 18 is legal but i still kept an eye out for the local law enforcement just to be on the safe side… Even though she looked like a half-asian Miley Cyrus i couldn’t see past all her bullshit and lord knows i tried. She told me she was in a particular university dstudying one subject and on her Facebook page (which she gave to me?!) it said that she was at a different uni studying an entirely different subject! I was so pissed off at her compulsive horse-poop that i didn’t even hang around long enough for a good feel…

                • Oh what an asshole I am, I thought I had responded to you!! I apologize for not replying sooner!! It’s the flighty American in me. 😦 Anyways, that’s very unfortunate about Miss Boyle and maybe the U.S. should think about importing Eastern European prostitutes as well to solve our “love issues.” Thank you for following my blog, i am glad you’re enjoying it!! =) That’s terrible about the girl you dated recently…what’s with people and lying about silly things like that? I think if everyone was just truthful with one another, we’d all get along better. Anyways, stay tuned for the hot pics, you might get your wish afterall. 😉

                  • It’s okay, i forgive you! Normally i would go off in a huff and sulk for a couple of months like any normal male but the chance of some hot pics of you might just keep me hanging around for a wee bit longer…

  12. Hey girl, you might be either literally hexed lol or you need to literally act like a lonely wicked witch so you could attract your alleged Mr. Right 😀
    Nice Blog by the way. and Love your field of expertise lol

  13. I don’t know but ..
    Speaking honestly , I’ve read most of your dates and As a guy I can tell that none of these guys were much into u as u thought sorry girl
    Anyway ,they just wanna try a girl and have fun and I guess they ‘re sharing their oral dating blog with friends , co workers..etc by now , same way u did .
    Long story short , goals match between u and these guys haha

    • Thanks for your comment, but if some of these guys weren’t into me as much as I apparently think (thank you for putting thoughts into my head for me), then why are they still blowing up my phone with silly nonsense about hanging out?? While I will agree with you that some of them are just having fun too, I am glad of that because I wouldn’t seriously date 95% of these men. I don’t think you understand the concept of my blog if you think that either. I don’t recall ever saying I believed that these guys were that into me. I’m just reviewing my own dates and my thoughts on them. But thanks for your comment.

  14. well, actually i’m not putting thoughts into your head or anything . I just simply put my thoughts on your dates( as the title of this space indicates) . Now ,concerning ,u never said that these guys were that into u sorry girl to say u saying that all time( unconsciously perhaps) even if u didn’t write it directly , If u know what I’m saying 😉 Apparently , my social and psychological field affects me a bit ^^
    oh ya one more thing , I’d love to tell u that there’s a million – reason drives a guy to blow up the phone of a girl asking her to hang out with ’em or even to have a date while their interest lie elsewhere . ok here’s some like 1- wanna have fun with ( Miss Wrong,for him of course ) till he finds his Miss Right 2- u can hear a guy saying : I love hanging out with girls alone, because I feel more like myself talking to someone who has different take on life , different sex ( gender) 3- wanna this feminine atmosphere around him and that’s it .4- for some it’s just his hormones going up .5- lots of guys insist to hang out with girls whom they think “an easy girl” considering the fact she accepts quickly first meeting , date ..whatever that’s guys’world ( u may need to know more about it ) .. and the list is long[ I can create a blog about why guys insist to hang out with a girl while they’re not that into her 🙂 ].
    BTW I’m glad that u glad cuz I thought even those guys are glad ,so as I said earlier goals match let everybody be glad 🙂

    *** thumb up to johncoyote his first line just hit the point . the way to Mr. Right doesn’t pass by people we don’t have common interests with in first place
    (95% I wouldn’t date ’em)

  15. Hi Leslie, Swee’tooth here. You haven’t posted anything for days. I’m worried about you. You haven’t been killed by a psychopathic date have you? If you have can you let me know so i can stop worrying. x

  16. hi there you! i’m missing you doing your blogging. I thought i would send you this link to a song performed by the yoghurt-stealing heart-breaker Selena Gomez to perk you up. Btw, if you do decide to dance along to it in your appartment can you please do so in your underwear? It’s how i like to imagine it…

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