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Date #25.1: “High Roller”

(Note: Refer to Date #25: “High Roller” for the background to this particular date.  Also, this wasn’t exactly a date date, but it kind of turned into one…sort of.)

So during our first date, “High Roller” and I had decided to hang out the weekend following our date for some drinks and what not downtown.  I was under the impression that we were going to go to a quite/low key bar and just have a couple of drinks and enjoy each other’s presence.  Considering the fact during the last day we had agreed that we are “old” and that we prefer low-key atmospheres at times in opposed to crazy, 21-year-old filled bars, I think my assumption was fair.

On the day we were supposed to hang out, he texted me to confirm that we were still hanging out.  Honestly, I was pretty excited to hang out with him.  After our date, I was so happy to find someone who was down to just hang out and chill at a nice, quiet bar instead of getting fucked up and crazy.  Most of my friends (who I love to death, so to all of you who still party like this, don’t take this the wrong way!!) are all about just getting super drunk and crazy every weekend, so it’s refreshing to have a change of pace.  Again, being under the impression that we were just going to go to a dessert bar across from my work, I told him to just meet me at my work since I wouldn’t be off till 10pm anyways.  To this, I received a response that he was getting drunk with his friends and that he would try to stay somewhat sober by the time I got there.  While I wasn’t pissed, I was definitely a bit irritated because this meant two things: 1.) We wouldn’t be hanging out at a quiet, low-key bar that night and 2.) He’d already be fairly wasted by the time I met up with them.  Usually, when I make my mind up about how my night is going to go (either low-key or just having fun at the bars/clubs), I intend for it to go the way I had planned – I don’t like getting crazy and drinking a ton when I wanted a low-key night and vice versa.  On the occasion, it’s a nice surprise, but not that night.

So while getting ready, I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t be staying out late and that I wouldn’t be drinking very much either, because I’d rather have a couple of drinks then just head home.  I had stuff to do in the morning anyways.  So I go to meet up with “High Roller” and his friends, who just happened to be at the Oktoberfest festival.  Since I had done that the previous weekend, I was already over it.  When I got there, they were already pretty drunk and I was sober so it already sucked.  In addition to that, apparently “High Roller” had already planned out to have me drive him home, because then his friends immediately left.  So it ended up just being us two for the rest of the night.  I wanted to be closer to my car, so I made the suggestion that we meander towards the bars by my car.  Also, I wanted to visit “Boss Man” and maybe (if he was so nice…which he was) snag a complimentary drink or two.  So we walked towards the direction.  During our walk, I became really cold and “High Roller” was nice enough to give me his hoodie, even though I refused it numerous times.  He also offered to get me a cab if I didn’t want to walk since I was in stilettos.  So he definitely gets some brownie points for that.

We get to the bar and have a couple of drinks.  I’m not going to lie, by then, the only thing I wanted to do was socialize with everyone and I kind of started ignoring “High Roller”.  Not his fault by any means, but I guess he can’t keep my attention for very long….anyways, we bumped into a few people that I work with on occasion and I also chatted with “Boss Man” and his co-worker who I had met a couple of months ago for awhile as well.  I felt kind of bad for ignoring him, but I’m such a social butterfly when it comes to places like that, guys that I date just have to understand this.  Honestly, he would have been better off if he hadn’t had his friends leave him with me (they made some comment that they were leaving since I was now there, which gets me to think he had this planned out the entire time ).  Eventually I got tired and we ended up heading home.

We drove back to his place, I went pee there, and then I went home.  He tried to get me to stay, but I only live like 5 minutes away so I declined.  I did, however, promise to text him that I was okay when I got home.  And this is where things kind of got weird.  I get home, and text him, and he texts me back something about how I should have stayed to cuddle or some shit like that.  To this, I responded that I don’t like cuddling (which is somewhat true).  My phone died, but I read the next morning that he had texted me back something about how other things would make up for cuddling, which I just ignored.

*Positives: He truly is a wonderful guy and a complete gentleman for giving me his hoodie when I was cold, offering to call a cab when I didn’t want to walk in my heels, and sticking around with me when I did my social thing, but….

*Negatives: If he only has the guts to try to hit on me when he’s drunk, then that’s just not going to cut it.  Plus, he’s not as fun drunk as he is sober, and that’s just not okay.  Plus, I am still not attracted to him.  I know, no one is perfect, and I am not expecting perfection from any one person.  But all this tells me is that if I’m not willing to forgo these little nit picky things, then he’s just not the one for me.

Date #25: “High Roller”

Whoohoo, finally back to actual dates!!

How We Met: I met him my freshman year of college through some of the guys who lived on my floor in the dorms (these guys are now some of my closest friends).  It was our second day of living in the dorms and it was the weekend, so we all decided to go party.  Since most of us didn’t know too many people in the area, we left it up to the people who had grown up around the area to show us around.  We ended up at their friend’s (“High Roller) house a couple of blocks down the way from our dorms.  That was my very first college house party.  “High Roller” and I have stayed friends throughout the years.  At one point, I know he was somewhat interested in me, and then I accidentally lead him on (whoops, my bad) but nevertheless, we’ve been able to maintain a fairly good friendship throughout the years.


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 9

*Personality: 9

*Manners: 10

*Intelligence: 8

*Confidence: 7

*Overall Rating: 10

The Date: We had been meaning to do dinner together for the longest time since, well it’s just fun to do dinners, either making dinner at someone’s house or going out for dinner.  I had been busy the past couple of weeks and so had he, and our schedules just never worked out.  But finally we found a night to do dinner!!  Since both of us were sick of our own houses, we decided to go out.  I left the decision of where to eat up to him since I’m the most indecisive person ever about anything (seriously, it’s frustrating at times).  We decided to wear dressy casual (ish) in opposed to casual or the togas we had thought about wearing earlier since he decided we were going to eat Greek.

Like a true gentleman, he came to pick me up, and even opened the door for me.  Seriously, I love that shit.  Haha.  The drive was a bit far from the area we live in, so we had a lot of time to catch up.  I’ve always known “High Roller’ to be a complete free spirit – he loves to travel spontaneously, work jobs that most wouldn’t consider “real” jobs, and really embraces the saying “Go big, or go home.”  So it was a bit surprising to hear that he recently attained a “real” job.  But he’s happy with it, so I’m happy for him.  With that being said, he also wants to be more so of an entrepreneur and start a couple of his own companies, some of which he already has ideas planned with some people.  We also talked about relationships and his recent breakup.  I liked the fact that we both kind of have the same idea on relationships – we don’t believe in the idea of having to be with the other person every single minute of every single day, or having to talk to each other that much either.  I’m all about the idea of two people coming together and sharing their lives together – not having to completely change their lives for one another, and he agrees with my thoughts on this.  It’s so nice to know that there are other people in this world who feel this same way and don’t feel the  need to smother one another in a relationship.  I thought I was the only one for a bit there.

We get to the restaurant, and the food is AMAZING.  We had this fried goat cheese thing (I forgot the name) with pita bread which was absolutely delicious.  I had the waitress pick something out for me since I normally would just go with a gyro and I wanted to try something new.  I had no complaints about the restaurant.  “High Roller” was a sweetheart and told me I could get absolutely anything I wanted for any course which was lovely.  He also took the liberty of taking the bill before I even got a chance to look at it and paid for everything with no expectations whatsoever.  Because of this though, I offered to buy drinks at the next place we went to.  We did a lot of catching up and just talking about stuff in general.  Honestly, it’s some of the best, easy going conversation I’ve had in awhile, especially on a date.  Nothing was forced and everything just flowed so smoothly.

Instead of going home after dinner and being the “old people” that we both claimed to be by going to bed early, we decided to hit up a speakeasy bar down the street (ironically, it was the same one that I went to with “Kooky”).  My experience there with “High Roller” was much more pleasant and enjoyable than it was with “Kooky”.  We sat at the bar and had our bartender make us some drinks based off of what kind of alcohol we enjoyed.  This is when we got really nerdy, and I had to point out the fact that our bartender reminded me of Luna Lovegood.  We then got to talking about Harry Potter and how much we love all the movies.  We stayed at the bar for an hour or two and just had a really good time.  I’d have to say, I think our favorite part of the night was watching one of the other bartenders make a blue blazer, since neither of us had heard of the drink, nor seen it being made.  Honestly, I could go on and on about our conversations during the night and how much fun I had, but then this would be like a million words long.  So I’ll leave it at after a couple drinks, we called it a night and he took me home.  =)

*Positives: He’s a nice guy, a total gentleman, we have a lot in common and have a lot of the same ideals, he’s nerdy (in a good way), conversation is easy, we have a few good friends in common, just a lot of fun to be with

*Negatives: He can be a bit awkward at times, he drives really slow, and of course…drum roll…I’m just not sexually attracted to him.  Seriously, something is wrong with me.  I’m beginning to think that maybe I should just give these guys I’m not sexually attracted to a chance anyways, go ahead and date them, and maybe sexual attraction will grow.  Because this shit is beginning to piss me off, and clearly I’m the one to blame.

Second Date?: Yep, most definitely!!  I think we’re going to make going out to dinner a more common thing and just try new restaurants.  Plus we agreed to stop being so anti-social and actually go out this weekend.  Maybe if I continue to go on more dates with him, I’ll eventually fall for him.  I mean shit, it’s clear he’s a great guy for me.  Plus, even my best friend “Tinky Winky Pooh Bear” has chastised me in the past for not dating him.  So yeah.

Date #24: “Vague”

Note: Just a couple things first off – I apologize for being M.I.A. from not only writing, but from WordPress all-together.  I’ve been in a funky mood…I seem to be in this mood quite often as of late, not sure why.  I’ll soon (hopefully) get back into the swing of things.  Also, this was not an actual date, but yea.  You know the drill.

How We Met: We actually met awhile ago, I want to say 3 or 4 years ago.  We have a bunch of mutual friends and we really only see each other when we both just happen to be hanging out with those mutual friends.  I do recall that when we did meet, we bonded almost instantaneously over the fact that we don’t condone racism in any form whatsoever, and one of my (former) good friends was being super racist (he’s from the South…not an excuse, but just a fact).  Anyways, we’ve seen each other off and on since then.  I wouldn’t say we are necessarily friends, more so acquaintances.


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 8

*Personality: 6-7

*Manners: 8

*Intelligence: 7 (but we didn’t talk about anything so profound as to determine this, so this is more just an approximation)

*Confidence: 10

*Overall Rating: 7

The “Date”: So again, like so many of my dates have been as of recent, this wasn’t supposed to be a date in any way.  But yeah.  Also, this is about as juicy as my prudish blog is going to get, unless I find a guy I’m really into.  You’ll understand what I mean by the end.

I was supposed to hang out with “Perfect Ass” and his family since he’s in town, but they ended up getting day drinking and getting pretty drunk at the downtown Oktoberfest celebration and went home just as I was getting off of work.  So I decided to go meet up with my usual “let’s go downtown and drink” group.  Their plan was also to hit up the Oktoberfest celebration, so that’s what we ended up doing.  Surprisingly, “Vague” was there.  He doesn’t come around that often, maybe once a month or so.  Anyways, we all head down to the area.

Since events like that are usually a complete clusterfuck, we most definitely all lost each other at one point or another.  We drank some beers, danced, watched a live band (that a guy I kind of work with is in), and finally after an hour or two, decided sitting was the best option.  I’ve never really gotten to know “Vague”, he looked like he was super bored, and my friend’s friend was creeping me out by staring intently at me, so I decided to start talking to “Vague”.  We got to talking about how we don’t feel the need to get super shitfaced like everyone else just to have fun and we’re fine with just having a few drinks and chilling.  This gave me a new sort of appreciation for him because usually I’m the only one who ever stays remotely sober out of my friends, and they’re off partying like we’re still in college.  Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that, but we are getting near that age where doing this every weekend just looks ridiculous.  Anyways, “Vague” and I were off and on talking while also talking with our other friends.  He then mentioned that he just got a nice car and of course, me loving pretty cars, I just had to ask what it was.  He told me he just got an Audi S4 (I think Audi’s are pretty pretty…haha, I like how that came out).  I asked if he was that drunk, and since he wasn’t, I asked him if he could give me a ride.  I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE riding fast in pretty cars.  I myself am too much of a chicken shit to drive my own car super fast, but I love when guys drive me around in their fast cars haha.  I love that feeling in your stomach where you’re scared and excited all at the same time going 100+ mph.  Since neither of us were really drunk, we decided to split up from our friends so he could take me for a ride.

We decided to walk back to my friends which was like 7ish blocks away (but in stilettos, felt like 20).  So “Vague” and I had plenty of time to talk.  He asked me when was the last time I dated someone, and I wasn’t sure how to answer that considering I have a blog where I’m trying to date everyone, but I just answered with last year.  Apparently, he had just broken up (as of 2 months ago) with someone he was with for two years (I think that’s what he said, this part was a little lost in my mind).  He said that he just got bored and that he’s too young to be bored, which I completely applaud because I think too many people stay together when they shouldn’t.  Anyways, then we got to talking about hooking up, and he made a bunch of little comments hinting that that’s what he eventually wanted us to do.  Which at the time, I decided probably wasn’t a bad thing because from what I know about him he’s a nice guy, he’s cute, and I’ve always been curious to see if anything would ever happen between us.

So we  finally get to his car and he takes me for a ride, just like I asked.  We drove around the city for a bit, then went to the highway.  Unfortunately, his car has such a smooth ride that even at 140 mph, I didn’t get that excited/scared feeling that I do in other cars.  I do have to commend the fact that his car is a 6-gear manual car, because that’s how mine is and I love it.  God, I’m just all about the side notes today huh?  Fuck.  Anyways (for the millionth time), we drove around, drove around, then he pulled off to a small little parking lot/park thing.  I k now what he wanted and he (I) didn’t know what I wanted, but I decided to just say “fuck” and go with it.  We made out and one thing led to another….I’ll leave it at we didn’t have sex, because that’s the one thing that I am SUPER picky about.  Like really, I’ve probably had sex with less people than your average 18-20 year old girl.  But yeah we pretty much did everything else.  And here’s why my blog is going back to prudish little dates (unless I meet someone amazing, of course)….

Towards the end of college and after I got over having “fun” with a new guy every weekend, I realized how unfulfilling hooking up with people I didn’t give a shit about was.  And since then, I’ve been super picky, only hooking up with guys I actually liked and not giving into temptation like the majority does when they’re “in the moment.”  While there is nothing wrong with giving into temptation, and I would never judge that, I just wasn’t about it anymore.  So this was honestly the first time in…fuck, maybe 2 years or so?? that I’ve just given into “the moment.”  And while it wasn’t awful, it wasn’t good.  But it sure did remind me why I am so picky about hooking up with guys.

First off, he was very small.  Like ridiculously small.  And while I would accept this (with reminders to myself everyday of just how much I like this guy in order to cope) if I was 100% into the guy, I wasn’t.  So this was not okay.  Secondly, he smokes, and I can’t stand the smell of smoke.  So having his cigarette smelling hands in me and all over me was just grossing me out all-together.  Thirdly, lord knows no girl is good at anything when she’s not 100% into it, so I’m sure it was the worst head I’ve given in years.  Plus, I got bored halfway through it and kinda just gave up.  So ya.  Half effort.  Boo.  Also, I playfully hit him like halfway through it, and he freaked out because he thought I was freaking out, which pretty much killed the already killed mood.  So really, all-together, I think I would have had more fun with one of my best guy friends than with this guy.  Oh well.

Afterwards, he drove me back to my friend’s house so I could get my stuff and my car.  He didn’t ask for my number, I didn’t get his.  We decided we would just see each other when we see each other.  And I am 100% okay with that.

*Positives: He’s a nice guy, we have the same views on drinking and partying, he’s attractive, he knows how to drive stick, he has a nice car, just got a new job where he supposedly makes a bunch of money

*Negatives: SMALL PENIS, has kind of  a boring personality, I don’t know much about him even after trying to talk to him (hence the nickname), he smokes cigarettes (I could taste cigarettes even when I got home…puke), smokes a lot of weed (he was a bit high when we first got to Oktoberfest, and made a weed call halfway through our “date”)

*Second First Date?: While I wouldn’t be opposed to it, I doubt it will happen.  Plus, if his personality is as boring as it is sober as when he’s drunk, I don’t think I’d survive.  But never say never!

Random: *Updates* (Dates #16-23, “Mr. Big”‘s, General)

It’s about time for my post on updates on my past few dates.  Honestly though, it’s not going to be that exciting.  Haha.  Nothing has really progressed or happened with any of my past dates, which is fine.  I haven’t fallen head over heels for any of them, so I’m okay with it.

*Date Updates*

Date # 16: “Almost Birthday Twin”: Well we’re still friends, of course.  About a month(ish) ago we saw “The Book of Mormon” together, which was just lovely.  That’s really about it on him.  haha

Date #17: “Professor”, “Cop”, & “Tow Man: I haven’t heard or seen any of them since my accident, and I prefer it that way.  It means my car is still doing well.

-Date #18: “Flakey”:  After this date he would text me at least once a week to hang out, with me always refusing.  Then I wouldn’t hear back from him after my refusal for at least another week or so.  The last time he tried to hit me up to hang out, and I refused, he at least acknowledged my refusal and sent me a text back.

-Date #19: “Doc”: We’ve seen each other a couple of times randomly out and about at the bars, but after this date, I think he got the idea that things weren’t going to work out between us.  But overall, we’re still okay with one another, so I think this one ended well.

-Date #20: “Dream Maker”: We still speak to each other quite often, at least once a week or so.  Unfortunately, I’ve been busy and so has he with his artist, so we haven’t had a chance to hang out.  He did ask me to come over to cuddle the night before I left for Chicago which was super random and out of the blue, but besides that, it’s been friendly between us.  His artist has a show coming up which he invited me to, so I might just go see his artist perform.

Date #21: “Kooky”: I haven’t spoken to him since this date, and I think that’s for the best.

Date #22: “The Hangovers”, “Oldie”, and “Bartender (1 and 2)”: I haven’t spoken to the former two since the day I met them (obviously) and I spoke to “Bartender 2” when I got back home, apologizing for not having visited him and “Bartender 1” before I left the city.  But I assured him I have every intention to move out there (I really do) so that I’ll be seeing them soon.  =)

Date #23: “Goofy”: Two days after our little “date”, he texted me and apologized for having made things weird between us.  We haven’t spoken since.

*”Mr. Big” Updates*

I’ll make this combined, since it’s not that exciting.  I haven’t spoken to “Mr. Big (Past)” in forever.  After that random night he texted me, I haven’t heard from him since, nor have I made any attempts to speak to him.

As far as “Mr. Big (Present)” is concerned, I figured out why he stopped talking to me yet again…he got a new girlfriend.  This one is a lot better looking than the troll he had before, I won’t deny that.  But she does look a bit like a stripper.  A pretty stripper, nonetheless.  Oh well, what can I do.  Clearly, I am the dumb one in this situation since we always start talking, and then he always stops talking to me at random once he’s found a girl he wants to date.  Which is clearly not me.  We didn’t talk for about 2 months, until I randomly ended up in front of his old house while driving around lost downtown.  I texted him about it, and we started talking again, but really just as friends.  At this point, I truly am over him and am okay with being “friends” if that’s all we’ll ever be.  After him getting a girlfriend yet again, I started feeling used so I decided that I don’t deserve that and want to find someone better.  While I do still think so highly of him, clearly we are not meant to be.  And that’s okay.

Because of these latest happenings with both “Mr. Big”‘s, I don’t think I will be doing an update on either of them, unless something drastic happens and it’s worth talking about.

*Leslie Updates*

I’ve been really off and on as far as wanting to go on dates with men.  Part of me is wanting to go out there and find someone, even if it’s just a plaything that I can tie up and have my way with (I’ll explain more of this in a second).  The other part of me is wanting to just embrace being alone and the fact that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, without having to worry about someone else’s feelings and without having someone annoy me.  Ha.  Plus, I’m having so much fun just living my own life however the fuck I want to, so why ruin that?

I’ve had quite a few more offers on What’s Your Price, so if anything, it’s kind of a part-time gig that earns me money on occasion, while I enjoy getting to know a person, because honeys, I’m broke as fuck.  I still haven’t really found anyone on that site to really date seriously, but that’s fine with me.

I’m still in love (based off false pretenses) with a guy at my gym that I mentioned in my post “We’re ‘JUST’ Friends (and random sidenotes)” .  I still don’t know his name, and I still have not talked to him.  Yes, I’m the biggest baby around him, clearly.  But we both look at each other every once in awhile, and I’ve noticed him working out in the same area as me more often than not lately…or maybe I’m just making shit up in my head.  Either way, I will try and work up the guts to speak to him soon – he just  makes me feel like a school girl with a little crush.  Blah.

Haha isn’t this the truth….

I met a guy the other night randomly at a bar downtown while attending a friend’s birthday party.  He’s cute, I made out with him, we’ve been texting.  I guess we’ll see where that goes.

“Buddy” is still trying to woo me.  Apparently, we had been dating for a bit and then we stopped.  I told him straight up I wasn’t trying to date one person this year, and that I just wanted to be friends with him, which he seemed to disregard as he still tried after I told him this.  My friend and I proceeded to drunk dial him after he called me, and I think my friend was kind of mean about it.  Anyways, I haven’t heard from him since.

Back to my fantasy of tying someone up and having my way with them, I recently picked up a book called The Siren.  The only reason I bought it was because me and my lovely old roomie had nicknames for each other – mine for her was (is) “Mermaid” and her for me was (is) “Siren”, because I sing.  Anyways, I really just bought the book for the name.  Lo and behold, it turns out to be an erotica book.  But it’s actually REALLY good.  I’m in love with the main character, who is a writer by day, and a dominatrix by night.  Basically, long story short, it’s putting ideas in my head…;-).

And last but not least, I think I have a secret crush.  I’m not really sure…but I think I do.  And that is all I will say about that.  =)  If we go on a date, I’ll write about it.  But that’s all you’re getting out of me on this one.

Random: Nice Guys Do NOT Finish Last

The only reason I am writing about this topic is because I wanted to share the following video by Jenna Marbles.  I know I’ve referenced her a couple of times here in my blog, but she really has some smart opinions about a lot of things…especially this one.  I absolutely HATE when guys get mad because girls won’t date them, and then continue to use the excuse, “Oh, it’s because I’m a nice guy and girls just want assholes who treat them like shit.”  UM NO.  YOU FUCKING DUMBASSES.  We probably don’t want to date you for other reasons…such as your insecure ways, or maybe you’re annoying, or dumb, or weird, etc….the list could go on and on.  Being an nice guy has never crossed my mind as a reason as to why I wouldn’t want to date a guy.  I LOVE nice guys.  Actually, I’m done writing….just watch the following video:

I love her.

Date #23: “Goofy”

Note: This wasn’t supposed to be a date in any way, shape, or form, but in some sense turned into one.  I seem to have a lot of these pseudo-dates, especially as of late.  Weird.

How We Met: We had a piano class together I think my junior or senior year of college.  Neither of us ever practiced, we always sat in the back, and our teacher (in my opinion) wasn’t too fond of us.  We started talking because of this.  We honestly never hung out outside of class and after graduation, we would occasionally speak on Facebook.  But that’s about it.  Keep this in mind while reading the rest…


*Physical Aesthetics: 6

*Appearance: 6

*Personality: 5-6

*Manners: 8

*Intelligence: 6 (but I couldn’t really gauge)

*Confidence: 4

*Overall Rating: 5

The Date: So like I previously stated, this was not supposed to be a date in any way.  “Goofy” had messaged me on Facebook awhile back that he was coming into town for what is called The Rocky Mountain Showdown and that we should hang out while he was in town.  I’m a friendly person so I agreed to this.  He started texting me when he got into town and it turns out he was staying at a hotel a couple blocks away from my work so I told him to come visit me at work if he got the chance.  And this is where things went sour.

He came into visit me, which was sweet, but he literally stayed at the bar the entire time.  On top of that, he was texting me the entire time I was working.  I was cocktailing that night in the back so it was obnoxious to have him text me every 5 seconds asking something.  I’m not really sure why he stayed the entire time I was working because I honestly thought he was just stopping by to say hi and then meeting up with his friends.  Anyways, we got to talking about what we were going to do that night and a co-worker and I had decided we were going to watch another one of our co-workers DJ at some bar a couple blocks away.  He said that he was meeting up with his friends, but then halfway through the night decided he was going to tag along with us (I guess I made the mistake of inviting him?).  I thought this was kind of strange because he completely changed his plans with them to hang out with me, and as I said previously, we had NEVER hung out outside of school before and I graduated college 3 years ago.  So he decides to go grab some food while I’m finishing up at work and I swear, before my shift was even over, I get a call and a message from him.  Seriously?  He knows I’m not going anywhere and that I’m meeting my co-worker at work, so I’m not sure what’s with the incessant blowing up my phone situation.  I get off of work, and he’s literally just waiting for me outside of my work.  So I make him come in while I’m getting ready.  I start complaining how my co-worker who I’m supposed to meet up with is late and I’m wondering out loud where he is, and “Goofy” makes the comment, “Sounds like you have a crush on him,” and then under his breath, “That’s a problem.”  What.  The.  Fuck.  I tell him that I don’t have a crush on him and that we’re all just supposed to hang out so I’m wondering where he is.  He starts kind of arguing with me about it, saying, “No it sounds like you like this guy” (and even if I did, why should he care?).  So I begin to explain how all of us at work are pretty close and we all love each other so damn much, so if anything it’s like a loving little family.  Not sure why I even had to explain this, but I did.

So we start heading down to this other bar because my co-worker decided we were just going to meet there instead.  On our way down, I passed by my favorite night club and of course, “Hollywood” was working.  I’ve kinda been avoiding him for some time now just because he’s been so mean to me, and in doing so, I’ve realized I don’t like him more than a friend anymore (for now…).  So because of this realization, I’m 100% okay with him as a person again.  I told “Goofy” we had to stop by (because it was on the way to the other bar) and he mentioned something about liking to find conflict.  Again, another weird comment.  I dismissed this and kept on going.  We stop by “Hollywood”‘s work and I have him do a quick, final outfit check (remember, we’re just friends now, and I’m already comfortable with him so why not).  I was dumb and wearing a red bra and a sheer white top, so I had him make sure it wasn’t obviously see through.  This apparently irritated “Goofy” enough for him to make a comment about it, so I dismissed it and told him “Hollywood” was gay.  Hahaha.

We finally arrive at our destination, and everything was fine.  He got along well with my co-worker and my co-workers friend.  We had a couple of drinks, listened to our other co-worker DJ (for like 5 seconds because we waited for forever and he didn’t start till the very end and we got impatient) and then headed out to another bar.  My co-worker and his friend decided to go to one bar  but I wanted to go to another, so I did as I pleased.  By this time, I was honestly wondering if “Goofy” had completely blown off his friends, because he kept saying they were meeting up with him but they still hadn’t shown up.  So we go and sit at the bar (really, just so I can say hi to “Boss Man” and get some water because I needed to get away from “Goofy” stat!) and just start talking.  I honestly cannot remember how we got on the topic, but he mentioned that girls in Arizona are hotter.  Which is fine, whatever.  Then I made some comment about how yeah, at the bar we were at there weren’t very many pretty girls and that (here’s where I got “cocky bitchy” as I like to call it…it happens sometimes when I’ve been drinking) I thought I was the prettiest girl there.  To this comment, he replied, “You’re hot, but you’re definitely not the hottest.”  Clearly, the fucker doesn’t know me because I was (half)kidding and I wasn’t meaning it to be arrogant, it was seriously a joke.  Anyways, my “cocky bitchy” self decided to take offense to this and I started talking about how I’ve gotten some of the hottest guys around so I don’t know what he’s talking about.  He took this as me being insecure and started telling me that I have insecurity issues.  Oh, if only the fucker knew…anyways, then shit kinda hit the fan, I called him out on being a fucking weirdo and making comments about me having a crush on my co-worker and what not.  He totally tried to back track, claiming he never said that and I was making shit up, yet I was 100% sober when he said that, and he was already drunk.  Basically, we argued about dumb shit for a good 30 minutes or so.  He kept bringing up the word “friends,” as if we were so close or something (refer back to my opening statement about this) and kept assuring me he wasn’t just trying to take me home and hook up with me for one night.  Again, What.  The.  Fuck.  Just all around.  Finally, his friend showed up, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, then got the fuck out of the bar.  He tried texting me to find me, but I just told him I went home and to have a good night.

*Positives: He’s a nice guy, complimented me all night, bought me a couple of drinks, had very good manners

*Negatives: He doesn’t seem to know the definition of what a “friend” is, he clearly has some jealousy issues, he’s clingy, we didn’t have much to talk about…like really talk about

*Second First Date?: I don’t think so.  I know he wants to hang out again before he leaves and was practically begging me to hang out pretty much the entire weekend, but after last night I’m hoping he just hates me.  It’d be better that way.