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Date #15: “Hollywood”

Note: This wasn’t exactly a date, but due to the nature of the situation I am counting it.  Plus it was my birthday, so I think it 100% completely counts!!

How We Met:  Oh boy.  I’ve got a bit to write here since this was like a couple months in the making.  We met a couple months ago at a night club downtown.  It was my friend’s birthday and I was waiting for her to get there, but for some reason she was taking FOREVER.  I had come there by myself so I waited outside and just started talking to the bouncers because I didn’t know what else to do.  They were really nice and both of them were pretty cute, but one of them wasn’t even 21 yet which was a huge red flag for me haha.  The one who was my age (“Hollywood”) was the one I was primarily talking to.  My friends seriously took like an hour to get there, so me and this one had plenty of time to talk.  He acts/wants to act (like as in be an actor), hence the nickname I gave him here.   He was sweet though, even offered to buy me a drink since I was just waiting there.  When my friend finally got there, I pretty much said bye and that was that; didn’t think anything of him, except the fact that I didn’t know his name.

Two weeks later, I ended up back at that club.  I saw “Hollywood” so I asked him if he remembered me from two weeks ago, which I honestly didn’t think he would since so many people pass through there.  But he did, and we started talking again, only this time it was much flirtier (I don’t think that’s a word but whatever).  And this is where our whole “Cat and Mouse” game started.  Since my friends had went off to a different bar and I had met a really hot guy from Bosnia (I actually mentioned both the Bosnian and “Hollywood” in a previous entry: this one), I gave “Hollywood” my number to check up on me and make sure no crazies were trying to take me home.  But as I was leaving, I told him since he had my number anyways he should just call me sometime.  To this, he said, “Maybe.”  Now, I don’t like hearing the word “maybe” when I want something.  If I give a guy my number, I expect him to call.  In fact, I rarely give out my number to begin with, so you’re pretty damn special if I give it to you.  Anyways, very long story shortened, we’ve been playing this game of whether he’s going to call/text me ever.  At one point, he told me if he called me I wouldn’t come visit him at work anymore, which is both stupid and somewhat true.  So literally, we’ve been playing stupid games for maybe 8-ish weeks now.  Normally, I wouldn’t be putting up with this bullshit, but for the sake of my blog, and the fact that I was so drawn to him for some reason, I put up with it.  I visited him at work almost every weekend.  And then I’d get the same “Maybe I’ll call you” response from him at the end of the night.

Finally, last night, he text me since it was my birthday =).  And here’s where the “date” begins.


*Physical Aesthetics: 9

*Appearance: 10 (this is because I only ever see him dressed up in a suit…this could change)

*Personality: 8

*Manners: 10 and 1 (I’ll explain later)

*Intelligence: 9

*Confidence: 7

*Overall Rating: 8

The “Date”: So it being my birthday, I got bottle service at the club “Hollywood” works at.  Being extremely hungover from my celebrating from the night before, I attempted to not get as drunk.  I succeeded, but I was still pretty drunk.  Anywhoo, at the end of the night I decided to throw a stink about “Hollywood” having my number and never calling me or texting me even though he always says he is going to or might.  I told him to just delete my number and that I didn’t want him to have it anymore since he doesn’t use it anyways.  And as I walked away to go join my friends at another bar, he texted me =).

Being a bit drunk, a lot of the night was blurry.  But I must have asked him something about my birthday present (I had been asking him what he was going to get me for my birthday for the past couple of weeks and he told me he doesn’t buy things, but he could give me a sexual present…go figure horny boy), because then the plan was that I was to go home with him after he got off work.  I told him I needed breakfast in the morning and a ride home, and he agreed to it.  So I waited for him to get off work which really wasn’t very long…or maybe I was just drunk and didn’t notice.  But we get in his car and I was happy to discover he drives a stick (this may be weird, but I have a thing about guys and driving stick…it’s a necessity for me for them to know how).  We dropped his cousin (the other bouncer I had met the first time I met “Hollywood”) off first (or maybe it’s not his cousin…I don’t know they both keep fucking with me when it comes to that) and then we headed to his place.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect of him, since this was our first time hanging out outside of me visiting him at work.  So we get to his place and I was happy to find that 1.) He lives by himself and 2.) He had the Shakespeare Anthology and a copy of the OED.  Yes, super nerdy, but having been an English major, I love that stuff.  So that brought up his hottness factor a bunch.  So thereafter (and because I was drunk), I pretty much just decided to pounce on him and so we made out, got naked, and although he wanted to fuck (and so did I), it was our first time hanging out so I put a stop to that pretty quick.  God, I love being a tease.  Anywhoo, I decided that we should watch a movie.  But in sitting there for like 20 minutes trying to find one, he noticed that I was getting really sleepy.  At one point, I laid on him and closed my eyes for like 5 seconds.  And here’s where things go sour….

I put that his manners were a 10 and a 1.  Normally, I would just stick with a 10 because he truly is good to me.  But as soon as he saw me getting sleepy and falling asleep, he told me I had to go home.  Yep.  And I don’t live ANYWHERE near where he does.  He offered to give me a ride home and grabbed my stuff for me and I threw the biggest fit.  Yes, I was drunk and about to pass out, but I couldn’t (and still don’t really) understand why he was kicking me out!  He told me it was because he was going to be up for another couple of hours and that I was already falling asleep so it would be best if I just went home since we wouldn’t be really hanging out anyways.  I told him I could sleep now and we could hang out in the morning, but he wasn’t having it.  Seriously, dick move.  Sweet that he was offering me a ride home, but dick move.  I almost started crying and I literally did throw a fit.  I will give him props for being straight forward with me and at one point asking me if I was a 4 year old because I was throwing a fit like one and it wasn’t attractive.  He told me this was him being a gentleman by having me go home instead of staying (maybe he would have taken advantage of me sleeping??) which did not make sense to me at all.  But yes…he kicked me out.  I told him I didn’t want him to give me a ride home, so instead I took a taxi (and $50 later, I kind of wish I had taken him up on his offer for the ride home).  I told him I hated him and I never wanted to hang out with him or talk to him again (which of course, isn’t true, but it sounded good at the time).  He told me we would hang out when I got home from my trip (I’m going international in a couple of days).  And that was that.  I seriously wanted to cry my entire cab ride home, but I didn’t.

*Positives: He FINALLY texted me, he can drive stick, he has the OED and Shakespeare Anthology, he’s attractive, he lives by himself, he’s into the arts (since he wants to act and all), he’s protective of me when need be, he seems to have my best interest in mind (most of the time), I’m super attracted to him…there’s a lot

*Negatives: He’s lied to me about dumb shit (his age, his penis size, etc.), he’s a bit insecure because he gets jealous when I bring guys around, HE KICKED ME OUT OF HIS PLACE BECAUSE I WAS SLEEPY and I’m pretty sure that takes the cake to all negativity.

*Second First Date?: Call me crazy, but I think I would still give him one more chance.  After he kicked me out, I seriously never wanted to talk to him again.  But I don’t know what it is….I am still super drawn to him.  Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t know that much about him, so to me he’s a bit mysterious, or maybe I’m just being desperate.  I told myself I wouldn’t go for assholes anymore, but kicking me out was a pretty asshole move.  So I’m not really sure.  I guess we’ll just see what happens.  This was the one guy that I honestly thought I’d fall for, but as of right now, I don’t see that happening.