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Date #9: “Interrogator”

Note: While this may not be considered to some as a date, due to the nature of the situation and the absurdity of this man (as you will read), I am counting it as one.

How We Met:  A co-worker of mine (thanks “Becky”!) set us up.  She’s known about my blog for some time and has wanted to help me find some guys to date/write about.  And while this set up definitely gives me something to write about, I must say it is by far the WORST set up I’ve ever had.  Haha.  I still love you “Becky”, don’t worry!!


*Physical Aesthetics: 4 (from what I could tell from a picture he sent me)

*Appearance: 4

*Personality: 3

*Manners: 5 (kind of)

*Intelligence: N/A (I couldn’t tell)

*Confidence: 3

*Overall Rating: 3

The “Date”:  If anyone ever says that a date cannot happen over text message, I would beg to differ.  I can honestly say that I may be one of the only people I know (if not THE only person) to have gone on a date via text message.  Yep, it happened.  While I was at work.

Like I said previously, my co-worker “Becky” has been helping me find a date over the past couple of days and suggested I check out “Interrogator.”  Although I could already tell he wouldn’t be my type (yes, I can be that shallow sometimes, determining whether I will work out with someone based on their looks), but since I told myself that I would be open to ANYONE, I agreed for her to set me up with him.  While we were at work, she sent him my number.  Almost instantaneously, I received two text messages from him stating who he was and asking how my night was.  Initially, I thought, “Okay, perfect, I found Date #9!”  But just as soon as I thought that, “Interrogator” ruined that.  After I responded, not only did he text me back instantly, he sent me a picture of himself.  No, not of down there, thank God.  Because if he did, I would have reported that to the cops!  But he sent me a picture of his face.  Now, maybe it’s just me, but I thought it was SUPER weird.  Why, within the first few minutes of speaking to someone, THROUGH TEXT MESSAGE, would you send them a picture of yourself?!  He also sent me a text within the first few texts asking me if he was bothering me.  Again, this is all within less than 10 text messages, within a few minutes of even having spoken to someone.  After that, I knew it was all going to go downhill.

We continued to converse via text for hours (from about 7pm to about 1am in the morning), with him sending me multiple text messages at a time, asking me a plethora of questions.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with asking a person questions, especially when you’re trying to get to know them.  But his questions not only seemed forced, but it was as if I was interviewing for a new job and he was interrogating the shit out of me.  In addition to this, spurts of insecurity would seep out through his text messages, making him more unattractive as the conversation continued.  There were times where the things he said conflicted with one another, for example, him saying I was pretty, but then later on, 4 or so hours later, asking me for a picture of myself (fucking creepy as shit…).  While planning our date (which was supposed to occur on Monday), he told me he was a photographer and asked if I he could take my pictures.  I’m sorry, but that shit is just sketchy.  Why the hell would I let some stranger take pictures of me?!?!?!  It was as if I had totally found a guy off of a “To Catch a Predator” type show, who takes pictures of their victims before they kill them.  No, thank you, I am not looking to die anytime soon.

Eventually, I got sick of answering a bunch of  trivial questions and told him that he should probably stop asking me questions unless he wanted us to have nothing to talk about on our date.  He proceeded to “lol” at this and ask (yes another question) if we were just supposed to not talk until Monday.  I told him that maybe Monday was a bad idea, to which he agreed to (which again, contradicts his excitement to be going on a date earlier) and we ended it at that.  I haven’t spoken to him since (thank the Lord!!).

I could tell by a lot of his messages that he rarely dates and is maybe unsure of himself when speaking to women.  He is terribly insecure and I would go so far as to say that he is possibly socially incompetent.  I was annoyed with him pretty much right off the bat.  Based off of his ridiculous text messages (which I will most definitely include in my He Said WHAT?! section), I’d say this guy hasn’t the slightest clue how socially inept he is.  For his own sake, I hope he realizes it before it’s too late.

*Positives: His job is actually pretty admirable, he helps disabled men live as normal of a life as possible or something like that.  Basically, he aids the disabled.  Besides that, no positives.

*Negatives: EVERYTHING.  His looks (based off the picture he sent me), his personality, his whole demeanor, he’s insecure, he’s socially inept, he doesn’t know how to converse in what is considered a “normal” fashion, etc.  I could go on for days.

Second First Date?:  No.  Fuck no.