*How It All Began….*

*The Backstory*

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have the WORST luck with guys.

In my college years, I gravitated towards guys who were your stereotypical assholes – they treated me like shit, to the point where I would be at my breaking point with them, and then they’d reel me back in with their “oh-so-charming ways”.  Give it another week, and they’d be back to their shitty, asshole ways.  They were like a drug that I couldn’t stop abusing, even though I so badly wanted to.  Finally, after graduation + 1 year, I was able to drop the last of the assholes.

Or so I thought….

I came across a new type of asshole.  Well, okay, I wouldn’t go so far as to call them “assholes.”  They treated me very well, the way a girl should be treated.  With them, I never came across the same bullshit I did with the guys in college (sleeping around, extensive drug use/distribution, slutty girls, etc.).  I was smitten – it was the first time in my life that I actually liked someone who was nice to me, because – let’s be honest girls – we rarely like “nice” guys.  In my eyes, they were perfect….that is until they found another girl without telling me.  The trend after college I seemed to have found were men who acted  like they truly liked and cared about me, yet they couldn’t be in a relationship for some reason or another.  And while I respected that, they took this a bit further and out of nowhere, decided to drop me and get girlfriends (yes, after saying they couldn’t be in a relationship. Assholes.) who, may I add, are aesthetically displeasing.

So yes, such is my life.  Instead of dwelling in sorrow and self pity, I have decided to use this opportunity to retaliate in my own way.  I have decided that this year, 2012, will be the year that I take control.


I have decided to write this blog to document the dates I go on this year.  My intention is to go on as many dates as I can with as many different men as possible throughout the year.  I’ve made my goal 50 different men by the end of the year.  Will I make it?  Who fucking knows.  Maybe along the way I’ll find Prince Charming…though I highly doubt that.  I am the pickiest woman I know and am rarely impressed by men.  But when I am impressed, I fall hard.  Very hard.

So witness my struggles, conquests, tears, and (hopefully) happiness in my journey in the world of dating. =)

*The Rules*

I’ve decided to set rules and regulations for this blog, sort of making it into a game.  If you know me, I LOVE games, especially games that involve competition.  So here are the rules and regulations for this blog.

1.)  Each new blog entry will be a different date, titled with the nickname I decide to give said person.  I’ve decided to use nicknames in opposed to initials or anagrams because while this is all in good fun for myself, I am not looking to make any guy cry or hate his life based on what I write.  I’m a straight-up, blunt, bitch, and my writing reflects this.  I know that although they may not appear to be, men are very sensitive creatures and I would hate for them to take what I say too personally.  Don’t get me wrong, this is most definitely personal, but my opinion shouldn’t be the definitive on their entire persona.

2.) Nicknames will be given based on a characteristic of said date that I pick.  Every guy mentioned will have a nickname in order to protect identities.  Numerous nicknames may appear more than once.  Be familiar with the nickname Mr. Big (refer to Sex and the City) as I will use this to describe men whose stories are recurring through my life that loosely follow the story of Mr. Big  and Carrie in the show.  At the moment I have 2: Mr. Big (Past) and Mr. Big (Present).

3.) The formats of each date/blog entry are as follows:

-How I met the person/Our history (if any)

-Rating (On a scale of 1-10):

*Physical Aesthetics (face, build, etc.)

*Appearance (the way they dress, hygiene, the way they carry themselves, etc.)





*Overall rating

-Description of the date itself

-Lists of Positives/Negatives

-Second Date: Yes or No?

4.) I will also be writing random entries about guys in my life that are either current or have passed through, or just random entries about men in general.  I think it’s good to get an understanding of where I’m coming from and what each guy means/meant to me.  Especially if they become a recurring character in my life again (they always come back….)

5.) A date will be considered any one-on-one interaction with a person who I normally don’t interact with in that manner and in a public setting.  I don’t believe that all dates need to be the conventional “Take girl out to eat, take her to get drinks, etc.” because I have been on some that didn’t involve any of those.  A double date is permissible but I will try to stick to the individual date.

6.) The most important rule….I will most likely break my own rules at some point or another.  =)  Nothing is ever set in stone.  As my favorite saying goes, “Never say never.”


8 thoughts on “*How It All Began….*

  1. Do you have a method or even noticed a routine in how/where you meet new men? I’m sure they don’y just fall into your lap, perhaps you have a post on this? This sounds like a guys mission.

  2. I learn the hard way. You must know the person. People hide important things to impress another. I like the slow and easy theory. Don’t rush love. It will come if it support to be there. I like the logic in your thoughts.

    • A male should be constantly approaching girls, each time getting better and more confident locking in his social skills as if it were a subject at school. Unromantic I know but it’s not a hollywood movie. Girls can be more passive though as girls will actively approach them even under the guise of simply grabbing a napkin that’s close to the girl.

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