Random: My Man Bucket List

This was a topic given to me by my friend Michelle (she doesn’t have a blog that I know about, otherwise I’d tag her in it.  She’s also already commented on here with her first name, otherwise I’d give her a nickname).  She asked me if I had a list of men I’d like to date just for fun, like a firefighter or an athlete.  And basically if there are any guys that I would like to date just for the sake of dating without actually ending up with them.

Honestly, I thought this idea was genius and just so much fun!!  So of course I have to write about it!  I’ve gotta say, I’ve dated a lot of types of guys that I just wanted to date for fun already.  But I’ve definitely contemplated in the past the types of men I would like to date for fun, so here is a compilation of what I’ve come up with.  And I will try to make it realistic (i.e. I’m not going t put Brad Pitt or something):

  • The Alphabetical Hook-Up List: I actually saw this book title and thought it was interesting.  I’m not going to lie, I haven’t read the book.  But I really liked the concept of what they were getting at.  I’m not sure exactly what the book entails as a “hook-up,” but I’ve made my version a little bit more chaste.  My goal in life before I get married (if that ever happens…and frankly at the rate things are going, its not going to happen) is to kiss at least one guy whose name begins with each letter of the alphabet.  I’m doing pretty well so far, but I am missing the following letters: F, H, O, Q, U, V, X and Y.  So if you’re a male out there who lives here and your name begins with one of those letters, please contact me and come makeout with me.  It would just make my day.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G...

A, B, C, D, E, F, G…

  • A Drummer: As I’ve listed before, I LOVE musicians.  I am SO drawn to them in every way possible.  I’ve honestly dated some musicians purely on the fact that they were musicians – nothing else.  I’ve gone for singers, pianists, guitarists, bassists….but I’ve never had any relations with a drummer.  I think drumming is so sexy and I myself would love to get basic drumming lessons, so I think I could kill two birds with one stone here.  Again, if you’re a drummer out there, please contact me so we can get together!
  • A Really Pretty Guy: You all know what I mean.  A guy who is so attractive, that both men and women come from afar just to stare at him and blush when they see him.  Think a Christian Grey type character (oh ya, I went there…but my idea for this was not inspired by the book).  A guy that’s 100% hotter than me in every such way and that people would look at us and be like, “Oh, who is that troll dating that God?”  I would LOVE to date a guy like that one day, just to know what it feels like to date someone that pretty.  Would I be jealous?  Would I become more vain and pay more attention to my own looks? I most definitely know plenty of really pretty gentleman, but unfortunately (or maybe not so unfortunate) they’re married.  Although I know they would cheat in a heartbeat, I’m not looking to be a home-wrecker so I’ll have to just pass on them and find myself a pretty one.
Yep, I want someone this vain.

Yep, I want someone this vain.

  • A Guy Completely Opposite of Myself: So basically a super introverted, anti-social, and quiet person who enjoys being a homebody more so than doing anything outside of the house.  Maybe someone with no hobbies except for computer games and anime.  Yeah, I would like to date a guy like that sometime.  Just to pick his brain.  And maybe try and boost his ego.  This would definitely be a fixer upper for me, so I’m not too sure if that would be a good thing or not.
  • An Indian Guy: Really, I just love Indian food and I would want him (or his mother) to make me some.  And maybe someone dance to some authentic Bollywood music with.  But I guess I have “Indian Warrior” in my life, and besides the fact that she’s a girl, she still has the other qualities I want in an Indian.  So maybe I’ll just stick with her.
  • Bruno Mars: Seriously, this is not unrealistic.  He sings, I sing.  He’s half my people.  He’s short, I’m short.  He does cocaine, I would let him do cocaine off my body.  He’s funny, I love funny men.  He dances, I dance.  We’re like a match made in heaven…he’s probably “Locked Out of Heaven” because he hasn’t met me yet.  We DID make eye contact at his concert, especially when he sang his songs to me and only me.  But yes, anyways, I want him.  I have family moving to Hawaii, so I’m hoping they run into his family and then we can all be introduced.  Then he’d ask me, “Is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice?  Who cares baby, I think I want to marry you.”  The end.
Ohhh yeahhhhh

Ohhh yeahhhhh

Well, that’s my list.  I’m sure I could think of others, but that’s pretty much my main Man Bucket List.

8 thoughts on “Random: My Man Bucket List

  1. Jesus Christ- Bruno Mars. SWOON. Seriously- i lalalalalalove him 🙂

    And I’m a drummer, so I can find you some drummer boys 😉 Also, I work for an Indian man (plus, I live in Boston and they’re EVERYWHERE)

  2. Doesn’t Bruno Mars have a spot of dwarfism? I know you like Glee but come on girl! Anyway, reading this made me realise that i am perfect for you (apart from being Bruno Mars etc.) I am completely vain, anti-social and i am also half-cherokee on my romanian uncle’s side so i tick the indian box. Unfortunately, my name begins with an S but who says we have to do any kissing? When it comes to hot women i’m normally okay with anal…

    • Hey just because he’s short doesn’t mean he’s a dwarf!! I’m tiny too!!! Well I’m glad that you are perfect for me, will you come to the States now?? Thank you!! I’m only okay with anal if it involves butt plugs, a cup, and one other girl….

  3. Hmm. Too bad my first name starts with a letter you’ve already knocked off of your list! This is a cool idea, I may do something similar on my blog. 🙂

    • Haha well I could always use more men, even if I’ve already knocked that letter off my list ;-). I do hope you will make a list like this, I would be interested to see your take on it!!

  4. Bruno Mars is a pretty nice guy. He played for our company party 2 years ago and he actually hung out after to sign autographs. This is a funny post. My sexual bucket list just consists of sexual acts not really types of women!

    • Ugh, SO JEALOUS!! I would love to meet him!! You should totally write your bucket list of sexual acts. I also have a bucket list of places I’d like to have sex…maybe that could be my next post!!

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