Random: My Sex Bucket List (and updates) (and a question for you!)

Sorry I’ve been  MIA lately.  I haven’t been going on dates, so don’t think you’re missing out on anything that I haven’t written about.  I’m not sure really what I’ve been doing….I guess I’ve been working.  And catching up with friends.  And just living in general.  Ya know.  I’m a pretty boring person.  I haven’t really been in the  mood to go on dates either.  I’ve gotten a bunch of “Winks” on What’s Your Price  lately, but I’ve just been ignoring them.  I’m really over it.  In fact, I think I’m going to delete my profile from there soon.  Like right now, actually.


Yep. Pretty much the majority of the guys I’ve spent any extended period of time with.

Anyways, as we all know, my goal this year was to go on a date with 50 different guys.  Unfortunately, the year ends in about 9 days and I’ve only gotten to 34 (35 will most likely happen with my potential “TOWWETB” but more on that later).  I mean, there’s still a chance that 16 different guys will want to go on a date with me in the next few days, but the chances are highly unlikely.  Either way, I have no intentions of doing my final write up for my blog until the end of the year, so as of now, it’s still on!!

I think part of the reason why I am not very interested in going on anymore dates is because of my potential “TOWWETB”.  He’s still only a potential because we haven’t gotten to that point of figuring out exactly what it is we are or want to be and all that emotional, scary, I-might-run-away-if-we-have-that-talk stuff.  Yes, I realize I am fucked up when it comes to that stuff in more ways than one.  As much as I would love to tell you all about him, 1.) We haven’t gone on an official date that meets the criteria of this blog yet so I feel I shouldn’t write about him just yet and 2.) I don’t want to jinx anything.  I will say that things with him definitely feel different than with all the other guys I’ve gone on dates with this year, and that different feeling is a good one.  So maybe this one might just work out.  🙂

As far as the question for you all, again as I’ve said previously, the end of the year is approaching.  The whole idea behind my blog was to go on 50 dates with 50 different guys this year and write about them.  But what to do after the year is over??  Miss Jane Champagne had a great suggestion to amend the 50 dates part and just continue to write about my dating life and my dates in general, which I think is probably what I’m going to end up doing.  I was also thinking about just starting a new blog in conjunction with this one, still about dating but just about my dating life in general instead of a specific goal.  And then I had the idea of sticking with the 50 dates idea, but this time making it 50 guys from each and every state here in the U.S….so like one guy from each state.  So I want to hear from you all…what would you like to see me do??  I could make this more of a general dating blog and just write about my dates and about my dating life in general, guys from my past, silly things I think we all do in dating, etc.  Or I could stick with the 50 and do it again next year if I still haven’t found someone.  Please let me know, I appreciate any and all feedback!!

Okay and now for the exciting part of this post…my Sex Bucket List.  🙂

Let's talk about sex babbbyyyy

This is honestly something I’ve been thinking about for awhile, and unfortunately most of the men I am ever with are not as adventurous as me so I haven’t been able to live out this list.  I guess I’m somewhat of an exhibitionist, for lack of a better word, when it comes to this because I totally get excitement from the idea of having a sexual rendezvous in not-so-normal, semi-public places.  The only exciting places I’ve ever done anything are on a golf course near the 18th hole and in the back of a bar where they store kegs.  So here is my list of places I would like to get it on:

*Beach…not really out of the norm, but I haven’t done it yet, so I count it.

*Tennis Court

*Church Confessional…I think I’m going to hell for even saying this one.

*The Stacks at Norlin

*At the Gym…specifically my gym

*In a Limo

*In an Airplane

*In a Dressing Room (preferably at Victoria’s Secret)

*On Stage…not with everyone watching or anything, just on a stage at a theater of sorts

*Somewhere extremely cold…like one of those ice bars or in a walk in freezer

*In a BDSM club…just once – just to say I have done it

Hopefully one day, I find someone just as adventurous as myself.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep looking!  😉

31 thoughts on “Random: My Sex Bucket List (and updates) (and a question for you!)

    • Er, excuse me singlewhitefemaledating but i once had the strength to say no to sex. It was last month and she wanted £85 for half-an-hour which i’m sure everyone will agree was way too extortionate for a Scottish prostitute to charge. So, i am proud to be able to say that you are wrong and that not every man says ‘yes’ to sex.

    • Oh goodness, I should have made the distinction between the two!! Haha. Most definitely State of Origin…I’d have to do a lot of traveling if I did State of Residence!!! =)

    • I’m not trying to be “raunch”, so not sure where you came up with that one. Also, if a whole theater of 2000 people is watching me have sex, I might as well be in a porno. It’s the idea of the possibility of getting caught, not a 100% guaranteed, everyone is going to watch you get it on. You have some very strange interpretations of things that are completely irrelevant to what the original post is about…maybe you have a hard time comprehending things??

        • Considering the extreme profanity and immaturity of this last comment here, I think it’s clear who the imbecile is. Nice try though. I was going to delete it, but seeing as you just made yourself look like a fool, I’m going to keep it for everyone’s entertainment. 🙂 Happy holidays!!

  1. There are a few fetish clubs out here in Denver that you can check out. I tried a Vickis dressing room once but the second a guy walks back there the staff is on you! As far as the beach goes make sure you don’t get any sand in your vagina and the limo is definitely fun too. I guess I should write my sexual bucket list.

    • Are there really some fetish clubs in Denver?? That’s interesting, I guess I will have to look into that!! Honestly, I hate when the Vicki’s staff freaks out when guys go back there – I’m more comfortable having a guy that I’m with help me out than some strange girl oggling my body. I hear that’s the biggest downfall of the beach – getting sand in cracks. You should definitely write your sexual bucket list, I’m looking forward to reading it!

  2. The only place i’ve never wanted to have sex with someone is in a prison. Apart from that i’m usually up for it anywhere. Unfortunately, most ladies aren’t so ‘up for it’ and as i am not a rapist (that time with the goat does not count because she was wearing a short skirt…) it means that i’m generally fustrated. Story of my life. I think you should keep writing though L as i like your style and your wit and it doesn’t have to be about dating. Like all the best blogs (like mine for example… 🙂 ) it should keep evolving (a la Madonna over the years etc.) otherwise it could end up becoming staid. Anyway, you will know what to do and I hope the New Year gives you the answer/s that you are looking for. Oh, i still fancy the pants off of you – Swee’ts

    • OH a prison would definitely be fun! If for some reason we both end up in one at the same time, I’ll make sure your fantasy comes to life! Thanks for the tips, I really do appreciate it!! I hope the New Year gives me the answer/s I’m looking for as well! You’re a sweetheart, did you see the other new picture I posted? It’s in my section “The Lady Behind the Blog.” I thought of you as I put it up. 😉

      • i went straight to your new pic and now my right hand is a bit sore so my apologies for any spelling msitakes in this reply… btw, if i was in prison and you were the warden i would definately be okay with you sexually assaulting me in the showers 🙂

  3. I am totally going to steal this idea for a post of my own sometime soon.

    Also, cold place and slightly public place – hell yes. The cold is an awesome contrast and the “will we get caught?” dynamic made my semi-public encounter pretty goddam amazing.

    • Awesome!! I’m excited to read your take on this!! =) Ya I’ve heard/read about the cold and cold items (i.e. ice) being an interesting thing to add into sex so I thought that’d be kinda cool!!

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