Date #4: “D-Bag”

Note: This was technically not a date, but due to the nature of the situation (read on) I’m counting it as one.  Rightfully so, after you read the following.

How We Met: We were set up through a mutual friend who liked my blog idea and wanted to help me out with it.  He set me up with one of his friends from school.  “D-Bag” added me on Facebook, which is where we started talking and then we started talking through text.  He seemed very nice, fairly intelligent, and we appeared to have a lot in common.  Based on his Facebook, he seemed like a pretty decent looking guy.  My only issue was his age (22) but since I’m being open, I decided to disregard this small factor.


*Physical Aesthetics: 5-6

*Appearance: 6

*Personality: 4

*Manners: 4

*Intelligence: 5-6 (this is just a guess though, considering we didn’t have anything close to a stimulating conversation whatsoever)

*Confidence: 1 & 10 (I’ll explain this later)

*Overall Rating: 4

The “Date”: So there needs to be some backstory given for this “date.”  We had initially planned on going on a date last Sunday (not yesterday, but the week before yesterday).  Now at this point, we hadn’t met in person, we were just friends on Facebook and had been talking through text.  We were trying to come up with ideas of what to do Sunday, so Sunday around noon, I text him to see if he came up with any ideas for the day.  I was at work, so I wouldn’t have been off till about 3 or 3:30 anyways.  His response to this is that he was super hungover and he wanted to know if he could reschedule the date to Tuesday instead (I had given him the option of either doing the date on Sunday or Tuesday).  First off, who the fuck cancels on a date because they are hungover?!  Especially a date where they’re supposed to be meeting the person for the first time.  Secondly, who the hell is cocky enough to think that the second date option given would still be available?!  I’m a hot bitch and am extremely social – my weeks fill up pretty quick.  As I tell everyone, you have to book me in advance if you want to hang out (best friends are excluded from this because I love them so much I make time for them even when I’m busy.  =) ).  And here comes along this guy who just ASSUMES I’m available.  That for sure irritated me, so he was already on my shit list.  And this proved to me his age, because I feel a mature, older (in both age and mind) man would not have pulled this “Woe is me, I am hungover” bullshit. But, again, for the sake of writing, I decided to not go off on his ass and hope that the date would still go through eventually.

So come Saturday, “D-Bag” texts me again, seeing what I’m doing that night.  I initially thought he was wanting to take me on a date or seeing if I wanted to hang out.  But no, he just wanted to see if I was coming downtown.  Initially, he mentioned nothing of getting together.  Though, towards the time when our texting was coming to an end for the day, he told me to let me know if I was coming downtown so he could come say hi to me.

I get downtown to hangout with some friends and text him where I am at.  He says he is coming to meet me, yet I hear nothing from him.  The night progresses, and I’m already maybe 5 drinks in, and he finally texts me again, asking me where I’m at.  Though at this point, it’s maybe an hour till last call, so pretty much it’s the very end of the night.  I text him where I’m at, and says he’s coming again, but doesn’t.  So finally last call hits, and I get a text saying he is outside of the bar I am at.  I go outside, and I am surprised by what I see.  I was able to spot him out, but he definitely looked A LOT better on Facebook than he did in person.  I’ve come to the conclusion that he must be one of those people who only put up/keep good looking pics of themselves to fool everyone else into think they’re actually good looking.  We start talking, and him and his friends seem nice at first.  But then he starts acting really cocky, claiming that my friend had told him I talk shit and that he could play that game too.  Now, if you know me, you know I in fact do talk shit.  But it’s never meant in a malicious way, more so in a flirty, funny way.  Well this kid was clearly an idiot, because he kept talking shit to me but in a very attacking, malicious way.  I was super irritated, and was ready to leave with my friends, but decided to stick around with his and his friends for a little bit.  They tried to get me to go back home with them, but I was already annoyed so of course I didn’t.  I did, however,(because we all know what a softy I am deep down inside) offer them a ride home.  So I’m giving them a ride home, and at this point they’re all just talking shit, and I start thinking in my head, “Why, Leslie, why didn’t I just go hang out with my friends?  Why did I stick myself with these complete idiots?”  Basically, the entire ride to their house, it was just a bunch of shit talking coming from them.  I’m so irritated at this point, that I start being a complete bitch to them.  Not sure how we even got on some of the topics, but his friend started saying some of the dumbest shit (which will, yes, be featured in my He Said What?! page).  One that I will feature on here is the following: “D-Bag”‘s friend decided to tell me that he had slept with 95 girls.  Now, not only is this guy ugly as shit, but he has some kind of speech impediment (apparently due to a brain problem when he was younger, which I later found out, but at the time I was totally judging).  So to this, I said “There’s no way someone as ugly as you could sleep with 95 girls” (1 point for me).  Then he just got super rude and started trying to bash me saying that him and his friend would never fuck me, blah blah blah.  It got to the point where I was so irritated that I told them they were obnoxious and that they need to get out of my car about 3 blocks away from their place.  This was met with them getting out of my car and a, “Thanks Bitch” on the way out.

The next day, “D-Bag” had the nerve to formally thank me for the ride. Either he was trying to be nice, or is completely oblivious to the fact that he was such a douche (hence his nickname).  The reason I gave him a 1 & a 10 in confidence is because he’s super cocky which would be a 10, but usually people who are cocky like that are trying to compensate for something, which means they’re insecure, which brings said person down to a 1.  Although alcohol could possibly be the reason behind his outlandish behavior and excessive cockiness, it’s not an excuse – learn to control yourself when on alcohol and if you can’t, don’t drink.

*Positives: None.  Not one I can think of whatsoever.  Okay, I guess he was dressed decently.

*Negatives: Overly cocky to the point of over compensation of something (not sure what), is perhaps a homosexual with his roommate (nothing against gay men, I love them – but no point in me trying to date them, obviously – refer to my He Said What?! page for this), not attractive in any such way, cannot handle his alcohol, cannot differentiate the difference between shit talking in a rude way and shit talking in a joking way, total douche bag to my friends…..the list could seriously go on and on and on.

Second First Date?: Hell fucking no.  If I did, I would go to dinner, order the most expensive thing, and make an excuse halfway through dinner and run away.

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