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Date #32: “Snoop”

How We Met: I met him at a private party I was working a couple of weeks ago.  It was a fun little party in which I was encouraged to be friendly with the guests.  “Snoop” came to my bar a couple of times and seemed really chill, but quiet.  We introduced ourselves, talked for a bit, and then that was that.  Later on in the week, I attended the party as a guest and bumped into “Snoop” as I was leaving.  He said we should go out for lunch or something sometime so I gave him my number and we figured out a day to meet up.


*Physical Aesthetics: 6

*Appearance: 6

*Personality: 9

*Manners: 9

*Intelligence: 9

*Confidence: 7

*Overall Rating: 9

The Date: I wasn’t actually supposed to go on this date until a little bit later in the week.  But the guy that my boss had set me up with flaked on me (yet again), so I decided to move this date up.  All I really remembered about this guy is that he reminded me of Snoop Dogg and looked like he walked right out of a rap video.  But I do remember him being very nice.  Since I was going on this date after work, I told my co-workers about the guy.  One of my co-workers had also worked this private party and after I had mentioned what this guy looked like and how he was, she said that he was really weird and borderline rude to her, wearing his hood up with his face covered the entire time he was at the party.  While it didn’t sound like “Snoop”, I only worked one night of the party while she had worked numerous nights so I thought  maybe it could have been him.  This made me a bit nervous to go on this date with him.

We decided to meet at The Cheesecake Factory, which I was very excited about because that place is delicious!  I walked in and ended up just sitting at the bar.  I couldn’t remember exactly what he looked like and there was some guy dressed up like he could have been in a rap video at the front, but I didn’t know if it was him so I didn’t want to go up to him haha.  Luckily, he realized I had walked in and found me.  He had just come from Barnes and Noble, where he was looking at the book Arabian Nights.  I was actually shocked he even knew this book existed because 1.) I most definitely stereotyped him as someone who wasn’t very cultured and 2.) I only expect people who are really into literature to know classics such as that.  So I was pleasantly surprised.  Initially, it was a bit awkward and conversation wasn’t really flowing.  But eventually we got to the point where it flowed nicely.  Turns out, we had a lot to talk about, from where we grew up, to what we’re currently wanting to do, to sports, to arts and humanities.  Besides learning that he’s into reading classic books, I also discovered that he’s very into the arts.  He really enjoys theater and the opera, and has seen performances in such places as The Met.  He mentioned having seen some operas that I would have never expected him to utter.  Honestly it was refreshing to be on a date with someone who was well cultured and had a lot to say for himself.  The only thing that really turned me off is the fact that he owned a couple of dispensaries and is in the process of selling them with the legalization of marijuana.  Nothing wrong with weed and nothing wrong with people who smoke it…I just don’t, nor do I really enjoy being around potheads.  But he seemed like he had his head on his shoulders so that was only a minor thing.

Conversation really picked up when we started discussing sports.  He’s a huge sports fan, as am I.  We talked about how we both want to go to all the major games for every type of sport there is (i.e. World Cup for soccer, Wimbledon for tennis, The Olympics, etc.).  We then started talking about football since the game was on (ya know, only one of the most important football games now that Peyton Manning is on the team).  He’s from Chicago (what’s my deal with guys from there?) and I’m originally from San Francisco, so it was only fitting we talk about Monday Night Football and how the Bears and 49ers were playing one another.  I’m not kidding you, we probably talked about this for 30 min to an hour.  I’m all about my home state pride, and he is about the Bears, so we went back and forth arguing about who was going to win the game (the 49ers will for sure though…).  As we were arguing this, the poor people next to us who had just gotten done with the Broncos game had to listen to us go back and forth about this haha.

It was getting late (for me, I’m a baby), so after we finished our “argument”, he walked me back to my car and we parted ways, of course still somewhat going back and forth about the game.  He texted me when I got home, hoping that I had a safe drive and that he was sorry for being so nervous (I didn’t notice??).  Sweet guy for sure.  All in all, I would have to say that this was a pretty successful date, especially in comparison to my last few dates.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel any kind of spark with him.  The du-rag and baggy clothes just wasn’t doing it for me.  But he’s a cool guy and I could see myself hanging out with him again for sure.  🙂

*Positives: Very kind, paid for my dinner (FINALLY, someone is a gentleman!), surprisingly very cultured, has his head on straight, is a total go-getter, loves sports as much as I do, is well versed, is from one of my favoritist cities EVER

*Negatives: Dresses like he walked straight out of a rap video, doesn’t have proper table manners, I’m assuming he smokes weed since he owns a dispensary, owns a dispensary, never finished college

Second Date?: Probably.  He was a nice fellow, and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him again.  Just wish he’d dress better…=)