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Date #18: “Flakey”

(Note: Refer to Date #0: “Flakey” for the background on this particular date)

So yes, “Flakey” and I finally went on our official date!!  Woohoo!!  Honestly, like I said in my last entry about him, I didn’t want to actually do this date.  But I figured I might as well since it’s been like 2 months in the making.  Plus, I’m running out of men that I meet organically, so why the hell not.  I will go ahead and give him a new set of ratings since he looked a lot better than I thought he would:


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 8

*Personality: 5

*Manners: 5

*Intelligence: 9

*Confidence: 6-7

*Overall Rating: 6

The Date: So “Flakey” texted me this morning asking me what I was doing today since he ended up taking the day off.  And actually, he’s been texting me A LOT to hang out.  Not sure why after I pretty much told him off.  Anyways, I was apprehensive due to our earlier situation with trying to set this up, but I figured I’d give it a chance.  Why not.  Surprisingly, this time he ACTUALLY answered my texts in time and it didn’t take him an hour to get back to me.  He must have taken what I said to him to heart, because he pretty much forced this meeting today.  I tried getting out of it when he almost flaked (apparently he had forgotten he had a dinner with his sister and her boyfriend), but he pretty much made his schedule work to what I wanted.  Which is very lovely, every girl should have that power over men.  😉  Anyways, we decided to meet halfway (actually what he doesn’t know is this wasn’t halfway whatsoever, it was much closer to my house than he thought) so that our timing would work out.  We ended up meeting at a local restaurant/bar for a couple of happy hour drinks.

We caught up on a lot of things in the short time (an hour…if even) that we got together for.  He lives downtown in a dorm-style apartment complex with a roommate that he can’t stand.  He works for a large insurance company and is pretty much living the “American dream”.  You know what I say to this??  BORING!!!  Haha.  He love his job and the corporate world, he’s not much of a partier anymore (unlike before), and he’s coming to the terms with the fact that he’s “middle-aged.”  Seriously??  Personally, I don’t find mid-twenties to be “middle-aged,” but he seriously made me feel old for a bit there.

I did like the fact that he wasn’t shy about confronting me about calling him out on shit and on him being a total douchebag (seriously, he said straight up that he was).  I’ve found the reasoning to his flakiness, which totally explains the nickname I’ve given him: he’s extremely forgetful.  Most definitely not an excuse, but maybe on our next date (if there is one), I should bring him some Ginkgo biloba.  I guess he just texts a bunch of people who he thinks are willing to hang out and then he ends up making too many plans at a time.  Or he’ll just straight up forget.  Weirdly enough, this is the exact behavior I expect from my “Tinky Winky Pooh Bear” (my bestest friend in the entire world), but she’s my best friend…and he’s not.    So ya that’s his alibi.  He did bring up the fact that he knows how irritated I was the past couple of times that we’ve tried hanging out, and he halfheartedly apologized for being a “douchebag”; which was nice.  He also brought up the fact that it was probably the same reason why we stopped hanging out back in college (gosh he remembers a lot!).  Honestly, I’m just glad that he completely realizes and comes to terms with his downfalls; because he has a lot.

We then started discussing jobs.  While I am not one to judge anyone’s occupation and whatever it is that makes a person happy, let’s just put it this way: I’m more so a dreamer and creative in every sense of the word, while he is more so the 9-to-5, corporate person who is all about the “American Dream.”  He literally made some comment about how everyone should have the dream of an old Victorian-style brick house with the white picket fence, the wife who stays at home to make dinner and the husband who comes home after a day of golf.  In fact, he’s so disappointed at his sister and his sister’s fiance in that that’s not their ideals.  Honestly, it’s a bit ridiculous.  He doesn’t get my lifestyle at all (2 jobs: one part-time desk job and one night time bar job, not wanting a 9-to-5 job (especially nothing corporate), not having the same wishes of the “white picket fence” dream, etc.) and I don’t think he means to, but I think he sees my life kind of as a joke.  Well…at least that’s how I felt.  Like, here’s serious, business oriented, corporate America “Flakey” and then there’s me, a dreamer who doesn’t want to give in to corporate America.

Our date ended after about an hour when he had to leave for dinner.  It was perfect timing because I was beginning to become annoyed.  He did, however, invite me to his friend’s party this weekend.  Will I be attending?  The likelihood is negative.

*Positives: He admitted to being a bit of a douche in that he’s extremely forgetful (a.k.a. flakey), he looked a lot better than I thought he would, he paid for all our drinks like a gentleman should (I did mention that as a girl, I never pay for things and he took the liberty to continue this statement of mine), it was fairly good conversation

*Negatives: He’s still a big flake, we don’t have any of the same ideals when it comes to living life in general, he kept obviously looking at my boobs throughout the entire date, he’s pretty boring…and I mean I’m boring…but not like he’s boring.

Second Date?: Nah.  Unless I’m really bored.  And I feel like putting myself through miserable corporate talk again.


Date #0: “Flakey”

Note: Like some previous dates I’ve had on here, this was not actually a date.  But due to the nature of the situation,  and the fact that the initial intention was for it to be a date, I feel the need to write about it.

How We Met: We met St. Patty’s Day of 2008 (seems like I meet a lot of guys on St. Patty’s Day…oh the irony….) at a college party.  Not sure whose party it was, but I have a feeling it was that of a mutual friends.  Anyways, my roommate had met him first and I can’t remember the story exactly (oh my drunken years…how I don’t miss them), but he was jokingly “proposing” to her and kept calling her his wife.  Then I met him, and he called us both his wives (fucking polygamist….I’m pretty sure he’s not even Mormon).  Again, the rest of the night is hazy, but I do recall flirting with him and hanging out with just him for the rest of the night.  He must have gotten my number at some point because then we began texting.  At this point, I was still very much into “Mr. Big (Past)”, but this guy was so sweet and I was so sick of “Mr. Big (Past)” being such a douche, that I decided to hang out with “Flakey”.  He invited me over to his place one night to watch a movie with him and his roommates, so I brought one of my roommates as well.  The night ended up with all our roommates leaving us and me and him making out.  It was wonderful.  But that’s where the wonderful ends.

We set up a date after that night, for the Monday following our little make out sesh.  We were supposed to go to dinner, and I even by-passed eating with my roommates at a lovely little local pizza restaurant that has AMAZING pizza…all because I was waiting to go to dinner with him.  Well…he never fucking called me.  I waited…and waited.  Nothing.  Finally, around 10pm, he text me to apologize that he had gotten busy or some shit like that.  Basically, making up dumb excuses.  But I wanted to give him another chance (even though I hate flakiness with a passion) so I let it go.  Maybe like a week later, I was invited to a party and invited him to come with  me.  He was all for it and said he would meet me at my house.  So I’m getting ready and am almost finished and I still hadn’t heard from him for awhile.  So I text him asking him where he is a couple of times and he kept reassuring me he was coming he was just waiting on friends.  Finally an hour or two goes by and my roommates and me are antsy waiting for him so I call him again.  Apparently he had decided to go to the party with his friends and he was just going to meet me there.  Fucking annoying, right?  Just tell me you’re not coming!!  That simple.  After this incident, things pretty much fizzled between “us” (I put quotation marks because there really never was any us, I realized later that he was just one of my victims in me trying to get over “Mr. Big (Past)”).  I think about a year later(ish) he tried to get me to hang out a couple of times, which of course I blew off because I knew how things would end up.  He then proceeded to get mad at ME for thinking he wanted anything else but friendship, yet he was asking me to come over late to watch movies and cuddle…yes I now realize this guy is a total douche.

Anyways, enough with the long story.  I hit him up because I’m running out of people to date for my blog and I figured he’d be a good victim.


*Physical Aesthetics: 6

*Appearance: 6

*Personality: 5

*Manners: 2 (I think being a flake plays into manners completely)

*Intelligence: 4-5

*Confidence: 5

*Overall Rating: 5

The Date: I should have remembered the quote “You can never teach an old dog new tricks” when I decided to set up this date.  We had been messaging back and forth on Facebook about setting up a time to get together but it kept not working out.  Finally, we found a day that worked for both of us.  We exchanged numbers and that was that.

He texted me the morning that was supposed to be our date which made me believe that the date would actually go through (although I was still skeptical).  We talked about what we were doing at the moment (he was working while I was enjoying a nice glass of wine with one of my besties) and then he asked me if I wanted to join him for happy hour after he got off.  This made me think that he wasn’t paying attention to anything I said through Facebook, because I had made it clear that I couldn’t meet up till later due to prior engagements.  But I reminded him yet again that I couldn’t meet up till later which he was okay with.

After I was done with all the things I had to do, I gave him a call at the time I said I would.  I didn’t hear back from him for over an hour, which he finally sent me a text saying “Sorry dinner went late.”  This boggles my mind because I had TOLD him I would call him at a certain time and that’s when we would get together, so why would he have not made himself available at that time.  I didn’t text him back, so I get a text message 10 minutes later , “I hope I didn’t make you wait.”  If only he knew that I’m not a dumbass so I already expected this behavior and didn’t even try to wait.  But was I irritated?  Extremely.  Though I played it off like I wasn’t (again, the things I do for my writing) and asked him where he wanted to meet up at.  Again, don’t hear back from him for about an hour, so I decide to send him a message saying that it was already too late and I had to be up early so maybe we could just go another time.  Still, no text back.  About 30 minutes later, he texts me, “I’m up to meet.”  Well NO SHIT, we were supposed to meet up!!  That was the fucking plan!!  It’s not whether he’s up for it or not, it’s a matter of where and when!!  To this, I responded as sweetly as I could: “I already made plans with someone else because I didn’t hear back from you.  Sorry.  Maybe next time.”  It took a lot for me to be nice.  He never text me back after that.

*Positives: Seriously…there are none.

*Negatives: He’s fucking flakey as shit; always has been, always will be, as is apparent here.  He also comes off to me as a bit dim considering the fact that I had to reiterate myself on things I had already stated very clearly.

*Second First Date?: Probably not.  I hate flakes more than anything.  See this blog entry to read more about my hatred for it.