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Random: Nice Guys Do NOT Finish Last

The only reason I am writing about this topic is because I wanted to share the following video by Jenna Marbles.  I know I’ve referenced her a couple of times here in my blog, but she really has some smart opinions about a lot of things…especially this one.  I absolutely HATE when guys get mad because girls won’t date them, and then continue to use the excuse, “Oh, it’s because I’m a nice guy and girls just want assholes who treat them like shit.”  UM NO.  YOU FUCKING DUMBASSES.  We probably don’t want to date you for other reasons…such as your insecure ways, or maybe you’re annoying, or dumb, or weird, etc….the list could go on and on.  Being an nice guy has never crossed my mind as a reason as to why I wouldn’t want to date a guy.  I LOVE nice guys.  Actually, I’m done writing….just watch the following video:

I love her.