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Random: I’m Priceless…or Am I?

In hopes to reach my 50 dates by the end of the year, and since I’m extremely behind as it is, I’ve decided to try online dating.  If you have been following me throughout my journey, I’ve been contemplating with this idea for quite some time now (see previous entry regarding this).  I’m not very keen on the idea of meeting someone through something that is completely inorganic and completely impersonal…BUT as the saying goes, “don’t knock it till you try it.”  So I’m trying it.

Eventually, I want to have about 3-4 different profiles up on different websites.  I’ve heard that there are many differences between all the dating websites (i.e. OkCupid has a more mature feel, whereas Plenty of Fish has a younger, immature feel), so I’d like to experience all of the different websites.

As of now, I am currently signed up to one dating website at the suggestion of a friend.  Apparently it’s smaller than the others and is a start-up company.  She saw it and thought of me.  It’s called What’s Your Price.  Now, I wouldn’t really consider this your normal dating website since a person (called “The Attractive) is paid by another person (called “The Generous”) to go on a date with them.  It’s more so…a classier sort of escort service, to say the least.  How it works is either “The Generous” makes an offer to “The Attractive” or asks them how much they’d like in order to go on a date.  From there, “The Attractive” either accepts an offer, rejects an offer, or names their price.  “The Generous” cannot contact “The Attractive” further than making an offer until “The Attractive” accepts their offer.  If “The Attractive” accepts, messages can be sent to one another and dates can be set up.  There’s a whole bunch of rules regarding this type of dating, such as not soliciting for sex (no shit) and actually following through on the dates.  The only downside is that depending on the amount of the offer of “The Generous”, they are required to pay the website (in the form of credits) an allotted amount per conversation.  Granted, the website claims that this feature differentiates the ACTUAL generous people (a.k.a. gentleman) from the losers who were never really that generous from the get go, since a true generous would pay to talk to someone.

I made my profile a couple of nights ago and put up the prettiest pictures I could find of myself.  I figured, shit, if I’m getting paid for this, I might as well show these men myself at my best!!  I know that a bunch of my friends who have signed up for dating websites have run into people they know in person on it, but I didn’t expect that on this website since most of the people I know aren’t rich enough to pay anyone for a date haha.  But lo and behold, the first person I see on the website is this guy who my best friend “Tinky Winky Pooh Bear” went to prom with when we were sophomores in high school; he was in LOVE with her, would come to all our tennis games at school and  buy her stuff and everything.  But he was just so awkward.  I think they eventually lost touch and stopped talking all-together.  But it was most definitely weird seeing him on that website.  Hopefully he doesn’t remember me haha.  In searching the website, I also noticed (and am not surprised) that the majority of  “Generous” people are much older (mid-30’s to mid-40’s).  Makes sense, but I’ve always preferred the younger sort and men closer to my age, so this makes things a bit difficult.  Anyways, so far I have gotten offers for $20, $50, and $100 dates.  Sticking with my whole M.O. of not denying anyone this year, I accepted all 3 dates.  Not gonna lie, and it’s honestly not because of the money, but the $100 guy was the most appealing.  Unfortunately, two of them ($20 and $100) haven’t even read the messages I sent them and $50 has, but hasn’t responded.  So I’m not sure just how effective this website is for dating.

Either way, based on just this experience so far in online dating, I’m still not sold.  In writing my profile, I wasn’t even sure WHAT to write.  I’m almost certain I sound like a fucking idiot, and even worse in the messages I sent these men.  I don’t know…I think it’s just the idea of knowing that the only reason you are both trying to contact one another is for the purpose of dating that throws me off.  I will most definitely be joining another dating website in the near future, but I’m not sure how long my stint with these websites will last.  I do at least hope to score a few dates this way though!!