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How We Met:  We met last weekend at a bar in the suburbs.  I don’t usually EVER go to this bar, but “Indian Warrior” (by the way, she started a fashion blog, check it out!) wanted to go out somewhere nearby, so that’s where we ended up.  Every time I’ve gone to this bar, I’ve always bumped into someone I know from high school, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not something I really want to do either.  So I usually avoid it at all costs.  Anyways, since it’s close to where we all live, we all got pretty drunk.  Being the friendly drunk that I am, I started talking to this guy.  He offered to get me a shot so I was game.  I didn’t really think anything special of him.  He just offered to buy me a drink so I hung out with him for awhile.  By this time, I was already pretty drunk and to be honest, I couldn’t even remember his name by the end of the night.  But I gave him my number anyhow.


*Physical Aesthetics: 6

*Appearance: 6

*Personality: 7

*Manners: 9

*Intelligence: 7

*Confidence: 6

*Overall Rating: 6-7

The Date:  Well, I’m just going to go ahead and start this off with why I gave him such low ratings.  He’s not a bad person by any means and it was a lovely date; there was just nothing special about him or the date.  The date was very forgettable and so is he.  Hence the nickname (I couldn’t come up with anything better or anything that really stood out about him).  So there.

Anyways, if I remember correctly, “Humdrum” had called me the night we met right after we all left.  But I couldn’t remember his name so I didn’t want to answer.  He then proceeded to text me the next day and we chatted for a bit.  Basically, after that, he texted me everyday up until our date.  We finally set a day where he would take me out for dinner.  With this, I became a bit apprehensive to go on the date with him based on his response to my response on the restaurant he wanted to take me to (see He Said What?!).  I felt his comment was very out of the blue and insecure (which I called him out for).  And then I remembered back to when we met, and one of the first things he said to me was, “So where is the boyfriend or ex-boyfriend?”  Not exactly the best thing to say to a girl when you’re first getting to know her.  He also tried to get me to hang out with him the day before our date even though we had already set the date and “tried” to compliment me by telling me I was the prettiest girl at the bar that night.  If you know me, “compliments” (yes it’s in quotations for a reason) like that don’t impress me.  They’re very generic and it’s not exactly a compliment when the bar we met at NEVER has any attractive girls – the usual patrons are lazy girls who don’t care about what they look like so they appear to not have gotten ready to go out.  It’s not surprising to see a girl in sweats or pajamas there.  Putting on a bit of makeup and wearing a sparkly top automatically makes any girl the hottest girl at that bar.

So after all of our texting, I wasn’t sure how this date was going to go.  It was snowing somewhat heavily, so I was hoping that maybe he’d bail or something, but he didn’t.  And since it’s been awhile since I’ve been on an actual date, I figured I might as well just go for it.  So I met him at the restaurant that we had decided on, and he was actually fairly different from when he had been texting, which makes me think he was maybe nervous on what to say to me through text?  I guess it’s just more so a lesson to myself that I shouldn’t judge a guy based on the text messages he sends me.  Anyways, conversation went really well during dinner.  We talked about everything from the bar that we met at (apparently he doesn’t go there very often either), to college, to how we both ended up where we are now.  “Humdrum” is part owner of a gym, so we talked a lot about fitness which is nice, since I’m huge into fitness.  It’s funny to hear how the same stereotypical people end up at every gym: the true gym buffs who are there for a workout, the later 30 to early 40 housewives who have nothing better to do with their time than go hang out at the gym, the weirdos who think by just standing on a treadmill you’ll lose weight, and the people who just go to the gym to hit on people or get hit on.  It’s lovely, really.  It was also nice going to dinner with someone who was just as conscious about eating as I was, considering neither of us even touched the bread served to us.  Usually I feel bad when I go out with people if I don’t eat as horribly as they do so I give in.  No worries of that here!!  He’s a fairly big sports fan, so we talked a lot about sports as well.  Overall, dinner and conversation went well.  Nothing too special, but good nonetheless.

“Humdrum” plays hockey and their game had been moved to right after our date instead of the next night.  He wasn’t going to go because we were on a date, but I thought it’d be fun to watch him play so we went to the rink.  He thought I’d be bored, but I actually really enjoyed watching him play!!  Unfortunately, he didn’t play as much as the rest of his teammates because he had broken his stick during the first part of the game and had to go fix it.  But they ended up winning, even though they were down for the first 45 minutes.  By the time the game was done, I was so tired.  So instead of going and drinking with the rest of the team I told “Humdrum” I was leaving and we’d just hang out another time.

He texted me later in the night to thank me for coming to his game and to tell me that we should go out sometime and get all our friends together.  Why?  I’m not sure.

*Positives: He’s nice, a gentleman, easy to talk to, the conversation never stopped, we have quite a bit in common, he’s good company

*Negatives: His initial comments about a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend in the picture came off as really insecure to me, there was nothing really special about him that stood out to me

Second Date?: He alluded to one, and I went along with it so possibly.  He also did mention that his birthday is this upcoming weekend.  But I haven’t heard from him since last night after texting everyday up until our date.  So we’ll see what happens.

Date #34: “Sage”

How We Met: We work(ed) indirectly together at the theatre I cocktail/bartend/sit around, hang out, and do nothing at.  While I pretty much do nothing, he handles all the lighting and other technical stuff within the theatre.  Basically, without him, the show doesn’t run.  I honestly can’t even remember how long we’ve known each other at this point…definitely more than a year.  Anyways, if I remember this all correctly, he overheard me talking about my blog to someone that we work with.  He then offered to take me on a date for my blog.  So yes, he knows this baby exists (unlike the majority of the  men I’ve gone on dates with).  We had been talking about it for several months, but things just kept coming up for both of us so we never got the chance to go on our date.  Until now.


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 8

*Personality: 10

*Manners: 10

*Intelligence: 10

*Confidence: 8

*Overall Rating: 10

The Date: So as I stated previously, this date was a long time coming.  And as one can tell by the high ratings, this date was fucking awesome.  🙂  Not that I had any doubts.  Anyways, I told him to surprise me as far as what we were going to do for the night.  All my dates so far have been pretty unoriginal, usually ending up at a restaurant/bar and having a couple of drinks.  Being the Gemini that I am, I’m all about spontaneity and variety.  So when he told me to bring a jacket, I was already excited – it most definitely sounded like something way different from the rest of my dates.  The sweetheart that he is, he drove all the way to my house (which is about 11-12 miles away from where we were going) to come pick me up.  And he opened my door getting in the car.  Seriously?  What a gentleman.

Because I am curious and I didn’t want to wait for the surprise, I asked him where we were going the minute we got in the car.  It turned out he was taking me to the one place I have been wanting to go for the past 2 years but haven’t had the chance to (and no one has offered to take me…though I guess I could have gone by myself…): the Denver Botanic Gardens.  I know this doesn’t seem exciting to anyone else except me, but I was so happy!!  The weird thing was, I don’t recall ever telling him I wanted to go here, so it’s like he read my mind.  Haha.  Anyways, we get there, and it’s just BEAUTIFUL!!  Since it’s (supposed to be) winter, instead of flowers and green trees, there were beautiful lights everywhere for what they call Blossoms of Light.  Honestly, it was just magical.  I felt like a little kid staring at all the pretty lights.  On top of that, some sweet older gentleman handed me what looked like 3D glasses as we walked in, and it made all the lights look like snowflakes!!  Seriously, just super enchanting.  While we were walking around looking at the beautiful view, “Sage” and I talked about virtually everything, from work to family life, to what we want to do next in our lives.  I feel like most of my dates have been very surface level conversations, if you will, so it was definitely refreshing to go on a date with someone who actually had something of pertinence to talk about.  I liked how learned he was in a lot of different things, and maybe that’s just something that comes with age (I’m pretty sure he’s more than 5 years older than me, though not 100% positive), but it was just lovely.

After the Botanic Gardens, he took me to dinner at an Indian restaurant nearby.  On our way down to the Botanic Gardens, we had discussed possibilities in what to eat that night.  All the places he suggested sounded so delicious and were different than what my average date would usually take me to.  We got to the restaurant and we got to sit at a table where we sit without shoes on pillows (not too sure what that is called).  It was just lovely.  Again, we started talking about everything and anything, but I think this is when we more so focused on relationships.  We talked about people we had previously hooked up with, old relationships, and just interactions with the opposite sex in general.  In talking to him about this, I made the realization that maybe a lot of the things that I am doing and the way I come off to men is not exactly what I’m wanting (i.e. I may seem like I’m not serious about finding someone or wanting to find someone, but deep down I really do).  It most definitely made me think about the things I say to men, and how I convey my  real feelings towards them (if I even do that, let’s be honest, I am chicken shit when it comes to really liking men).  When our bill came, although I offered to pay, he wouldn’t let me.  🙂  He said it was a date and that he would take care of it all.  Ladies, this is what a true gentleman looks like!!!  Afterwards, he took me back home and we said goodnight.

Honestly, as one can attest by everything written above, this was one of the best dates I have been on since writing this blog.  Not sure if it’s because I knew him before or if because he knew about my blog (which is why I don’t usually go on dates with people who know about the blog…I feel that it might change how they behave on the date), but I have this feeling that he’s just a sincerely good guy who knows how to treat a woman correctly.  It doesn’t get better than that.  🙂

*Positives: A TRUE GENTLEMAN, good conversation, had a lot of intelligent things to say, took me to really awesome places, very kind and sincere, has so much wisdom (hence the nickname I gave him), I could talk to him about anything without feeling judged, made sure I was having a good time the entire time, he’s mature

*Negatives: We’re not in the same scene (I can be a bit of a party girl and he’s completely out of that scene), there were times I felt that awkward moments of silence, but that quickly changed

Second Date?: Duh.  Haha.  I’m not sure if it will be before the end of this blog, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out!

Date #32: “Snoop”

How We Met: I met him at a private party I was working a couple of weeks ago.  It was a fun little party in which I was encouraged to be friendly with the guests.  “Snoop” came to my bar a couple of times and seemed really chill, but quiet.  We introduced ourselves, talked for a bit, and then that was that.  Later on in the week, I attended the party as a guest and bumped into “Snoop” as I was leaving.  He said we should go out for lunch or something sometime so I gave him my number and we figured out a day to meet up.


*Physical Aesthetics: 6

*Appearance: 6

*Personality: 9

*Manners: 9

*Intelligence: 9

*Confidence: 7

*Overall Rating: 9

The Date: I wasn’t actually supposed to go on this date until a little bit later in the week.  But the guy that my boss had set me up with flaked on me (yet again), so I decided to move this date up.  All I really remembered about this guy is that he reminded me of Snoop Dogg and looked like he walked right out of a rap video.  But I do remember him being very nice.  Since I was going on this date after work, I told my co-workers about the guy.  One of my co-workers had also worked this private party and after I had mentioned what this guy looked like and how he was, she said that he was really weird and borderline rude to her, wearing his hood up with his face covered the entire time he was at the party.  While it didn’t sound like “Snoop”, I only worked one night of the party while she had worked numerous nights so I thought  maybe it could have been him.  This made me a bit nervous to go on this date with him.

We decided to meet at The Cheesecake Factory, which I was very excited about because that place is delicious!  I walked in and ended up just sitting at the bar.  I couldn’t remember exactly what he looked like and there was some guy dressed up like he could have been in a rap video at the front, but I didn’t know if it was him so I didn’t want to go up to him haha.  Luckily, he realized I had walked in and found me.  He had just come from Barnes and Noble, where he was looking at the book Arabian Nights.  I was actually shocked he even knew this book existed because 1.) I most definitely stereotyped him as someone who wasn’t very cultured and 2.) I only expect people who are really into literature to know classics such as that.  So I was pleasantly surprised.  Initially, it was a bit awkward and conversation wasn’t really flowing.  But eventually we got to the point where it flowed nicely.  Turns out, we had a lot to talk about, from where we grew up, to what we’re currently wanting to do, to sports, to arts and humanities.  Besides learning that he’s into reading classic books, I also discovered that he’s very into the arts.  He really enjoys theater and the opera, and has seen performances in such places as The Met.  He mentioned having seen some operas that I would have never expected him to utter.  Honestly it was refreshing to be on a date with someone who was well cultured and had a lot to say for himself.  The only thing that really turned me off is the fact that he owned a couple of dispensaries and is in the process of selling them with the legalization of marijuana.  Nothing wrong with weed and nothing wrong with people who smoke it…I just don’t, nor do I really enjoy being around potheads.  But he seemed like he had his head on his shoulders so that was only a minor thing.

Conversation really picked up when we started discussing sports.  He’s a huge sports fan, as am I.  We talked about how we both want to go to all the major games for every type of sport there is (i.e. World Cup for soccer, Wimbledon for tennis, The Olympics, etc.).  We then started talking about football since the game was on (ya know, only one of the most important football games now that Peyton Manning is on the team).  He’s from Chicago (what’s my deal with guys from there?) and I’m originally from San Francisco, so it was only fitting we talk about Monday Night Football and how the Bears and 49ers were playing one another.  I’m not kidding you, we probably talked about this for 30 min to an hour.  I’m all about my home state pride, and he is about the Bears, so we went back and forth arguing about who was going to win the game (the 49ers will for sure though…).  As we were arguing this, the poor people next to us who had just gotten done with the Broncos game had to listen to us go back and forth about this haha.

It was getting late (for me, I’m a baby), so after we finished our “argument”, he walked me back to my car and we parted ways, of course still somewhat going back and forth about the game.  He texted me when I got home, hoping that I had a safe drive and that he was sorry for being so nervous (I didn’t notice??).  Sweet guy for sure.  All in all, I would have to say that this was a pretty successful date, especially in comparison to my last few dates.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel any kind of spark with him.  The du-rag and baggy clothes just wasn’t doing it for me.  But he’s a cool guy and I could see myself hanging out with him again for sure.  🙂

*Positives: Very kind, paid for my dinner (FINALLY, someone is a gentleman!), surprisingly very cultured, has his head on straight, is a total go-getter, loves sports as much as I do, is well versed, is from one of my favoritist cities EVER

*Negatives: Dresses like he walked straight out of a rap video, doesn’t have proper table manners, I’m assuming he smokes weed since he owns a dispensary, owns a dispensary, never finished college

Second Date?: Probably.  He was a nice fellow, and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him again.  Just wish he’d dress better…=)

Random: I Think I May Have Found “TOWWETB”??


So this will probably be my shortest post on here, since I really don’t want to jinx anything.  I was going to do an update post, but I thought this would be more appropriate since it’s the current situation.

Anyways, we haven’t gone on an official date yet, so I can’t really write my usual write up about this one.  But I think a certain gentleman I have been hanging out with a lot lately may be “The One Who Will End This Blog”, although that won’t be his nickname when (and if) I write about him.  I will say that it was definitely unexpected and most certainly not who I ever imagined it could possibly be, but I will be happy if it is.  I haven’t felt this way in a really long time (not since “Mr. Big (Present)”), and even my feelings for this one might possibly be rivaling that of “Mr. Big (Present)”.  I won’t lie, he doesn’t fit every single characteristic that I desire in a man (click here for that list), but something just feels right when we’re together.  Plus, he was kind of the one who initiated everything.  Obviously, I helped in it too (I tend to randomly make out with guys…), but I’ll give him most of the credit.  Again, I can’t go into detail about this either because 1.) We haven’t gone out on an official date yet and 2.) I don’t want to jinx things.  I will say that I have known him for quite some time and that this is the first time I have ever seen him in a different light other than just as a friend.  And I’m not sure why I never considered it before, but now that the opportunity is on the table, it might just work out.  As always though, part of me is scared because we have  A LOT of mutual friends, and if something were to happen I wouldn’t want things to get weird.  I’m also scared that maybe I’m just some girl that he thinks is pretty and he just wants to get some (this is an unfortunate trend I find myself in a lot more than I desire).  Granted, we were friends first and foremost – not super close or anything, but friends nonetheless.  So I’m hoping this isn’t just some “Let’s be fuck buddies, but just that, and never anything else because I would never date you and I don’t really give a shit about you” type deals.  So I guess we’ll see what ends up happening!!  Even though things seem to be heading in the “blog ender” direction, things are still uncertain so….

In the meantime, don’t think I’m just going to give up on getting to 50 Dates!!!!  😉  I’m far from putting all my eggs in one basket!  Here is a list of men that I will eventually (hopefully) get around to going on a date with.  They’re all potentials who I know are most definitely interested in going on a date with yours truly:

*Guy at the gym who I’ve been staring at (and he’s been staring back at me) for the past 4+ months – no, we still haven’t spoken.  I know, I fail.

*Waiter that I met last week who dealt with me and my crazy, beautiful friends from the gym…and it turns out he also goes to our gym!

*Guy that my boss set me up with

*A few guys from What’s Your Price (though I’m not really looking forward to any of those)

*A guy who used to date one of my old roomies who has had some sort of attraction to me ever since they broke up and I keep bumping into him at random bars


*A guy who works at my place of occupation (but isn’t a co-worker of mine…at least not directly) who is just a super lovely person

*A guy I met at a private party I worked last week

*Possibly a guy who I went to high school with

So yes, I have a few potential dates that I could possibly make happen.  And I will most definitely try to make them all happen.  But with my potential “TOWWETB” in the picture, any motivation to go on these dates is looking slimmer by the minute….

Date #25: “High Roller”

Whoohoo, finally back to actual dates!!

How We Met: I met him my freshman year of college through some of the guys who lived on my floor in the dorms (these guys are now some of my closest friends).  It was our second day of living in the dorms and it was the weekend, so we all decided to go party.  Since most of us didn’t know too many people in the area, we left it up to the people who had grown up around the area to show us around.  We ended up at their friend’s (“High Roller) house a couple of blocks down the way from our dorms.  That was my very first college house party.  “High Roller” and I have stayed friends throughout the years.  At one point, I know he was somewhat interested in me, and then I accidentally lead him on (whoops, my bad) but nevertheless, we’ve been able to maintain a fairly good friendship throughout the years.


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 9

*Personality: 9

*Manners: 10

*Intelligence: 8

*Confidence: 7

*Overall Rating: 10

The Date: We had been meaning to do dinner together for the longest time since, well it’s just fun to do dinners, either making dinner at someone’s house or going out for dinner.  I had been busy the past couple of weeks and so had he, and our schedules just never worked out.  But finally we found a night to do dinner!!  Since both of us were sick of our own houses, we decided to go out.  I left the decision of where to eat up to him since I’m the most indecisive person ever about anything (seriously, it’s frustrating at times).  We decided to wear dressy casual (ish) in opposed to casual or the togas we had thought about wearing earlier since he decided we were going to eat Greek.

Like a true gentleman, he came to pick me up, and even opened the door for me.  Seriously, I love that shit.  Haha.  The drive was a bit far from the area we live in, so we had a lot of time to catch up.  I’ve always known “High Roller’ to be a complete free spirit – he loves to travel spontaneously, work jobs that most wouldn’t consider “real” jobs, and really embraces the saying “Go big, or go home.”  So it was a bit surprising to hear that he recently attained a “real” job.  But he’s happy with it, so I’m happy for him.  With that being said, he also wants to be more so of an entrepreneur and start a couple of his own companies, some of which he already has ideas planned with some people.  We also talked about relationships and his recent breakup.  I liked the fact that we both kind of have the same idea on relationships – we don’t believe in the idea of having to be with the other person every single minute of every single day, or having to talk to each other that much either.  I’m all about the idea of two people coming together and sharing their lives together – not having to completely change their lives for one another, and he agrees with my thoughts on this.  It’s so nice to know that there are other people in this world who feel this same way and don’t feel the  need to smother one another in a relationship.  I thought I was the only one for a bit there.

We get to the restaurant, and the food is AMAZING.  We had this fried goat cheese thing (I forgot the name) with pita bread which was absolutely delicious.  I had the waitress pick something out for me since I normally would just go with a gyro and I wanted to try something new.  I had no complaints about the restaurant.  “High Roller” was a sweetheart and told me I could get absolutely anything I wanted for any course which was lovely.  He also took the liberty of taking the bill before I even got a chance to look at it and paid for everything with no expectations whatsoever.  Because of this though, I offered to buy drinks at the next place we went to.  We did a lot of catching up and just talking about stuff in general.  Honestly, it’s some of the best, easy going conversation I’ve had in awhile, especially on a date.  Nothing was forced and everything just flowed so smoothly.

Instead of going home after dinner and being the “old people” that we both claimed to be by going to bed early, we decided to hit up a speakeasy bar down the street (ironically, it was the same one that I went to with “Kooky”).  My experience there with “High Roller” was much more pleasant and enjoyable than it was with “Kooky”.  We sat at the bar and had our bartender make us some drinks based off of what kind of alcohol we enjoyed.  This is when we got really nerdy, and I had to point out the fact that our bartender reminded me of Luna Lovegood.  We then got to talking about Harry Potter and how much we love all the movies.  We stayed at the bar for an hour or two and just had a really good time.  I’d have to say, I think our favorite part of the night was watching one of the other bartenders make a blue blazer, since neither of us had heard of the drink, nor seen it being made.  Honestly, I could go on and on about our conversations during the night and how much fun I had, but then this would be like a million words long.  So I’ll leave it at after a couple drinks, we called it a night and he took me home.  =)

*Positives: He’s a nice guy, a total gentleman, we have a lot in common and have a lot of the same ideals, he’s nerdy (in a good way), conversation is easy, we have a few good friends in common, just a lot of fun to be with

*Negatives: He can be a bit awkward at times, he drives really slow, and of course…drum roll…I’m just not sexually attracted to him.  Seriously, something is wrong with me.  I’m beginning to think that maybe I should just give these guys I’m not sexually attracted to a chance anyways, go ahead and date them, and maybe sexual attraction will grow.  Because this shit is beginning to piss me off, and clearly I’m the one to blame.

Second Date?: Yep, most definitely!!  I think we’re going to make going out to dinner a more common thing and just try new restaurants.  Plus we agreed to stop being so anti-social and actually go out this weekend.  Maybe if I continue to go on more dates with him, I’ll eventually fall for him.  I mean shit, it’s clear he’s a great guy for me.  Plus, even my best friend “Tinky Winky Pooh Bear” has chastised me in the past for not dating him.  So yeah.

Random: *Updates* (Dates #16-23, “Mr. Big”‘s, General)

It’s about time for my post on updates on my past few dates.  Honestly though, it’s not going to be that exciting.  Haha.  Nothing has really progressed or happened with any of my past dates, which is fine.  I haven’t fallen head over heels for any of them, so I’m okay with it.

*Date Updates*

Date # 16: “Almost Birthday Twin”: Well we’re still friends, of course.  About a month(ish) ago we saw “The Book of Mormon” together, which was just lovely.  That’s really about it on him.  haha

Date #17: “Professor”, “Cop”, & “Tow Man: I haven’t heard or seen any of them since my accident, and I prefer it that way.  It means my car is still doing well.

-Date #18: “Flakey”:  After this date he would text me at least once a week to hang out, with me always refusing.  Then I wouldn’t hear back from him after my refusal for at least another week or so.  The last time he tried to hit me up to hang out, and I refused, he at least acknowledged my refusal and sent me a text back.

-Date #19: “Doc”: We’ve seen each other a couple of times randomly out and about at the bars, but after this date, I think he got the idea that things weren’t going to work out between us.  But overall, we’re still okay with one another, so I think this one ended well.

-Date #20: “Dream Maker”: We still speak to each other quite often, at least once a week or so.  Unfortunately, I’ve been busy and so has he with his artist, so we haven’t had a chance to hang out.  He did ask me to come over to cuddle the night before I left for Chicago which was super random and out of the blue, but besides that, it’s been friendly between us.  His artist has a show coming up which he invited me to, so I might just go see his artist perform.

Date #21: “Kooky”: I haven’t spoken to him since this date, and I think that’s for the best.

Date #22: “The Hangovers”, “Oldie”, and “Bartender (1 and 2)”: I haven’t spoken to the former two since the day I met them (obviously) and I spoke to “Bartender 2” when I got back home, apologizing for not having visited him and “Bartender 1” before I left the city.  But I assured him I have every intention to move out there (I really do) so that I’ll be seeing them soon.  =)

Date #23: “Goofy”: Two days after our little “date”, he texted me and apologized for having made things weird between us.  We haven’t spoken since.

*”Mr. Big” Updates*

I’ll make this combined, since it’s not that exciting.  I haven’t spoken to “Mr. Big (Past)” in forever.  After that random night he texted me, I haven’t heard from him since, nor have I made any attempts to speak to him.

As far as “Mr. Big (Present)” is concerned, I figured out why he stopped talking to me yet again…he got a new girlfriend.  This one is a lot better looking than the troll he had before, I won’t deny that.  But she does look a bit like a stripper.  A pretty stripper, nonetheless.  Oh well, what can I do.  Clearly, I am the dumb one in this situation since we always start talking, and then he always stops talking to me at random once he’s found a girl he wants to date.  Which is clearly not me.  We didn’t talk for about 2 months, until I randomly ended up in front of his old house while driving around lost downtown.  I texted him about it, and we started talking again, but really just as friends.  At this point, I truly am over him and am okay with being “friends” if that’s all we’ll ever be.  After him getting a girlfriend yet again, I started feeling used so I decided that I don’t deserve that and want to find someone better.  While I do still think so highly of him, clearly we are not meant to be.  And that’s okay.

Because of these latest happenings with both “Mr. Big”‘s, I don’t think I will be doing an update on either of them, unless something drastic happens and it’s worth talking about.

*Leslie Updates*

I’ve been really off and on as far as wanting to go on dates with men.  Part of me is wanting to go out there and find someone, even if it’s just a plaything that I can tie up and have my way with (I’ll explain more of this in a second).  The other part of me is wanting to just embrace being alone and the fact that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, without having to worry about someone else’s feelings and without having someone annoy me.  Ha.  Plus, I’m having so much fun just living my own life however the fuck I want to, so why ruin that?

I’ve had quite a few more offers on What’s Your Price, so if anything, it’s kind of a part-time gig that earns me money on occasion, while I enjoy getting to know a person, because honeys, I’m broke as fuck.  I still haven’t really found anyone on that site to really date seriously, but that’s fine with me.

I’m still in love (based off false pretenses) with a guy at my gym that I mentioned in my post “We’re ‘JUST’ Friends (and random sidenotes)” .  I still don’t know his name, and I still have not talked to him.  Yes, I’m the biggest baby around him, clearly.  But we both look at each other every once in awhile, and I’ve noticed him working out in the same area as me more often than not lately…or maybe I’m just making shit up in my head.  Either way, I will try and work up the guts to speak to him soon – he just  makes me feel like a school girl with a little crush.  Blah.

Haha isn’t this the truth….

I met a guy the other night randomly at a bar downtown while attending a friend’s birthday party.  He’s cute, I made out with him, we’ve been texting.  I guess we’ll see where that goes.

“Buddy” is still trying to woo me.  Apparently, we had been dating for a bit and then we stopped.  I told him straight up I wasn’t trying to date one person this year, and that I just wanted to be friends with him, which he seemed to disregard as he still tried after I told him this.  My friend and I proceeded to drunk dial him after he called me, and I think my friend was kind of mean about it.  Anyways, I haven’t heard from him since.

Back to my fantasy of tying someone up and having my way with them, I recently picked up a book called The Siren.  The only reason I bought it was because me and my lovely old roomie had nicknames for each other – mine for her was (is) “Mermaid” and her for me was (is) “Siren”, because I sing.  Anyways, I really just bought the book for the name.  Lo and behold, it turns out to be an erotica book.  But it’s actually REALLY good.  I’m in love with the main character, who is a writer by day, and a dominatrix by night.  Basically, long story short, it’s putting ideas in my head…;-).

And last but not least, I think I have a secret crush.  I’m not really sure…but I think I do.  And that is all I will say about that.  =)  If we go on a date, I’ll write about it.  But that’s all you’re getting out of me on this one.

Random: *Updates* (Dates #9-15, “Mr. Big””s, General)

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update entry (the first one was in March) so I figured it’s about time that I wrote one!!  I will also include some previous dates (Dates #1-8) if anything has happened since my last update.  But I assure you, my love life is still fairly non-existent so don’t be expecting anything more than that.

*Date Updates*

Date #9: “Interrogator”: Basically, how I ended the entry about him is how “him and I” ended.  I heard from my co-worker “Becky” who had set us up that the following week, he posted on his Facebook that he was having a kid with some girl – not sure if the girl was an ex, a current girlfriend, or whatever.  But yeah, basically the guy was still trying to date other women even though he had a little one on the way.  I think things ended the way they did for the better.

Date #10: “Booze Talker”: He’s contacted me a couple of times to hang out, but either I’ve been busy or we haven’t been in the same area in order to get together to hang out.  I usually hang out in the city since I’m a total city girl, and he likes to keep it close to home in the suburbs, so the likelihood of us hanging out (unless I’m just super bored and in the area) is very slim to none.  He is too scared (not sure why) to come downtown by himself, so it really is a lose lose situation in both cases.  Which doesn’t hurt my feelings whatsoever.

Date #11: “Mr. Too Cool”: After our date, he texted me the next day telling me he had a good time and the next time we hung out, we’d go somewhere where I could get all dolled up.  I agreed that that would be a good idea, but didn’t think it would actually happen.  I was right.  We haven’t spoken since then, and I’ve already deleted his number.  Strangely enough, he told “Miss Pretty Hair” (my dear co-worker who I love to death…we’re soulmates) that he had a wonderful time and apparently made it sound like he was really into me.  But such was not the case, and I am completely okay with that.

Date #12: “Magic Hands”: This seems to always happen with “Magic Hands” when one hangs out with him – after one time of hanging out, he becomes somewhat clingy and continually blows up your phone.  I’m pretty sure he texted me a couple nights a week for about 3 weeks to hang out (a.k.a. go to the bars and get drunk), but it was always on nights that I don’t go out on – so pretty much every night except the weekends.  Eventually he gave up.

Date #13: “Boss Man”: We actually talk quite a bit, but because we’re both in the bar industry and don’t work the same nights, it’s extremely hard to find a time to hang out.  Every time we both have a night off, he’s always busy with something (which I don’t blame him for) and nights that I can go out, he’s working, or something of that sort.  We were supposed to get together sometime this week, but it just didn’t work out.  Hopefully we do hang out soon because I do enjoy hanging out with him.  I did see him last weekend at work, and he texted me after, apologized for being too busy to really have a conversation with me, and told me I looked good that night.  =)  So sweet.

Date #14: “Youngin”: I honestly don’t think I want to hang out with this one on a one-on-one basis again; he’s just too young and completely acts his age (if not younger), despite what people supposedly tell him.  He’s tried hanging out with me a couple of times since, but luckily I’m a busy lady so I haven’t had to make up excuses.  I think all he really wants to do is hang out at a house and get drunk, which I find completely boring, so I don’t foresee us hanging out anytime soon.

Date #15: “Hollywood”: After my little shit show at his place on my birthday, we didn’t talk for about a week.  But I saw him after I came back from vacation at his work.  Initially, it was kind of awkward, and I’m not sure if that was me making it awkward, or him making it awkward, or if we both were making it awkward…but it was awkward.  But after a few minutes, we were back to normal.  I honestly thought he was going to be immature about the whole situation, but we talked about it and he was really cool about it.  He didn’t make any mention of how ridiculous I was, just said that it was my birthday so it was all good.  He did mention how he was happy that I wasn’t mad at him anymore =).  So everything is back to normal…which is good in the sense that we’re fine again, but bad in that the whole no texting business is back as well.  I’m beginning to think that maybe I should just give up on this one instead of perhaps forcing something that’s not supposed to happen.  But I guess we’ll see what happens…the year is still young!!

Date #0: “Flakey”: This guy is seriously something…either he’s really dumb, extremely oblivious, or is a combination of the two.  After I made it (I think) pretty clear that I was irritated, he continued to text me at least once a week to try and hang out.  Finally, one day, I kind of just exploded on him and told him how I really felt.  He then tried making the excuse that it wasn’t anything serious, that we were just hanging out (I have a feeling he was alluding to the fact that I was mad because I thought we were hanging out because I was interested in him…which obviously isn’t the case) and that work is very important to him.  He had failed to mention he was late because of work initially, which if he did, I would have been understanding.  So clearly something is wrong with him.  Even after this, he continued to text me to hang out and eventually, I just stopped responding to his texts since me responding by saying “no” apparently wasn’t enough.  I haven’t heard from him since.

Pretty sure I already have a couple of times here….;-)

*”Mr. Big” Updates*

I was honestly going to forgo this part because for awhile, I hadn’t spoken to/heard from either one of them in awhile.  So I’ll just combine the updates instead of making separate ones.  Absolutely nothing exciting is going on with “Mr. Big (Past)”.  After my last update, things have pretty much stayed the same.  A couple of weeks ago, he texted me very late at night/early in the morning just saying “Sup.”  Seriously??  I didn’t respond and that’s that.  Exciting right?

As of last time, things were kind of weird with “Mr. Big (Present)” and I as far as chatting and what not.  For a while, I felt like I was the one making all the effort to talk (which was never the case before) so I made the conscious decision to stop talking to him for a while.  But at the beginning of this month, we started speaking again after he commented on a picture of mine that I was “frightening”.  Haha.  I completely despise when guys give me too much positive praise (a.k.a. “You’re so beautiful” 10 times in a night…ick), so for him to not know this and do the complete opposite made my day.  I have a feeling him and his troll broke up again, because that’s when our talking usually becomes more fluid.  We’ve been meaning to get together to do a book exchange (yes, we’re nerds), but every time I try to get the book, he diverts conversation to us hooking up which he says in a joking, but serious manner.  It got annoying so I kind of called him out, and we haven’t spoken since.  I’ve tried to get the book, but with no response from him.  Seriously, it’s very love-hate between us.

*Leslie Updates*

Honestly, I’ve been quite the boring person.  I haven’t been really trying too hard to meet any new guys, so in addition to my “man hating” episode, dates haven’t been coming along as freely as before.  Plus, I’ve been working so much that when I do get some time off, the last thing I want to do is go spend it on a date (unless it’s with someone I’m truly interested in to begin with).  My time off is far and few between, so sometimes all I want to do is kick back and put my feet up.  I have seen “Sunshine” and “Perfect Ass”  since our dates, as they are two of my good friends and roll into town every so often.  I think I’m over my “man hating” episode, but I’m not fully back into the dating game so we’ll see how it goes.  Like I mentioned in a few entries back, at the end of this month, I intend on joining a dating website.  Not going to lie, I’m a little apprehensive in that I don’t fully support the idea of dating websites for myself, but I’m going to test it out – see what it’s all about.  And then cross off some dates while I’m at it.  I still fully believe in meeting people in person, but hey, those websites have worked for some so maybe they’ll work for me!  =)