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Date #16: “Almost Birthday Twin”

Yes everyone, I am back from my dating hiatus!!  Woohoo!!

How We Met:  We met through his younger brother who is one of my good friends from college.  I’m assuming we met at a party or gathering of some sort at his brother’s house.  For the next year, “Almost Birthday Twin” could not remember my name for the life of him, even though we’d see each other every few weekends or so at his brother’s place.  We even had a class together at one point.  Plus, it’s not like there’s very many Asian people where I went to school at so I’m not sure why he couldn’t remember my name.  I’m pretty sure his parents remembered my name before he did.  Anywhoo, when he finally remembered my name, we became friends and that’s that!!  One year…I think it was 2 years ago, we figured out that our birthdays are 2 days apart and ever since then we’ve celebrated our birthdays together.  We even got a lap dance together for one of our birthdays.  It’s a lovely thing, really.


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 8

*Personality: 10

*Manners: 10

*Intelligence: 10

*Confidence: 9

*Overall Rating: 9

The Date: The reason that this date occurred is kind of funny actually.  I had told “Almost Birthday Twin” and his brother about this blog at its inception, I think before I even had my first date.  Since I would say that I’m pretty close to them, I figured I would let them in on my “secret” (I’ve only told a select handful of men about this blog).  They both thought it was an interesting idea, but “Almost Birthday Twin” had his doubts – he didn’t think I could make it to even 15 dates without falling for one of them.  So mix this doubtful thought with booze, and a bet was made.  The bet was that if I made it to 15 dates without falling for someone, he would take me out for a steak dinner.  If I ended up falling for one of the 15, I would have to take him out for steak.  I love games and challenges, so I agreed to it.  The best part was that his girlfriend (who I just think is awesome as fuck, love that girl!)  completely supported it and in fact, “Almost Birthday Twin’s” brother was to take HER out if I won the bet, so it’d be a double date.  And since I NEVER turn down a challenge or rarely lose bets (knock on wood), I won.  =)

Initially, I didn’t think “Almost Birthday Twin” would pay up as soon as I made it to 15.  He even tried to convince me that our bet had been over Mad Greens and not steak.  But in the end, we ended up getting steak. =)  We went to a steak place in a part of town that I just love; it’s not the downtown area so it’s not too crowded, but there’s still a lot going on so it’s still exciting.  We ended up just sitting at the bar so we could watch the rest of the NBA Finals ( =(…not happy with the outcome).  His girlfriend had suggested that I order filet mignon, so of course I did just that.  =)  The drinks were also really good and the bartender was super friendly and attentive; a great atmosphere overall!

My prize!!! =)

It must have been a really long time since we had  really hung out (and our birthday doesn’t count because we were both drunk), because I feel like we did a lot of catching up, which was really nice.  He wanted to hear about all my dates, so I told him what I could remember.  Sticking to my rule of anonymity though, names were not revealed.  This lead us to discussing dating in general and just how much it can suck at times – having to get to know one another, not knowing where the other person stands, whether it’s okay to hook up with other people at the same time, etc.  I will say that I applaud him greatly in admitting that in many instances, the guy in the situation is the more attached/emotional/sensitive one.  Apparently, his dearest girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is the exact epitome of this, so he has some indirect evidence of this.  I also really like the fact that he straight up said that he would not be with a girl just because she’s physically attractive, but that she needs to have some substance behind the beauty.  I feel a lot of men (not all, so no hating here) will date or have dated a girl or stay in a relationship with a girl just for her physical aesthetics, which is just pathetic.  So it was refreshing to know that there truly are men who aren’t just looking for a “hot piece of ass,” if you will.  Or maybe it’s because he’s a Gemini and as we all know, Geminis are awesome people who are all about the whole package, and not just some superficial aspect (most of the time…).  We really talked a LOT about dating, but I won’t bore everyone with every single minute detail.

All in all, I had a wonderful time.  It was nice to go out with someone who I could have great conversation with and where there was no pressure whatsoever.  =)

And if anyone is wondering, yes he knows I’m writing about our date.  But he hasn’t even looked at this blog whatsoever, so who knows if he’ll ever read this hahaha.

This is the only picture I will ever post of a date…and I’m only posting this because he knows about me writing about this and because this counts as bragging about my win. =)

*Positives: We get along really well, we’re both Geminis, we have a lot of the same ideas, not only about dating but about music as well, he was a complete gentleman the entire time, and yeah, everything was great!  haha.

*Negatives: This was supposed to be a double date with his brother and his girlfriend, but his girlfriend is out of town and his brother has been M.I.A. (at least to me) so that was a bummer.  It would have been fun if it was all 4 of us…not that it wasn’t fun with just the two of us, but…yeah.  The more the merrier.  Haha.

*Second Date?:  Sure, but next time I hope his girlfriend comes with!!  I really do like her haha.  =)


Random: The Quintessential Gemini

Yep….that’s me.  To a T.  I’m being 100% serious too.  If you take any astrological magazine, article, book, etc., you will discover that it is a complete description of yours truly.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things Gemini in which I don’t relate to, but for the most part I am 100% Gemini.  I am also fairly into astrology, if you couldn’t tell by the fact that I am writing an entry about my own sign.  Don’t worry, I’m no clairvoyant or clairvoyant-in-the-making by any means; I just enjoy and know quite a bit about astrology!  =)

With this being said, we have just recently (today) entered the sign of Gemini!!  This also means that my birthday is coming up (this weekend!!  whoohoo!!!).  Because of this, I most likely will not be having a date this week.  I’ve just got so much going on this week, not only in preparation for my birthday, but just living in general (birthdays, graduations, 5ks…you know).  There may be a slight chance that I will have a pseudo date coming up this week before my birthday, but that all depends on if I get a phone call/text from a certain someone (refer to my entry I’ll Call You Later…Not!! for hints on who this person may be).  I did get an invitation to his friend’s birthday, and while he told me where it is and what time they’ll be there, I told him I was only going if I got a call or a text.  So we’ll see.

Anywhoo, I thought I would write this for the following reasons: 1.) I wanted to give you all an insight on the dating mind of a Gemini, because a lot of it runs true for me and 2.) I will eventually tie this into my blog and dating and…yeah…everything else.

Oh this is so true about me!! And to be honest, even if you’re incredibly attractive, it can still be hard!!  Oh…and whoever did this used “your” incorrectly, it should be “you’re.”  Just saying…

For my birthday, I WOULD like a date.  Maybe not an actual date, like one I would write for my blog with ratings and what not, but a guy to have fun with on my birthday (and take that in whatever way you’d like, because I probably mean it in that way 😉 ).  I seem to be under the curse that on my birthday, I never have a guy.  Now, I’m not complaining, because if you know me, you know I will make any situation fun no matter how badly things are going.  Besides, I truly believe that my birthday is all about me, and only me, and fuck anyone or anything that would ever take that away from me (lack of a guy, a guy making me cry because he’s a jackass, stupid girls, etc.)  Only one birthday I’ve had has ended badly, and I will never let that happen again…fucking “Mr. Big (Past)” made me cry on my 22nd birthday.  Clearly, there’s a reason I keep him (and should leave him) in the past.  I’m going to have fun on my upcoming birthday no matter what, but I just feel it would be the icing on the cake to have a special someone to help me celebrate it (and perhaps carry me to my car…ya know, the norm on my birthday).  I know “Boss Man” will be making an appearance one of the days I’m celebrating (fyi: I celebrate my birthday for multiple days) and while I didn’t invite him (I have reasons, and I will write an update about him soon!), I have a slight feeling that “Mr. Big (Present)” might show his face, or if not, have some part in my celebrations this weekend.  I’m usually right about my gut feelings, so I guess we’ll see what happens.  I did invite “Buddy” (not going to lie, I kind of felt obligated), but he only said maybe, so who knows if he’ll actually show up.  And of course, the one I’m “in love” with at the moment, my lovely bouncer (refer to my Updates page, though I will make a new updates page and include him) will also be there since he’s working and I’m doing my second day of celebration at the club he works at.  I think I’ll nickname him “Hollywood” so I can stop referring to him as “the bouncer” and since he wants to be an actor…yeah.  Besides, something is going to happen between us eventually.

Okay enough of the sidetracking.  Basically, we’ll see what the weekend brings and hopefully it’s a fantastic, man-filled birthday!!  =)

And since I said I would give you all an insight on the mind of a Gemini when it comes to dating, so here it is:

For real.

Completely. As a smart man once sang, “You can’t have one without the other!”

Going back to the fact that us Geminis are completely fickle, this holds very true in my life.


Welcome to my life….

There is no truer statement about a Gemini (and myself) than this.


All above Gemini snippets taken from Zodiac Facts!!  =)