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Random: Hello, I’m a Bitch, Nice to Meet You

So I was planning on writing about something completely different than what I am about to write, but this all happened last night and I thought it would be far more interesting.

I went out to the bars last night with some friends, and on my way back to my car (don’t worry, I don’t usually drink very much…just a drink or two with lots of time in between) I decided to stop by and see “Hollywood” (as has been the norm for the past 4 months).  Things were the same as usual, us just chatting about life and what not.  Then his boss, who I also talk to quite a bit (let’s call him “Hot Shot”), comes around and I start talking to him as well.  “Hot Shot” and I have already come to the understanding that we’re strictly friends and nothing will happen between us.  Well, at least we have for the time being….he did ask me when we were going to be together a couple of times not too long ago so who really knows.  Anywhoo….according to him, I am now one of the guys.  He was joking about wanting to just punch some random drunk girl straight in the face, which I told him was rude, when he decided that he thought it’d be funny to punch me.  NO, don’t worry, he didn’t not actually punch me haha.  I would have killed him.  Instead he played around and pretended he was going to, so we did this back and forth.  Now, I can’t remember if it was “Hot Shot” or “Hollywood” who started this, but they then started calling me a gremlin, which honestly, made me really sad because I don’t think I look like one.  =(  So then they kept calling me “Gremlin” as if it were my name; “Hollywood” especially made it a point to call me one and would push me away every so often, saying, “Go away Gremlin.”  I know they were joking, and “Hollywood” said it’s because when I get all pissy, I make a face like a gremlin, not because I actually look like one, but still.  He also made mention that gremlins are actually pretty cute, but that was not helping in any way.  Plus it’s almost that time of the month, so I’m being extremely sensitive.  Anyways, since he was being playfully (but still legitimately) mean, my feisty/bitchy side came out….

As sassy as she is, I’d like to think I don’t look like this….=(

While there is nothing wrong with my feisty side, there are many times that it may…offend those faint of heart.  Put feisty and PMSing all in one basket, I turn into a straight bitch sometimes…sometimes without realizing it and sometimes purposely doing so.  I tend to take people’s insecurities, blow it out of proportion, and use it against them.  This side usually only comes out with people I truly have feelings for (a.k.a. “Mr. Big (Past)”), but I’ve been good about it lately (for about a year and a half-ish) and have restrained myself.  Until last night.  So it really makes me wonder now how I actually feel about “Hollywood” since I was acting this way.  Anyways, here are the bitchy things I said/did to him:

  • Told him he was ugly many times, periodically throughout our conversation.  Everytime he tried saying, “No, I know I’m not ugly,” I would just be like “Yes, actually you are.”
  • I can’t remember if it was some girls ignoring him or girls flattering him, but he made mention of loving that type of attention.  So in response, I said, “Yeah, you would.  Insecure people usually do and you’re obviously extremely insecure.”  I think I hit a sore spot with this one because he ignored me a bit after this one…
  • Again, I can’t remember exactly what we were talking about, but made some comment of how I know he’s mad that I practically denied him (refer to his specific entry for this story) – which he laughed about, but I could tell it bothered him
  •  I started flirting with some guy (who had very pretty eyes, maybe he’ll be date #19??) who walked by the bar in front of “Hollywood”, gave the guy my number, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  Granted, “Hollywood” was influencing this a little bit by telling the guy he should give me his number and what not.
  • I kicked/hit/slapped him a couple of times…granted, he instigated it, but I went for a lot of dick shots.
  • I ignored him a LOT and spoke to “Hot Shot” instead, inviting “Hot Shot” to come to the pool with me sometime in the next week
  • As I was watching him hit on girls (he claims it’s part of his job…which I guess is true), I told him he was awful at it…just plain pathetic.  Then he claimed that he doesn’t hit on girls, he just talks to them because that works better.  To this, I laughed and continued to call him pathetic.

I said all those things with a completely straight face, no joking whatsoever.  =)

While our dynamic has most certainly changed (i.e. where he used to not even really flirt with girls in front of me, now he does…A LOT, and where he used to act completely bothered when I flirted with guys around him, he is now okay with it…kinda), I still see things from before.  Such as when I was paying more attention to “Hot Shot” than him and inviting “Hot Shot” to come to the pool (he seriously lives like 5 min away from me, I had to), he made some comment after “Hot Shot” left that since he wasn’t there anymore, I was probably going to leave too, insinuating I have a thing for “Hot Shot”.  And when he heard me talking about “Mr. Big (Present)”, he looked really annoyed.

So yea, while I’m not sure what is our situation (nor do I really care at the moment), I do know that I hurt his ego a little last night.  Yay for me.  =)  What I do know though is…and this is completely random…but going back to my entry about Geminis, he’s a Sagittarius, which makes us complimentary opposites….