Random: A Tribute

So this has absolutely nothing to do with dating, but I felt I needed to make a tribute on here for Jessica Ridgeway.  For all of you who don’t know her story, she was abducted last Friday morning on her way to school.  There had been many tips saying she was seen in other states and what not.  Sometime yesterday, they found a body about 7 miles away from her home, but the body was dismembered and so mutilated that they weren’t able to identify who the body belonged to.  Not long ago, they confirmed that the body was indeed Jessica’s.  She was only 10-years-old.

This hits home for me for two reasons:

1.) I love children more than anything in this world.  I myself am not ready to have children anytime soon, but I would do anything for them, no matter whose child it is.  I think they’re the most precious things ever and they’re so innocent and naive, yet so intelligent in that they’re aware of everything and have no discretion.  They say what’s on their mind, ask a bunch of questions, and notice more things than adults do.  In fact, sometimes I enjoy conversing with them better than adults.  They’re just so much more fun.  Ask anyone who knows me in person, it’s ridiculous my love for the little people of the world.

2.) This little girl lives about 5 miles away from me.  Yep.  The place where her body was found is somewhere I’ve passed many a times on my way to my friend’s house back in the day.  The fact that a 10-year-old girl was not only abducted, but brutally murdered in the area that I live in, an area that’s relatively calm and quiet, truly scares the shit out of me.  There’s a sick, fucked up, disgusting person out there that’s just walking around free, most likely proud of themselves for what they did.  It sickens me so much to know that this pathetic excuse of a person is still out there living their life, yet an innocent little soul such as Jessica has lost her life so young.  Literally, I’m on the brink of tears even writing this.  Honestly, I hope the person who did this to this little girl fucking suffers a horrible, painful death, and I hope they are found soon; not just for the safety of everyone in the community, but for retribution.

Now, I don’t care if you’re religious or not, but please, please keep Jessica Ridgeway in your prayers, and if not that, then at least in your thoughts today.  Criminals like the one who took this little girl’s life need to be obsolete, and the only way this can happen is if everyone becomes aware and is educated.

Rest in Peace Jessica, you’ll be in our hearts forever.

2 thoughts on “Random: A Tribute

    • Thank YOU for taking the time to read this even though it wasn’t about dating =). I agree, it’s insane the people out there these days and the scariest thing is this person is still out there on the loose. I just pray to God he doesn’t hurt anymore children.

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