Date #26: “The Artist”

How We Met: We met at my work, actually.  I get people drunk at a bar/theatre within a performing arts complex.  One night as I was getting ready to go out with some friends, “The Artist” and his cast mates stopped into our bar for a drink.  They told us that they were in the show in the other building and they chatted it up with my co-workers and I for a bit.  “The Artist” didn’t really talk much and actually left early, so I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him, but I did think he was the best looking one.  Ironically, his cast mate who is about 14 years older than me was initially hitting on me.  We had even talked about going on a date, so I assumed this was the one I would have inevitably gone out with.  Anyways, so as the night progressed, I randomly bumped into “The Artist” at a bar and we ended up hanging out the entire rest of the night, even at one point making “Hollywood” jealous (ha, what a loser).


*Physical Aesthetics:8

*Appearance: 10

*Personality: 9

*Manners: 9

*Intelligence: 8

*Confidence: 10

*Overall Rating: 10

The Date: So “The Artist” and I have been meaning to hang out ever since we had met, but we’ve both just been so busy with work, especially with him doing a show 6 days a week, twice on Saturdays.  We’ve been trying to make time and plan stuff, but it had all just fallen through.  FINALLY, we got a chance to hang out after I was done with work and after he was done with his show one night.  Unfortunately, I ended up getting off work a lot earlier than I had thought, so I ended up having to wait around.  And in fact, I was even thinking about just canceling on him last minute because I was really tired and sleep sounded so much better than going out into the cold weather.  But just as I was about to cancel, he walked in with a huge smile on his face and after that I knew I had to hang out with him!

We had a couple of drinks at my work, then headed down to the area where we both usually hang out.  He was hungover from partying the night before so we only had a few drinks out at the bars.  What I loved about hanging out with him is he instantly started giving me shit.  Most guys are apprehensive or are super, super nice when I first hang out with him, but not this one.  He was teasing me about random stuff and I was teasing him back.  It was just so easy going and so nice to find someone who I could be that comfortable around, and I’m sure he felt the same way if he was giving me shit.  We seriously talked about everything under the sun, from school, to performance (he acts obviously, and I used to sing), to Kanye West.  Haha.  The one thing I did noticed which bugged me a bit was the fact that he lied to me a little the first time…sort of.  Granted it was not meant to be malicious, but I don’t like liars.  I’m the type of girl where I put everything out on the table, so you can love me for it or hate me for it, but I’m not gonna lie to someone just to make them like me – I think I did enough of that when I was younger.  Anyways, the first night we hung out, he had told me that he had gone to Columbia for his undergrad and then NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for his masters in theatre and still lives in New York presently.  So of course, I was extremely impressed right off the bat.  Being a little drunk, I kept telling everyone that he went to such prestigious schools.  He also told me that he was originally from New York, but grew up in Texas, and now lived in New York again.  Well, thanks to the help of Facebook, I discovered some little white lies.  Yes, he did in fact go to a school called Columbia, but it was most definitely not THE Columbia University.  It was Columbia College in Chicago (god I love that city).  And while he didn’t necessarily lie to me, it was obvious which Columbia I thought and he didn’t correct me.  He also told me he was from New York, but according to Facebook (and of course, this could have just been a discrepancy), he was from Texas, went to high school there and everything.  This was confirmed on our date when I asked him why he decided to move to New York and he said it was because he had always wanted to live there….which means he had never lived there before.  Or at least that’s what I got out of it, since if he had lived there before he would have said something like, “Oh I wanted to move  back” (what I say every time someone asks me why I want to move out to California).  Anyways, so even though I did catch him in some small white lies, they were harmless so I let it slide.

After we had a drink, we walked back to the place he was staying at.  It was super cute, he kept telling me not to judge him because his place was a total mess and blah, blah, blah, and we get there and the place isn’t a mess at all.  There’s a few papers here and there, but that was all.  He was seriously so embarrassed that the place was a mess and it was just adorable.  He put some music on that I hadn’t heard before, because of course, all music starts on the coasts and then after months of popularity there, only then moves inward.  He introduced me to an artist named Santigold, who was actually really good and I loved her stuff.  He started dancing for me which I thought was just so adorable, and then he made me dance with him.  And then of course that lead to kissing, and then ended with completely adolescent, innocent, 8th grade-esque messing around (you can use your imagination for that).  It was very sweet.  =)  At one point, I was second guessing myself and I thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this…” but I told my brain to shut the fuck up and just went with it.  But since I am second guessing myself, I am wondering what is wrong with me at the moment…??  Anyways, we did that for awhile, and then I had to go home.  He pretty much begged me to stay the night, and then we both asked each other to move for the other (I told him he should stay, he told me I should move to New York).  I ended up leaving, but all in all, it was a wonderful night.

*Positives: He’s such a sweet guy, very good looking, dresses very well, is an actor which = artist which = I love artists, I could have an intelligent conversation with him, we could give each other shit and neither of us be offended by it, he called me “sexy” and not “cute”,  god I could seriously go on and on about this guy.

*Negatives: He did lie a bit to me, he might be a little too much of a partier for me (but who am I kidding, I still party too…), he doesn’t live anywhere near me…seriously he lives on the other side of the United States.

Second Date?: I would most definitely like to!!  Hopefully we have enough time to go out again before he has to go back to New York.  I can honestly say that if this guy lived here, I would definitely try dating him and seeing where things would go.  I mean, he could have potentially ended this blog.  But, alas, as my unlucky dating life continues, he doesn’t live here which means that won’t be happening.  =(

4 thoughts on “Date #26: “The Artist”

  1. Awesome date! Sounds like a good time. I wouldn’t worry about those little lies. I shorten my life story for people all the time (I tell people I do MMA since they don’t know Muay Thai, but I’ll explain it if they ask for more details. Or I say I’m from Maine, but if they want more details I say “well originally Oklahoma, but then Maine”. Or I say I live in Boston, when I technically live in Allston, lol).

    Hope you get another shot with him!

    • It was wonderful!! =) And yeah, after talking to my co-worker about the situation, she pretty much said the same thing and that it was probably just small misunderstandings if anything. I really do hope I get another shot with him before he goes home as well!!

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