Date #24: “Vague”

Note: Just a couple things first off – I apologize for being M.I.A. from not only writing, but from WordPress all-together.  I’ve been in a funky mood…I seem to be in this mood quite often as of late, not sure why.  I’ll soon (hopefully) get back into the swing of things.  Also, this was not an actual date, but yea.  You know the drill.

How We Met: We actually met awhile ago, I want to say 3 or 4 years ago.  We have a bunch of mutual friends and we really only see each other when we both just happen to be hanging out with those mutual friends.  I do recall that when we did meet, we bonded almost instantaneously over the fact that we don’t condone racism in any form whatsoever, and one of my (former) good friends was being super racist (he’s from the South…not an excuse, but just a fact).  Anyways, we’ve seen each other off and on since then.  I wouldn’t say we are necessarily friends, more so acquaintances.


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 8

*Personality: 6-7

*Manners: 8

*Intelligence: 7 (but we didn’t talk about anything so profound as to determine this, so this is more just an approximation)

*Confidence: 10

*Overall Rating: 7

The “Date”: So again, like so many of my dates have been as of recent, this wasn’t supposed to be a date in any way.  But yeah.  Also, this is about as juicy as my prudish blog is going to get, unless I find a guy I’m really into.  You’ll understand what I mean by the end.

I was supposed to hang out with “Perfect Ass” and his family since he’s in town, but they ended up getting day drinking and getting pretty drunk at the downtown Oktoberfest celebration and went home just as I was getting off of work.  So I decided to go meet up with my usual “let’s go downtown and drink” group.  Their plan was also to hit up the Oktoberfest celebration, so that’s what we ended up doing.  Surprisingly, “Vague” was there.  He doesn’t come around that often, maybe once a month or so.  Anyways, we all head down to the area.

Since events like that are usually a complete clusterfuck, we most definitely all lost each other at one point or another.  We drank some beers, danced, watched a live band (that a guy I kind of work with is in), and finally after an hour or two, decided sitting was the best option.  I’ve never really gotten to know “Vague”, he looked like he was super bored, and my friend’s friend was creeping me out by staring intently at me, so I decided to start talking to “Vague”.  We got to talking about how we don’t feel the need to get super shitfaced like everyone else just to have fun and we’re fine with just having a few drinks and chilling.  This gave me a new sort of appreciation for him because usually I’m the only one who ever stays remotely sober out of my friends, and they’re off partying like we’re still in college.  Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that, but we are getting near that age where doing this every weekend just looks ridiculous.  Anyways, “Vague” and I were off and on talking while also talking with our other friends.  He then mentioned that he just got a nice car and of course, me loving pretty cars, I just had to ask what it was.  He told me he just got an Audi S4 (I think Audi’s are pretty pretty…haha, I like how that came out).  I asked if he was that drunk, and since he wasn’t, I asked him if he could give me a ride.  I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE riding fast in pretty cars.  I myself am too much of a chicken shit to drive my own car super fast, but I love when guys drive me around in their fast cars haha.  I love that feeling in your stomach where you’re scared and excited all at the same time going 100+ mph.  Since neither of us were really drunk, we decided to split up from our friends so he could take me for a ride.

We decided to walk back to my friends which was like 7ish blocks away (but in stilettos, felt like 20).  So “Vague” and I had plenty of time to talk.  He asked me when was the last time I dated someone, and I wasn’t sure how to answer that considering I have a blog where I’m trying to date everyone, but I just answered with last year.  Apparently, he had just broken up (as of 2 months ago) with someone he was with for two years (I think that’s what he said, this part was a little lost in my mind).  He said that he just got bored and that he’s too young to be bored, which I completely applaud because I think too many people stay together when they shouldn’t.  Anyways, then we got to talking about hooking up, and he made a bunch of little comments hinting that that’s what he eventually wanted us to do.  Which at the time, I decided probably wasn’t a bad thing because from what I know about him he’s a nice guy, he’s cute, and I’ve always been curious to see if anything would ever happen between us.

So we  finally get to his car and he takes me for a ride, just like I asked.  We drove around the city for a bit, then went to the highway.  Unfortunately, his car has such a smooth ride that even at 140 mph, I didn’t get that excited/scared feeling that I do in other cars.  I do have to commend the fact that his car is a 6-gear manual car, because that’s how mine is and I love it.  God, I’m just all about the side notes today huh?  Fuck.  Anyways (for the millionth time), we drove around, drove around, then he pulled off to a small little parking lot/park thing.  I k now what he wanted and he (I) didn’t know what I wanted, but I decided to just say “fuck” and go with it.  We made out and one thing led to another….I’ll leave it at we didn’t have sex, because that’s the one thing that I am SUPER picky about.  Like really, I’ve probably had sex with less people than your average 18-20 year old girl.  But yeah we pretty much did everything else.  And here’s why my blog is going back to prudish little dates (unless I meet someone amazing, of course)….

Towards the end of college and after I got over having “fun” with a new guy every weekend, I realized how unfulfilling hooking up with people I didn’t give a shit about was.  And since then, I’ve been super picky, only hooking up with guys I actually liked and not giving into temptation like the majority does when they’re “in the moment.”  While there is nothing wrong with giving into temptation, and I would never judge that, I just wasn’t about it anymore.  So this was honestly the first time in…fuck, maybe 2 years or so?? that I’ve just given into “the moment.”  And while it wasn’t awful, it wasn’t good.  But it sure did remind me why I am so picky about hooking up with guys.

First off, he was very small.  Like ridiculously small.  And while I would accept this (with reminders to myself everyday of just how much I like this guy in order to cope) if I was 100% into the guy, I wasn’t.  So this was not okay.  Secondly, he smokes, and I can’t stand the smell of smoke.  So having his cigarette smelling hands in me and all over me was just grossing me out all-together.  Thirdly, lord knows no girl is good at anything when she’s not 100% into it, so I’m sure it was the worst head I’ve given in years.  Plus, I got bored halfway through it and kinda just gave up.  So ya.  Half effort.  Boo.  Also, I playfully hit him like halfway through it, and he freaked out because he thought I was freaking out, which pretty much killed the already killed mood.  So really, all-together, I think I would have had more fun with one of my best guy friends than with this guy.  Oh well.

Afterwards, he drove me back to my friend’s house so I could get my stuff and my car.  He didn’t ask for my number, I didn’t get his.  We decided we would just see each other when we see each other.  And I am 100% okay with that.

*Positives: He’s a nice guy, we have the same views on drinking and partying, he’s attractive, he knows how to drive stick, he has a nice car, just got a new job where he supposedly makes a bunch of money

*Negatives: SMALL PENIS, has kind of  a boring personality, I don’t know much about him even after trying to talk to him (hence the nickname), he smokes cigarettes (I could taste cigarettes even when I got home…puke), smokes a lot of weed (he was a bit high when we first got to Oktoberfest, and made a weed call halfway through our “date”)

*Second First Date?: While I wouldn’t be opposed to it, I doubt it will happen.  Plus, if his personality is as boring as it is sober as when he’s drunk, I don’t think I’d survive.  But never say never!

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