Random: *Updates* (Dates #16-23, “Mr. Big”‘s, General)

It’s about time for my post on updates on my past few dates.  Honestly though, it’s not going to be that exciting.  Haha.  Nothing has really progressed or happened with any of my past dates, which is fine.  I haven’t fallen head over heels for any of them, so I’m okay with it.

*Date Updates*

Date # 16: “Almost Birthday Twin”: Well we’re still friends, of course.  About a month(ish) ago we saw “The Book of Mormon” together, which was just lovely.  That’s really about it on him.  haha

Date #17: “Professor”, “Cop”, & “Tow Man: I haven’t heard or seen any of them since my accident, and I prefer it that way.  It means my car is still doing well.

-Date #18: “Flakey”:  After this date he would text me at least once a week to hang out, with me always refusing.  Then I wouldn’t hear back from him after my refusal for at least another week or so.  The last time he tried to hit me up to hang out, and I refused, he at least acknowledged my refusal and sent me a text back.

-Date #19: “Doc”: We’ve seen each other a couple of times randomly out and about at the bars, but after this date, I think he got the idea that things weren’t going to work out between us.  But overall, we’re still okay with one another, so I think this one ended well.

-Date #20: “Dream Maker”: We still speak to each other quite often, at least once a week or so.  Unfortunately, I’ve been busy and so has he with his artist, so we haven’t had a chance to hang out.  He did ask me to come over to cuddle the night before I left for Chicago which was super random and out of the blue, but besides that, it’s been friendly between us.  His artist has a show coming up which he invited me to, so I might just go see his artist perform.

Date #21: “Kooky”: I haven’t spoken to him since this date, and I think that’s for the best.

Date #22: “The Hangovers”, “Oldie”, and “Bartender (1 and 2)”: I haven’t spoken to the former two since the day I met them (obviously) and I spoke to “Bartender 2” when I got back home, apologizing for not having visited him and “Bartender 1” before I left the city.  But I assured him I have every intention to move out there (I really do) so that I’ll be seeing them soon.  =)

Date #23: “Goofy”: Two days after our little “date”, he texted me and apologized for having made things weird between us.  We haven’t spoken since.

*”Mr. Big” Updates*

I’ll make this combined, since it’s not that exciting.  I haven’t spoken to “Mr. Big (Past)” in forever.  After that random night he texted me, I haven’t heard from him since, nor have I made any attempts to speak to him.

As far as “Mr. Big (Present)” is concerned, I figured out why he stopped talking to me yet again…he got a new girlfriend.  This one is a lot better looking than the troll he had before, I won’t deny that.  But she does look a bit like a stripper.  A pretty stripper, nonetheless.  Oh well, what can I do.  Clearly, I am the dumb one in this situation since we always start talking, and then he always stops talking to me at random once he’s found a girl he wants to date.  Which is clearly not me.  We didn’t talk for about 2 months, until I randomly ended up in front of his old house while driving around lost downtown.  I texted him about it, and we started talking again, but really just as friends.  At this point, I truly am over him and am okay with being “friends” if that’s all we’ll ever be.  After him getting a girlfriend yet again, I started feeling used so I decided that I don’t deserve that and want to find someone better.  While I do still think so highly of him, clearly we are not meant to be.  And that’s okay.

Because of these latest happenings with both “Mr. Big”‘s, I don’t think I will be doing an update on either of them, unless something drastic happens and it’s worth talking about.

*Leslie Updates*

I’ve been really off and on as far as wanting to go on dates with men.  Part of me is wanting to go out there and find someone, even if it’s just a plaything that I can tie up and have my way with (I’ll explain more of this in a second).  The other part of me is wanting to just embrace being alone and the fact that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, without having to worry about someone else’s feelings and without having someone annoy me.  Ha.  Plus, I’m having so much fun just living my own life however the fuck I want to, so why ruin that?

I’ve had quite a few more offers on What’s Your Price, so if anything, it’s kind of a part-time gig that earns me money on occasion, while I enjoy getting to know a person, because honeys, I’m broke as fuck.  I still haven’t really found anyone on that site to really date seriously, but that’s fine with me.

I’m still in love (based off false pretenses) with a guy at my gym that I mentioned in my post “We’re ‘JUST’ Friends (and random sidenotes)” .  I still don’t know his name, and I still have not talked to him.  Yes, I’m the biggest baby around him, clearly.  But we both look at each other every once in awhile, and I’ve noticed him working out in the same area as me more often than not lately…or maybe I’m just making shit up in my head.  Either way, I will try and work up the guts to speak to him soon – he just  makes me feel like a school girl with a little crush.  Blah.

Haha isn’t this the truth….

I met a guy the other night randomly at a bar downtown while attending a friend’s birthday party.  He’s cute, I made out with him, we’ve been texting.  I guess we’ll see where that goes.

“Buddy” is still trying to woo me.  Apparently, we had been dating for a bit and then we stopped.  I told him straight up I wasn’t trying to date one person this year, and that I just wanted to be friends with him, which he seemed to disregard as he still tried after I told him this.  My friend and I proceeded to drunk dial him after he called me, and I think my friend was kind of mean about it.  Anyways, I haven’t heard from him since.

Back to my fantasy of tying someone up and having my way with them, I recently picked up a book called The Siren.  The only reason I bought it was because me and my lovely old roomie had nicknames for each other – mine for her was (is) “Mermaid” and her for me was (is) “Siren”, because I sing.  Anyways, I really just bought the book for the name.  Lo and behold, it turns out to be an erotica book.  But it’s actually REALLY good.  I’m in love with the main character, who is a writer by day, and a dominatrix by night.  Basically, long story short, it’s putting ideas in my head…;-).

And last but not least, I think I have a secret crush.  I’m not really sure…but I think I do.  And that is all I will say about that.  =)  If we go on a date, I’ll write about it.  But that’s all you’re getting out of me on this one.

8 thoughts on “Random: *Updates* (Dates #16-23, “Mr. Big”‘s, General)

    • Haha it seems to be a trend huh?? I won’t lie, I am happy being single. As much as I would love to find someone, which I guess is somewhat the goal of this blog, I am an extremely independent lady…almost too independent at times. I’ve had relationships in the past falter due to my independence. I’m the type of person who will be head over heels over a guy, but won’t want to see him everyday, or talk every single minute of the day, or ditch all my friends for him. I’m a firm believer in two separate people (separate ideas, thoughts, goals, hobbies, etc.) coming together and sharing their lives with one another, not the whole “becoming one” idea. So if I could find someone to be with who could let me be my independent self, I would be set. =)

    • Yeah it’s pretty funny and pathetic on my part haha. Any tips?? Seriously, I’ve been too afraid to talk to this guy and it’s been going on for at least 2 months now, I need some help!!

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