Random: Nice Guys Do NOT Finish Last

The only reason I am writing about this topic is because I wanted to share the following video by Jenna Marbles.  I know I’ve referenced her a couple of times here in my blog, but she really has some smart opinions about a lot of things…especially this one.  I absolutely HATE when guys get mad because girls won’t date them, and then continue to use the excuse, “Oh, it’s because I’m a nice guy and girls just want assholes who treat them like shit.”  UM NO.  YOU FUCKING DUMBASSES.  We probably don’t want to date you for other reasons…such as your insecure ways, or maybe you’re annoying, or dumb, or weird, etc….the list could go on and on.  Being an nice guy has never crossed my mind as a reason as to why I wouldn’t want to date a guy.  I LOVE nice guys.  Actually, I’m done writing….just watch the following video:

I love her.

8 thoughts on “Random: Nice Guys Do NOT Finish Last

  1. On your Home page you say “let’s be honest girls – we rarely like “nice” guys.”

    That’s you, that’s your quote. Then you want to put up this video and say, “I LOVE nice guys.”

    I can tell you what your problem is right now. You think of yourself as a solid 7 or 8 but you want to be a 9 or a 10 and feel the need to have a guy that is a 9 or a 10 to try and up or validate your looks to the rest of the world. If you were not so caught up in what other people thought of you and actually listened to what Jenna says in the F’N video about being people that are like them, you might not have to dedicate a F’N webpage to how alone you are because you YOUR own insecurities.

    That’s why you kept gravitating towards asshole guys that ran around on you. They KNEW you were not on their level but they could keep you around to fill some void or they didn’t like to be alone or something like that. They KNEW you needed to be with a guy that looked better than you and they took advantage.

    It’s funny that the girls she is talking about in this video, shallow materialistic, it’s you. Your just as guilty in this department as the guys that blame it on being nice. Get over yourself, swallow your pride and go date that guy you KNOW you should be dating but the thought of “If I were to date hime what would everyone else think?” Stop worrying about your girlfriends, stop worrying about your coworkers, stop worrying about strangers and bitching about something that is a result of your own actions.

    • First off, thank you for your comment, I really do appreciate the fact that you are reading my blog.

      If you noticed I put nice in quotes. Obviously that connotes to something else. I also mentioned that I am trying to change my ways of going for straight up assholes and going for nicer guys instead, and just giving every guy a chance in general. Not sure how that is shallow and materialistic. I didn’t, in your words, “dedicate an F’N webpage to how alone [I am] because of [my] own insecurities.” I did it as an experiment to see if I could possibly date as many different guys as I could this year to experience every different type of person I could. If you actually read my dates, you’ll see a lot of them are very different (some to my liking, some not). I used to only date guys I felt I was compatible with, and I wanted to see if maybe I was missing out on something else. Also, I was a creative writing major and I hadn’t written anything in awhile so I figured this would be something fun to do in order to get back into writing. As far as caring about what other people thought about me, it’s cute that you think you know me based off something you read, because if you actually DID know me, you know that’s the one thing I don’t care about. I’ve dated all sorts of different guys, attractive ones and not so attractive ones, and honestly I’ve always liked the ones who I had a lot in common with and had personalities similar to mine, whether they were ridiculously good looking or not attractive whatsoever. If you’d like to see pictures of guys I’ve dated, I’d be more than willing to e-mail some to you. =)

      Again thank you for reading my blog, and it’s lovely that you think you know me so well based off a couple of words written here and there. 😉

  2. First of all… I love Jenna, that girl is funny!! We probably need more humour and less taking it too seriously. I don’t like the fact that people are “too free” with criticism; but I admire the fact that it was handled with GRACE and politeness!!!
    You keep doing your thing on here and help women understand (I enjoy your blog) – being single is not easy and no one is perfect.
    GIRLS be nice.
    NOW I am going to watch the video. LOVE that Jenna 😀

    • Haha Jenna is the BEST!! I discovered her on YouTube a year or so ago, and have been watching her ever since!! If you haven’t seen her other videos, definitely check them out!! Her boyfriend’s channel, Maxnosleeves, is funny too!!

      But thanks for the support!! I really, truly appreciate it!! I figured with writing some of the topics that I’ve written about, there’s always going to be some backlash. I guess it just comes with the territory!! Can’t please everyone, right? 🙂 Weirdly enough, I think that was a guy who wrote that comment…all my negative comments on here seem to be from men. Haha. Anyways, thanks again for following me!! 🙂

  3. I like how you touched on insecurities among other random traits because that is the real issue with “nice guys”. Unfortunately most guys don’t want to hear the truth.

    • Thank you!! Yeah, I don’t think anyone wants to hear the truth about insecurities being the issue, whether it be guys or girls. I know insecurities is my biggest issue with guys and I have a knack for spotting it pretty quickly, so that usually kills it for me immediately.

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