Date #23: “Goofy”

Note: This wasn’t supposed to be a date in any way, shape, or form, but in some sense turned into one.  I seem to have a lot of these pseudo-dates, especially as of late.  Weird.

How We Met: We had a piano class together I think my junior or senior year of college.  Neither of us ever practiced, we always sat in the back, and our teacher (in my opinion) wasn’t too fond of us.  We started talking because of this.  We honestly never hung out outside of class and after graduation, we would occasionally speak on Facebook.  But that’s about it.  Keep this in mind while reading the rest…


*Physical Aesthetics: 6

*Appearance: 6

*Personality: 5-6

*Manners: 8

*Intelligence: 6 (but I couldn’t really gauge)

*Confidence: 4

*Overall Rating: 5

The Date: So like I previously stated, this was not supposed to be a date in any way.  “Goofy” had messaged me on Facebook awhile back that he was coming into town for what is called The Rocky Mountain Showdown and that we should hang out while he was in town.  I’m a friendly person so I agreed to this.  He started texting me when he got into town and it turns out he was staying at a hotel a couple blocks away from my work so I told him to come visit me at work if he got the chance.  And this is where things went sour.

He came into visit me, which was sweet, but he literally stayed at the bar the entire time.  On top of that, he was texting me the entire time I was working.  I was cocktailing that night in the back so it was obnoxious to have him text me every 5 seconds asking something.  I’m not really sure why he stayed the entire time I was working because I honestly thought he was just stopping by to say hi and then meeting up with his friends.  Anyways, we got to talking about what we were going to do that night and a co-worker and I had decided we were going to watch another one of our co-workers DJ at some bar a couple blocks away.  He said that he was meeting up with his friends, but then halfway through the night decided he was going to tag along with us (I guess I made the mistake of inviting him?).  I thought this was kind of strange because he completely changed his plans with them to hang out with me, and as I said previously, we had NEVER hung out outside of school before and I graduated college 3 years ago.  So he decides to go grab some food while I’m finishing up at work and I swear, before my shift was even over, I get a call and a message from him.  Seriously?  He knows I’m not going anywhere and that I’m meeting my co-worker at work, so I’m not sure what’s with the incessant blowing up my phone situation.  I get off of work, and he’s literally just waiting for me outside of my work.  So I make him come in while I’m getting ready.  I start complaining how my co-worker who I’m supposed to meet up with is late and I’m wondering out loud where he is, and “Goofy” makes the comment, “Sounds like you have a crush on him,” and then under his breath, “That’s a problem.”  What.  The.  Fuck.  I tell him that I don’t have a crush on him and that we’re all just supposed to hang out so I’m wondering where he is.  He starts kind of arguing with me about it, saying, “No it sounds like you like this guy” (and even if I did, why should he care?).  So I begin to explain how all of us at work are pretty close and we all love each other so damn much, so if anything it’s like a loving little family.  Not sure why I even had to explain this, but I did.

So we start heading down to this other bar because my co-worker decided we were just going to meet there instead.  On our way down, I passed by my favorite night club and of course, “Hollywood” was working.  I’ve kinda been avoiding him for some time now just because he’s been so mean to me, and in doing so, I’ve realized I don’t like him more than a friend anymore (for now…).  So because of this realization, I’m 100% okay with him as a person again.  I told “Goofy” we had to stop by (because it was on the way to the other bar) and he mentioned something about liking to find conflict.  Again, another weird comment.  I dismissed this and kept on going.  We stop by “Hollywood”‘s work and I have him do a quick, final outfit check (remember, we’re just friends now, and I’m already comfortable with him so why not).  I was dumb and wearing a red bra and a sheer white top, so I had him make sure it wasn’t obviously see through.  This apparently irritated “Goofy” enough for him to make a comment about it, so I dismissed it and told him “Hollywood” was gay.  Hahaha.

We finally arrive at our destination, and everything was fine.  He got along well with my co-worker and my co-workers friend.  We had a couple of drinks, listened to our other co-worker DJ (for like 5 seconds because we waited for forever and he didn’t start till the very end and we got impatient) and then headed out to another bar.  My co-worker and his friend decided to go to one bar  but I wanted to go to another, so I did as I pleased.  By this time, I was honestly wondering if “Goofy” had completely blown off his friends, because he kept saying they were meeting up with him but they still hadn’t shown up.  So we go and sit at the bar (really, just so I can say hi to “Boss Man” and get some water because I needed to get away from “Goofy” stat!) and just start talking.  I honestly cannot remember how we got on the topic, but he mentioned that girls in Arizona are hotter.  Which is fine, whatever.  Then I made some comment about how yeah, at the bar we were at there weren’t very many pretty girls and that (here’s where I got “cocky bitchy” as I like to call it…it happens sometimes when I’ve been drinking) I thought I was the prettiest girl there.  To this comment, he replied, “You’re hot, but you’re definitely not the hottest.”  Clearly, the fucker doesn’t know me because I was (half)kidding and I wasn’t meaning it to be arrogant, it was seriously a joke.  Anyways, my “cocky bitchy” self decided to take offense to this and I started talking about how I’ve gotten some of the hottest guys around so I don’t know what he’s talking about.  He took this as me being insecure and started telling me that I have insecurity issues.  Oh, if only the fucker knew…anyways, then shit kinda hit the fan, I called him out on being a fucking weirdo and making comments about me having a crush on my co-worker and what not.  He totally tried to back track, claiming he never said that and I was making shit up, yet I was 100% sober when he said that, and he was already drunk.  Basically, we argued about dumb shit for a good 30 minutes or so.  He kept bringing up the word “friends,” as if we were so close or something (refer back to my opening statement about this) and kept assuring me he wasn’t just trying to take me home and hook up with me for one night.  Again, What.  The.  Fuck.  Just all around.  Finally, his friend showed up, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, then got the fuck out of the bar.  He tried texting me to find me, but I just told him I went home and to have a good night.

*Positives: He’s a nice guy, complimented me all night, bought me a couple of drinks, had very good manners

*Negatives: He doesn’t seem to know the definition of what a “friend” is, he clearly has some jealousy issues, he’s clingy, we didn’t have much to talk about…like really talk about

*Second First Date?: I don’t think so.  I know he wants to hang out again before he leaves and was practically begging me to hang out pretty much the entire weekend, but after last night I’m hoping he just hates me.  It’d be better that way.

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