Random: No, Thank You, I am NOT CUTE!!

Before anyone starts freaking out and hating on me because they think this is an insecure plea for everyone to tell me how beautiful I am, let me just tell everyone that it is NOT.  If you know me (and I think by now, most of you know me pretty well just from what I’ve written), I am the last person to ask ANYONE for validation on whether I am attractive or not – I know I am.  I don’t need any reassurance, thank you.  So now that that’s out of the way….

The “really” does not help…

“Cute”…that word.  I love it and hate it all the same.  I love it when talking about puppies, and kittens, and clothes, and babies, and small things, and all other things in life that are deserving of the term “cute”.  But when a guy (not just a guy friend, but guys that I want to date/fuck/etc.) uses it to refer to ME…I fucking despise the word.  I don’t mind it when another female describes me as cute.  In fact, just recently I worked an event with a bunch of gorgeous models who told me I was cute- I loved it and took it as such a huge compliment coming from them!!  I just absolutely despise when men refer to me as cute!

I’m sure you’re all thinking now, “Damn, this bitch is crazy!” but here is my rationale on the whole thing.  I associate the term “cute” with things that are cute (i.e. see list above).  I also view the word “cute” as referring to people who are decent looking, but not necessarily attractive.  For example, Adam Brody is cute, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s hot, where as someone like Cristiano Ronaldo (I’m seriously so in love with him) is just so handsome, and hot, and sexy, and every other word you can think of…except cute.  Even if you ask the average person what the lowest ranking of attractiveness is on the unofficial scale of attractiveness (yes I made this up, but go with it…you know what I mean), “cute” would be at the bottom.  And while there is nothing wrong with being cute, I just really don’t like being considered cute.  To me, it’s almost insulting.  There are many other terms that could be used to describe attractiveness, such as the following: beautiful, handsome, pretty, hot, sexy, gorgeous, lovely, banging, dime, and much  more.  Yes, the last two are pretty ghetto in comparison to the others, but I’d rather be called those terms than cute.

And you know, maybe I’m just overreacting.  Maybe I really am just cute.  And maybe that’s the only term that can truly describe me.  Or maybe certain guys only see me as cute, while others tend to think I’m better looking than just cute.  But why would I want to date someone who just thinks I’m cute, when I can be with someone who thinks I’m hot, or beautiful?  I think we should all be with the people who find us to be at the tip top of attractiveness, even if to someone else we’re not.  I mean, just take the difference between “Hollywood” and “Mr. Big (Present)” – “Hollywood” will tell me I’m cute or call me “cutie”, while “Mr. Big (Present)” tells me I’m hot.  Who do you think I’m going to pick?  And while I myself call some guys “cute,” it’s usually because they are just that – cute.  They’re not hot, sexy, handsome, or gorgeous.  They’re just cute.  Averagely attractive.  Yep.

I know, this post is borderline ridiculous (if not just straight up ridiculous) as it takes a small issue of vernacular and blows it completely out of proportion.  But this is something that bothers me.  Not to the point where I freak out or anything, but it does bother me quite a bit.

So to all you men out there who may be reading my blog, or may randomly come across this post: do not call me cute.  Unless you do in fact only consider me cute.  And then you can just go away because I probably won’t want to date you anyways.

This…this is cute

This is cute

This…this is NOT cute. If I wanted to have been cute, I would have put on bunny ears and smiled (which I did do for another picture…but that’s besides the point)

8 thoughts on “Random: No, Thank You, I am NOT CUTE!!

  1. I had someone call me cute that I was interested in. They hadn’t ever called me handsome, dashing, or anything else other than cute. Bothered me too.

    I think it depends on if they *only* call you cute. If they call you cute or say you did something cute when you are, but when you’re incredibly sexy they call you incredibly sexy… Not sure I see anything wrong with that.

    • You make a very good point, context does play a huge role into the way the term is used. I guess I meant it more so when applying to straight aesthetics in opposed to doing something cute or being cute, if that makes any sense.

  2. Oh, and by the way… That last pic? I wouldn’t use the word cute to describe it. Steamy, sexy, hot, alluring… Any of those would work.

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