Date #17: “Professor”, “Cop”, & “Tow Man”

Note: This wasn’t an actual date, but it might as well have been 3 miniature speed-dating sessions with all the information I found out about each of the people involved, especially “Professor” and “Tow Man.”  So I’m counting my 3 encounters as one dating session.

How We Met: “Professor” –  He rear ended my pretty little race car on the highway on my way home from work today.  Everyone was so distracted by the wildfire/lightning/accident on the other side of the highway, so he hit me.  We spent a good 30-45 minutes just chatting it up considering we had nowhere to go until “Cop” was done writing his citation and writing up the report.

“Cop” – He happened to be working on an accident on the other side of the highway when “Professor” rear ended me.  He came over and helped us with our accident.

“Tow Man” – This was the gentleman who towed my little race car.  I had him take me to the collision center and since it was fairly far away, we had a good hour or so to talk.


*Physical Aesthetics: P (“Professor”) – 6;  C (“Cop”) – 8 (for his age);  TM (“Tow Man”) – 6

*Appearance:  P – 7; C – 10 (who doesn’t love a man in uniform); TM – 5 (his uniform sucked)

*Personality: P – 10; C – 10; TM – 7

*Manners: P – 10; C – 10; TM – 7

*Intelligence: P – 10 (because of his profession); C – 10; TM – 7

*Confidence: N/A

*Overall Rating: P – 5 (because he crashed into me); C – 10; TM – 7

My pretty little race car….so, so, so, sad….I’m like a sad little panda….

The “Date”: Well long story short, my pretty little race car was rear ended today by “Professor”.  He was busy watching the lightning/wildfire/accident on the other side of the highway, and by the time he decided to pay attention to what was going on, BOOM…right into the back of my car.  I just bought this car a little over 2 months ago, so although the first thing out of his mouth was, “Are you okay?”, the first thing out of my mouth was, “I JUST BOUGHT THIS CAR!!!!”  =(.  Seriously, I am so sad right now.

“Professor” – While “Cop” sorted everything out with insurance, citations, etc., “Professor” and I had nothing better to do than chat.  He was actually a very nice man, used to be a professor of Psychology at the University of Nebraska (not sure which one).  He eventually got sick of that, and now does research out in Maryland.  He was in town for a conference at the local university and had borrowed his friend’s car while in town.  Being the super caring individual that he is (or maybe he was trying to trick me, since he was a professor in Psychology and all ), he continually asked me if I was okay.  This was his first accident…ever…so he was new to the whole situation.  He even offered to take me out and buy me a drink because he felt bad about the whole situation.  Which was super sweet.  Really nice guy, but he rear ended me, so I can’t like him all too much.  Plus he was older…early 40’s – not my type.

“Cop” – Well “Cop” was just nice, considering every other cop I’ve encountered in that city has been quite the asshole…I guess they usually have nothing better to do since it’s a college town.  With that being said, and maybe he only did it because it was his job, he sat and chatted with me while I waited for the tow truck to arrive.  We didn’t talk about anything too personal, considering he was a cop on duty.  We did talk about all the wildfires spreading throughout the state and how it’s imperative that rain starts dumping on our state.  He told me not to feel bad about the guy hitting me (I felt bad that it was his friend’s car and not his) because…well, he hit me.  He noted that I had just got my car and sympathized with me.  Very nice, older gentleman.

“Tow Man” – I had no choice, since my dashboard was completely disengaged and my wipers would not turn off, but to get a ride to the repair shop with “Tow Man”.  He was a nice guy, we talked about how awful my downgrade is going to be (going from my new car, which has a pseudo-turbo in it to my old car which barely accelerates on the highway), credit card debt, the wildfires in our state, and traffic.  He’s originally from Michigan, used to work as a chef for 8 years before he decided he was sick of that business.  He really enjoys his job because he’s not in an office, doesn’t have someone looking over his back constantly, and can pretty much do whatever he wants.  The one thing that does suck though is he is constantly in traffic.  He has a girlfriend, he lives close to one of the wildfires, and he works 2 36-hour shifts a week.  Do I know his name though….no.  Not a damn clue.

*Positives: They were all very nice, concerned, and great people to talk to.

*Negatives: I will never see any of these people again…I guess that’s not such a bad thing though.

Second First Date?: Nope.  =)

4 thoughts on “Date #17: “Professor”, “Cop”, & “Tow Man”

  1. Well, I’m all about the man in Blue…guess it is my MO….So if it was a ) someone your age and b) lived near by I can only say “run and look the other way”

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