Random: *Updates* (Dates #9-15, “Mr. Big””s, General)

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update entry (the first one was in March) so I figured it’s about time that I wrote one!!  I will also include some previous dates (Dates #1-8) if anything has happened since my last update.  But I assure you, my love life is still fairly non-existent so don’t be expecting anything more than that.

*Date Updates*

Date #9: “Interrogator”: Basically, how I ended the entry about him is how “him and I” ended.  I heard from my co-worker “Becky” who had set us up that the following week, he posted on his Facebook that he was having a kid with some girl – not sure if the girl was an ex, a current girlfriend, or whatever.  But yeah, basically the guy was still trying to date other women even though he had a little one on the way.  I think things ended the way they did for the better.

Date #10: “Booze Talker”: He’s contacted me a couple of times to hang out, but either I’ve been busy or we haven’t been in the same area in order to get together to hang out.  I usually hang out in the city since I’m a total city girl, and he likes to keep it close to home in the suburbs, so the likelihood of us hanging out (unless I’m just super bored and in the area) is very slim to none.  He is too scared (not sure why) to come downtown by himself, so it really is a lose lose situation in both cases.  Which doesn’t hurt my feelings whatsoever.

Date #11: “Mr. Too Cool”: After our date, he texted me the next day telling me he had a good time and the next time we hung out, we’d go somewhere where I could get all dolled up.  I agreed that that would be a good idea, but didn’t think it would actually happen.  I was right.  We haven’t spoken since then, and I’ve already deleted his number.  Strangely enough, he told “Miss Pretty Hair” (my dear co-worker who I love to death…we’re soulmates) that he had a wonderful time and apparently made it sound like he was really into me.  But such was not the case, and I am completely okay with that.

Date #12: “Magic Hands”: This seems to always happen with “Magic Hands” when one hangs out with him – after one time of hanging out, he becomes somewhat clingy and continually blows up your phone.  I’m pretty sure he texted me a couple nights a week for about 3 weeks to hang out (a.k.a. go to the bars and get drunk), but it was always on nights that I don’t go out on – so pretty much every night except the weekends.  Eventually he gave up.

Date #13: “Boss Man”: We actually talk quite a bit, but because we’re both in the bar industry and don’t work the same nights, it’s extremely hard to find a time to hang out.  Every time we both have a night off, he’s always busy with something (which I don’t blame him for) and nights that I can go out, he’s working, or something of that sort.  We were supposed to get together sometime this week, but it just didn’t work out.  Hopefully we do hang out soon because I do enjoy hanging out with him.  I did see him last weekend at work, and he texted me after, apologized for being too busy to really have a conversation with me, and told me I looked good that night.  =)  So sweet.

Date #14: “Youngin”: I honestly don’t think I want to hang out with this one on a one-on-one basis again; he’s just too young and completely acts his age (if not younger), despite what people supposedly tell him.  He’s tried hanging out with me a couple of times since, but luckily I’m a busy lady so I haven’t had to make up excuses.  I think all he really wants to do is hang out at a house and get drunk, which I find completely boring, so I don’t foresee us hanging out anytime soon.

Date #15: “Hollywood”: After my little shit show at his place on my birthday, we didn’t talk for about a week.  But I saw him after I came back from vacation at his work.  Initially, it was kind of awkward, and I’m not sure if that was me making it awkward, or him making it awkward, or if we both were making it awkward…but it was awkward.  But after a few minutes, we were back to normal.  I honestly thought he was going to be immature about the whole situation, but we talked about it and he was really cool about it.  He didn’t make any mention of how ridiculous I was, just said that it was my birthday so it was all good.  He did mention how he was happy that I wasn’t mad at him anymore =).  So everything is back to normal…which is good in the sense that we’re fine again, but bad in that the whole no texting business is back as well.  I’m beginning to think that maybe I should just give up on this one instead of perhaps forcing something that’s not supposed to happen.  But I guess we’ll see what happens…the year is still young!!

Date #0: “Flakey”: This guy is seriously something…either he’s really dumb, extremely oblivious, or is a combination of the two.  After I made it (I think) pretty clear that I was irritated, he continued to text me at least once a week to try and hang out.  Finally, one day, I kind of just exploded on him and told him how I really felt.  He then tried making the excuse that it wasn’t anything serious, that we were just hanging out (I have a feeling he was alluding to the fact that I was mad because I thought we were hanging out because I was interested in him…which obviously isn’t the case) and that work is very important to him.  He had failed to mention he was late because of work initially, which if he did, I would have been understanding.  So clearly something is wrong with him.  Even after this, he continued to text me to hang out and eventually, I just stopped responding to his texts since me responding by saying “no” apparently wasn’t enough.  I haven’t heard from him since.

Pretty sure I already have a couple of times here….;-)

*”Mr. Big” Updates*

I was honestly going to forgo this part because for awhile, I hadn’t spoken to/heard from either one of them in awhile.  So I’ll just combine the updates instead of making separate ones.  Absolutely nothing exciting is going on with “Mr. Big (Past)”.  After my last update, things have pretty much stayed the same.  A couple of weeks ago, he texted me very late at night/early in the morning just saying “Sup.”  Seriously??  I didn’t respond and that’s that.  Exciting right?

As of last time, things were kind of weird with “Mr. Big (Present)” and I as far as chatting and what not.  For a while, I felt like I was the one making all the effort to talk (which was never the case before) so I made the conscious decision to stop talking to him for a while.  But at the beginning of this month, we started speaking again after he commented on a picture of mine that I was “frightening”.  Haha.  I completely despise when guys give me too much positive praise (a.k.a. “You’re so beautiful” 10 times in a night…ick), so for him to not know this and do the complete opposite made my day.  I have a feeling him and his troll broke up again, because that’s when our talking usually becomes more fluid.  We’ve been meaning to get together to do a book exchange (yes, we’re nerds), but every time I try to get the book, he diverts conversation to us hooking up which he says in a joking, but serious manner.  It got annoying so I kind of called him out, and we haven’t spoken since.  I’ve tried to get the book, but with no response from him.  Seriously, it’s very love-hate between us.

*Leslie Updates*

Honestly, I’ve been quite the boring person.  I haven’t been really trying too hard to meet any new guys, so in addition to my “man hating” episode, dates haven’t been coming along as freely as before.  Plus, I’ve been working so much that when I do get some time off, the last thing I want to do is go spend it on a date (unless it’s with someone I’m truly interested in to begin with).  My time off is far and few between, so sometimes all I want to do is kick back and put my feet up.  I have seen “Sunshine” and “Perfect Ass”  since our dates, as they are two of my good friends and roll into town every so often.  I think I’m over my “man hating” episode, but I’m not fully back into the dating game so we’ll see how it goes.  Like I mentioned in a few entries back, at the end of this month, I intend on joining a dating website.  Not going to lie, I’m a little apprehensive in that I don’t fully support the idea of dating websites for myself, but I’m going to test it out – see what it’s all about.  And then cross off some dates while I’m at it.  I still fully believe in meeting people in person, but hey, those websites have worked for some so maybe they’ll work for me!  =)

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