Random: “We met through the taps of a keyboard, with a screen between us…”

So when I first started this blog, I made the decision that if I didn’t get halfway through my goal (my goal is 50 men by the end of the year, so 25 men) halfway through the year (so the end of June), I would join an online dating website.  At the moment, I am at 13 dates, with 12 more dates to go to get to my “halfway through the year” goal of 25 and there’s only 2 more weeks until June.  Unless I step up my game and go on at least 2 dates a week (which is highly unlikely since I’m so busy with work) or find the “Prince Charming” who “ends” my blog, it looks as though online dating is in my near future.

While I am not one to judge anyone on how they meet their significant other, for me personally, I find online dating to be a bit superficial and fake.  You look at other people’s profiles and based off their picture (because let’s be honest, when it comes to things like that, we all look at aesthetics first), you decide whether you want to get to know them more.  From there, you look at the information listed on their profile that may (or may not) be true.  With all that information, it’s then when you decide to contact this person to perhaps get to know them further than what is written/posted on their walls.

I feel this is so superficial and fake because one has yet to experience this person in “real life,” if you will,….has yet to truly see another’s emotion and another’s way of socializing.  Basically, a person is judging you/you’re judging a person based off what you believe is true based on the information given.  You’re fed the information without really having your own, personal opinion about said person and based on this, you must make a decision whether to converse with this person or not, and perhaps even meet up.  So, in short, you may or may be speaking/meeting up with someone on completely false pretenses, from the information they said about themselves on their profiles to their profile pictures.

But….who am I to even have an opinion on this?  Many people have met their soul mates on one of these websites I consider superficial and here I am, only at date #13.  Clearly, they’re winning, and I’m not.

ANYWAYS…the reason I am writing this entry is because I need the help of all you lovely people out there who follow my blog!!  I need to know, either from your experience or from what you’ve heard from others, what is the best way to go about dating online.  I need to know the best websites, what to put on my profile, etc.  Any tips are greatly appreciated!!  Please leave all tips in the comment box below in opposed to other ways (aka Facebook, text, etc.) so I can compare and contrast opinions all in one place.  I most definitely would like to hear opinions on best dating websites.  I don’t want one I have to pay for, and I want one that’s pretty self explanatory.  So please, lovelies, send me your suggestions!!  Thanks so much!!  =)

20 thoughts on “Random: “We met through the taps of a keyboard, with a screen between us…”

  1. I do online dating. I find it fun. I have a great profile that weeds a lot of guys out that I would never waste my time on. Also, I get a lot of sketchy messages, but I can just ignore them. I like having the opportunity to talk to someone a few times before going out with them and being able to reject them easier if I don’t want to go out with them. Some sites are better than others, though. OKCupid.com is pretty solid. In fact, my “Not-Boyfriend” is from there and we have our own issues, but he’s a great guy overall. It’s worth a shot! And you can always delete your profile! 🙂

    • Thank you for the tips!! I saw that you were dating online so I’m glad you gave me some feedback!! OKCupid was actually the site I was thinking about trying, I’m glad to hear you’ve had some success with it. I’m not intending on making a profile until the end of June, but when I do I may be asking you for some help with it!! =)

  2. met my husband on match.com and my sister met her man on okcupid. just have fun with it. i went on a lot of horrid blog worthy dates, but the key is weeding through the nonsense and focusing on the guys you do like. i also took my “manhunt” seriously… if i was interested, i responded back and did not get discouraged when i felt like there was no one out there. just be methodical with it and enjoy yourself! do not waste your time and succumb to a date #2 unless the guy is really worth it. just pretty recently started this blog so be on the lookout for an online dating tip section as soon as i figure out dashboard…best of luck and feel free to ask anything directly in the meantime! (this includes awkward date scenarios :o))

  3. Well I may not have any input on the online dating; I tried but never had a bite. What I can offer is what not to try….Chemistry.com. Was a total waste, however I’m going to be honest..I just don’t get online dating. Too many crazies. I had a friend who used match.com and had three dates a week. and ended up getting ten in less then a month. She was in her mid 40’s and what she put on the profile was she was fun and adventurous; but the key was a full body profile shot. no just faces. Show your funky, fun, sexy side in the photos (not difficult for you) be total optomistic attitude and by all means make mention of you athletic body and mind set. You will get dozens, guaranteed… not to mention you are a totally HOT…mama… I also did put in a profile for eharmony…not so good. Again I just never had bites. My friend however did and she did meet her so called perfect match who turned out to be a sociopath..FYI…with an ex “sociopath” who was not quite an ex and adapt at finding out who he dated and how to followup. Yeah….!!!!

    • P.S. Luv your blog Leslie…It brings back oh so many memories…… I am praying that you never end up in my situation and that mr. “Only the best for you” finds you and makes damn sure he holds on to you and worships the very terra you stand on.

      • Thank you so much, you’re so sweet!!! =) I don’t really get online dating either, but for the sake of my writing/blog, I’m going to do it towards the end of June!! Well, unless I meet “Prince Charming” before then. But as we all know, “Prince Charming” can always quickly turn into “Mr. Piece of Shit” so we’ll see what happens!!

  4. I have had some luck with eHarmony. I think it is a site for more serious guys since there is a fee. I liked that it felt a little more private. I have also tried Catholic Match and that didn’t work too well.

    Have you thought about speed dating? You could knock out 8 dates in one hour (if that counts). 🙂 I have tried 8 minute dating and it was fun. Nothing came of it beyond that night, but it was interesting to make small talk with the guys. It was also fascinating to see how they would try to impress me in 8 minutes. There is a fee for going (I think it was $20-30), but after the first time, they will sometimes offer free tickets if they need more ladies.

    • I don’t know how I feel about paying for a dating website. I think I would pay for it if I was serious about using it to find a significant other, but I’m more so doing it for my blog because I promised myself I would be completely open about dating this year. I mean if I find someone that’s awesome, but it’s primarily for my blog. I have always wanted to try speed dating to be honest, I just didn’t want to go alone haha!! Where did you do this at? And do you want to do it with me?? I’m such a baby lol.

      • There are plenty of free sites. Use those first. And YES DO SPEED DATING! It’s so much fun!!! I wish I lived near you (or do I? I’m in Boston…not sure where you are haha). I’d so go again. It’s a blast.

        • Ahh this makes me excited for speed dating!! I honestly have always wanted to go, but was either just too timid or didn’t know how to go about doing so. Plus, I’ve heard plenty of horror stories, not that I have let that deter me in any way!! Haha nope I’m on the other side, I live in Denver!! =)

          • Of course you’re far away! I have family out there. I’ll have to visit them and you and I will go speed dating, hahaha. 🙂

            • YES!!!! =) If I make my way out to Boston, I will definitely let you know and we’ll have to speed date out there!! I was involved with a guy from Boston for awhile a.k.a. “Mr. Big (Past)” so I’d be curious to see what dating is like out there!!!

      • Yes, I want to go!!! The kind I have tried before is http://www.8minutedating.com/signup/eventList.cgi?M1=1&M2=14&M3=29. The next one is June 10th, so I may be too out of it to go, but you are welcome to go without me! They have a couple every month in Denver or in Boulder. They used to offer coupon codes for liking the Facebook page, or if you get a friend to sign up too (I think?). Also, if you don’t find anyone the first time, you get to go free the next time.

        There is also this kind, which I haven’t done yet: http://dateanddash.com/events/13963 and http://dateanddash.com/events/13841, but it looks interesting.

  5. Hi! I thought you would want to know there is 8 minute dating on Sunday, and Bachelorette TV show casting on Saturday, haha! 🙂

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