Date # 13: “Boss Man”

How We Met: I honestly can’t remember if we went to middle school together or not…so I’m just going to say middle school.  Because I’m almost certain we did.  I know for a fact we went to high school together.  I wouldn’t say we were ever actually friends, but we had a lot of mutual friends and I know we had talked a couple of times in high school in classes and what not.  After high school, I MAYBE saw him once at a mutual friend’s party (I honestly don’t even remember this, he just reminded me of it), but that was it.  It wasn’t until after college when I started frequenting his place of occupation that we started talking.  I’ve been going there pretty frequently for maybe the past year or two, and I always talk to him, but we had never hung out outside of me just coming in and visiting.  So I suggested that we hang out.


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 7

*Personality: 10

*Manners: 10

*Intelligence: 7-9, though I can’t say this is an accurate gauge considering this wasn’t something that I could determine based on our conversations

*Confidence: 9

*Overall Rating: 9

The Date: So like I said previously, we had never really hung out before, especially not just us by ourselves, so I guess I didn’t know what to expect.  We had been talking about hanging out for a month or so now, but we hadn’t gotten the chance (or more so “Boss Man” kept forgetting to call me on his days off…asshole…haha).  I think I saw him last weekend at work and I again reminded him how we needed to hang out.  My reasoning behind us hanging out is because I didn’t like how our association was limited to just visits at his work, and I wanted a friendship (or something of that sort) behind it.   Fortunately, everyday he had off this week I also did so we set a night and went out!  Initially, I thought he was going to flake because 1.) I was jaded from my last “date” “Flakey”, and 2.) He didn’t answer my call/text me back for quite some time after we were supposed to meet up, but after him explaining what was going on (he had to deal with a situation involving drunk people), it was a permissible reason.

We ended up just grabbing some drinks around both our works since it seemed like a pretty central area to meet at.  I’m not going to lie, being the lightweight that I have become and not having eaten very much that day, I ended up getting pretty tipsy/drunk.  Whoops.  That’s definitely a first on a date, never thought that would happen.  Anyways, he wouldn’t let me pay for a damn thing, although I tried throwing a stink about it.  =)  We talked a lot about work, considering we both work in the same industry.  It was nice to talk to someone I could relate to about it besides my co-workers and I liked the fact that we have a lot of the same ideals when it comes to our jobs.  In our industry, a lot of times it’s really hard to find people who are actually good at their jobs and have good ethic, so to find someone who does is refreshing.  We also talked about school (both college and high school), and it was good to know he actually did graduate college (me, being an asshole, assumed he didn’t since a lot of people from our high school didn’t….refer to I’ll Call You Later…Not!! to understand my views on this).  He mentioned something about being a complete dick in high school, especially to girls, but weirdly enough I didn’t remember that.  He’s huge into sports, so eventually he wants to open up his own place to train kids, which I think is awesome.  Gotta love someone who has ambitions…again, refer to I’ll Call You Later…Not!!.   Time went by super fast and by the time we actually looked at the time, it was already almost 2 in the morning!!  We decided to call it a night, and he walked me to my car even though it was just around the corner from his.  Very sweet.

I honestly didn’t know what to think or expect going into this, but I most certainly didn’t think it would go as well as it did.  Not for any particular reason, I guess more so just based on my past few dates and knowing my luck with guys.  But “Boss Man” is actually a really cool guy and I am/was so surprised at how well everything went and how well we got along.  I think I also like the fact that we have a lot in common and nothing was awkward.  He was also a complete gentleman the entire time and didn’t try anything retarded with me.  This is most definitely one of my favorite dates, if not #1 favorite date by far.  =)

*Positives: Graduated college, he’s ambitious, he was a total gentleman, we had a lot in common, he was a lot of fun to hang out with

*Negatives: The only thing I can really think of is that he works weekend nights so we’d never be able to hang out on the weekends.  And that’s not even necessarily a bad thing.

*Second Date?: In all honesty, I’d be kinda bummed if we didn’t go out again…and that’s saying a lot since I don’t really care about going on a second date with all the other guys I’ve gone on dates with thus far.  We continued texting after we were both home and even the next day though, so I’m pretty sure there will be a second date in the near future.  =)

But just as a side note…I assure you all I have not quite fallen for this one just yet.  Don’t worry, the dates will still be coming…13 down, 37 more to go!!!

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