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Date #12: “Magic Hands”

How We Met: I honestly can’t even remember how we met.  How shitty am I….I know it was through mutual friends.  I also know that it was a couple of years ago.  When exactly though…I wish I could tell you, but I’m really at a loss.  Shit.  Either I’m getting old (I am), or our meeting was not memorable.  Anyways, we’ve hung out here and there with our friends, but we’ve never hung out just us before.  Plus it had been awhile since we’ve actually hung out, the last time being just seeing each other in passing.


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 6

*Personality: 6-7

*Manners: 6

*Intelligence: 9

*Confidence: 7

*Overall Rating: 7

The Date:  This is probably the most casual date I have been on.  I was seriously too tired to even go on a date, but I have been neglecting this blog a bit lately due to a new toy of mine (see here), so I needed to go on this date.  Having this blog, based on my whole reasoning and ideas behind it, is almost like having a second (or in my case, third) job…it can be so stressful sometimes!  Anyways, I decided to call up “Magic Hands” since it has been awhile since we had seen each other.

Initially, it was very awkward.  I’m not sure why really, because we had hung out with each other before (though I guess never in a one-on-one situation).  Conversation was very slow and it almost seemed forced to be hanging out.  Already, not a good sign.  I kept asking him questions about what he had been up to and work and what not, because I had no idea what else to talk about.  He never asked me anything about myself really, which was fine considering how strangely awkward everything was already.  Though after a few beers, the conversation started to flow.  Oddly enough, it was one subject that we didn’t stop talking about once we started: sex.

Oh, sex…the one thing that people can go on and on and on about in conversation.  I must thank the subject of sex for being the reason why the rest of the night was not awkward.  We seriously talked about all things sex…anything you can think of, we probably talked about it.  While this may have been weird in any other situation, for some reason it wasn’t weird for us.  We talked about people we’ve had sex with, how many people, things that happen during sex, “recycling” people, etc.  Seriously…it was non-stop sex talk for about an hour and a half-ish.  We also discussed just dating in general, and things no one ever thinks about, like a person’s last sober first kiss.  In this day and age, it’s hard to think of a time when a person had a first kiss that was entirely sober…or maybe it’s just us and we’re alchys.  But the entire time was smooth conversation and not awkward at all, so I was okay with the conversation.  We DID, however, have a lovely conversation about beer.  He worked for a popular beer company for awhile, so he was quite knowledgeable about beer.  For example, did you know that Guinness has MORE hops than an IPA, even though IPA’s are extremely hoppy and bitter?  I love the science, history, and fun facts about beer (I used to work at a bar that served primarily beer), so it was awesome that he knew tidbits such as the one above about beer.

Another thing I never knew about him was how intelligent he was.  Maybe he had me fooled, but everything that came out of his mouth was actually very intelligent.  I was honestly shocked; I guess I just never expected him to be intelligent.  God that makes me sound like such a stuck up bitch, but I mean…I guess I had just never had a “real” conversation with him in which his intelligence would be so apparent.  I’m not really how to describe what I mean without sounding like an asshole, so I’ll just stop while I’m ahead.  Basically, the guy is smart.

*Positives: Nice guy, a lot smarter than I thought, gives great massages (hence the nickname)

*Negatives: Goes out a lot more than I’d prefer, it seemed as if conversation only got flowing after a couple of drinks

Second Date?: Sure, I think it would be fun!