Date #11: “Mr. Too Cool”

How We Met: This was actually a blind date/set-up by “Miss Pretty Hair” (thank you!!  =) ).  She’s been wanting me to set me up with one of her friends for awhile now and she finally did!  Apparently “Mr. Too Cool” had heard about my blog, and was willing to be one of my victims dates for it.  As of now, he is the first guy that I have gone on a date with who knows about my blog (and who I know knows about my blog…the others ones may have figured it out somehow).  “Miss Pretty Hair” gave him my number, and gave me his, but we only started talking last night.  We both had the day off so we decided to make it a day date!


*Physical Aesthetics: 6

*Appearance: 7

*Personality: 6

*Manners: 8

*Intelligence: 8-9

*Confidence: 4 & 10 (I’ll explain later)

*Overall Rating: 7

The Date: Because I love “Miss Pretty Hair” and trust her judgment 100%, I knew no matter what happened, this date could not be horrible.  She did warn me that “Mr. Too Cool” was a bit cocky; not in the sense that he tells you he’s the shit, but he has a way about him that one can tell he thinks he’s God’s gift to the Earth, so I was pretty prepped for what to expect with him.  Based on just our text messages, he seemed like a pretty cool guy.  Not too forward, not obnoxious, but just right.  We decided to meet at a restaurant right by my house.

I won’t lie, after “Miss Pretty Hair” told me about him, I looked him up on Facebook just so I could get an idea of who my date would be with.  I was happy to find out that in person he looks exactly how he did on Facebook (since this hasn’t always been my experience).  We sat at the bar and had a drink.  I ate rabbit food while he ate a sandwich…don’t judge, I’m not one of those freaks who don’t eat on dates, I just wasn’t hungry.  Haha.  Anyways, we talked about pretty much everything, from work and hobbies, to the way our minds work and living in Hippieville USA.  Conversation never stopped and it was actually pretty intellectual, which was a nice change from some of my previous dates who didn’t have brains.  After drinks, he suggested watching a movie.  Luckily, we both have an affinity for scary movies so we settled upon “The Cabin in the Woods.”  Can I just say…it is probably one of the WORST horror films I have ever seen in my life.  I wouldn’t even consider it a horror film…more so a cheesy, horror-esque film that is trying so hard to be a horror film, but can’t quite be one.  I literally thought about walking out after the first 10 minutes; it was that bad.  I’m not even sure what the point of the whole movie was.  So ya that pretty much blew ass.  Anyways, after the movie we called it a day and went our separate ways.

While the date WAS a very good date, as we all know, there has to be a downside.  Yes, I am being a Debbie Downer – deal with it.  There’s a reason I picked the nickname I did for this guy…there is just something about him that I can’t exactly pinpoint in which he appears to think he is just the best thing ever.  First off, he talked about himself nonstop.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally asked him questions about himself and I was intrigued by a lot of it.  But he talked about himself so much, that I had no idea what he was talking about at some points.  This is so ironic, because we had talked about how we both think we have ADD and we can’t do one thing for too long because we just get so bored.  Well, this one thing (him talking about himself) bored the shit out of me to the point where I zoned out.  I literally did the “nod and smile” a couple of times.  Secondly, going back to the cockiness, just the way he speaks about himself and just about things in general, you can tell that he thinks extremely highly of himself.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when it is depicted in someone’s speech and it is clear to an intuitive person that the person they are talking to doesn’t think their own shit stinks, it can be quite annoying.  In addition to his cocky way of speaking, he also tries to over intellectualize everything, which can be perceived as someone being very intellectual, or from my perspective, comes off as compensating for something.  This is where my rating for confidence comes in (4 & 10), because he comes off as being a very confident person who is sure of everything about himself (10), but it’s so overwhelming that it makes me think there’s a reason for this, be it insecurity or compensation for something (4).  Plus, he kept throwing in irrelevant interjections during the movie until I finally ignored him, which was annoying.

*Positives: He’s a good person to converse with, is pretty intellectual, seems pretty easy going, it was fun just hanging out with him, I didn’t feel any pressure whatsoever

*Negatives: He talks about himself FAR too much, he over intellectualizes every little thing, he reminds me too much of a friend who acts the same way with this cocky I’m-God’s-gift-to-the-world behavior and I can only take so much of my friends, so you can only imagine how I feel with “Mr. Too Cool,” his cocky behavior may be an indication of a subconscious insecurity

Second Date?: Yes, but it would have to be a long time from now.  I can’t be around people who have that “Greater than Thou” attitude about them for too long or too often, so it’d have to be in like…a month.  Or longer.

2 thoughts on “Date #11: “Mr. Too Cool”

  1. Oh, I can’t hang out with guys like that either. Hopefully he’ll chill out a little bit. Maybe he just tried to hard to impress you and will cool off on a second date. 🙂

    • Yeah, I was beginning to think it was him trying to impress me. That kind of behavior completely turns me off so I’m not sure when that second date will happen, but you can be sure I’ll write about it when it does. 😉

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