Random: I’ll call you later….NOT!!


I already have a huge problem with flakey people in general – whether it be flaking out on plans, not remembering we had plans, not calling/texting me when they said they were going to, or any sort of situation where obligations are not kept.  I think it’s a a sign of laziness and irresponsibility, and the only time when I feel flaking out is permissible is when it’s a situation of life and death (a.k.a. something extremely imperative came up forcing one to not be able to kept said plans/obligations) or in the event that both parties are unable/unwilling to keep their plans. Now, I’m not saying I’m not guilty of flaking or not calling/texting someone back every once in awhile, because I most certainly am.  But when I deem the situation to be important to either me or the other person, I will always keep my word.  If someone calls me or texts me, not just to say hi, but because they need something or we made plans to talk, I will always call back or text back, even if it takes me some time to do so (I work a lot, so that usually gets in the way).

So you can only imagine how irritated I get when I am faced with this situation and the other party happens to be either a guy I’m dating, a guy I’m interested in, or a guy who is interested in me.  It’s especially frustrating in this situation due to the fact that I (try to) always put in 100% effort when I am getting to know someone or dating someone, so I expect the same back.  If you’re not going to go through with plans, if you’re not going to call/text me, why even fucking say it in the first place?!  There’s really no point, you’re just wasting your breath.  I think it’s especially ironic when it’s a guy who is interested in me who I am not particularly interested in who doesn’t call or text me back or flakes out on plans.  It’s like, you’re the one who is trying to get ME to like YOU, so shouldn’t you do everything in your power to make this happen?  Because the more I don’t hear from them, the sooner I start forgetting about them.  Plain and simple, it’s easy to forget about someone who isn’t making an effort to make an appearance in my life.  Although the same can be said for a guy I’m dating/interested in, there’s a little leeway in the sense that I will obviously NOT be forgetting about them anytime soon, but it’s still super frustrating when they don’t keep plans, call me, or text me when they say they’re going to.

I think I have dealt with this situation with the majority of the men that have passed through my life, the exception being “Box Office Hipster” who always kept plans (not going to lie, I did love that aspect about him).  I’ve made plans with them a couple days in advance, because let’s face it, I’m a hot, busy girl and my weeks fill up quick.  But then as soon as the day comes to follow through with the plans, they bail.  The funniest part about it is if I were to do the same thing to them, they would get super butt hurt.  But they expect me to just say “Oh okay, whatever.”  Fucking hypocrites.  I’ve even had one guy (who I won’t even nickname due to the fact that I’m pretty sure a bunch of his friends read my blog) pretty much cry over the fact that I won’t sleep with him, yet he never keeps plans with me and never calls/texts me or return my calls/texts.  Seriously?  Grow the fuck up.  It’s a two way street, if you want something, you have to give something in return.  I’ve noticed that while I do have many female friends who do this (you all know who you are, which is why we probably don’t hang out as much as we used to *hint hint*), this…characteristic, if you will, is very much so prevalent in males.

At the moment, I am dealing with this situation with the bouncer I met (mentioned in my Updates entry).  While I’m beginning to think he is purposely playing games (which is both irritating and exciting because 1. I haven’t played games with a guy in forever and I hate not knowing how one feels but 2. It makes him much more intriguing and sexy…I’m the quintessential Gemini and I love a good game), it’s frustrating when he tells me he’ll call me, and then he doesn’t.  Why even tell me you’re going to call me if you’re not going to?!  And here’s the kicker…long story short, last time I saw him we got to talking and he asked me if I’d ever have sex with him.  While taken aback by the question, I’m pretty sure I coyly said, “Maybe.”  So, just saying, but wouldn’t you WANT to be talking to a girl who pretty much just said in so few words that you have a 50/50 chance of sleeping with her (and we all know the answer to “maybe” is usually a yes)?!  And I can tell he is most definitely interested in me, so why not just text me?  So frustrating.

Ha, for real!

Anyways, I guess the point I am trying to make here is if you intend on keeping plans with a person, calling them when you say you’re going to, texting them when you say you’re going to, calling/texting them back, actually REMEMBERING you had plans with a person, then you’re already golden.  =)  For the rest of you fuckheads that take advantage of making promises and breaking them, if you are unsure of being able to keep plans or intend on flaking eventually, DON’T FUCKING SAY YOU’RE GOING TO DO SOMETHING!!!  I’d rather a person not even waste their breath (and my time, for that matter) telling me we’re going to hang out, or that they’re going to call me, and me be excited about this, only to be let down later.  It’s because of you people that society believes it’s okay to live their lives with no expectations in order not to get hurt.  We should ALL have expectations, and people should not fail to deliver.  The end.

3 thoughts on “Random: I’ll call you later….NOT!!

  1. yes! and i couldn’t agree with you more when you said “have a huge problem with flakey people in general”… but i guess they make the world go round by tormenting us. are you a fellow virgo by any chance? :o)

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