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Date #6: “Ninja Monkey”

How We Met: We met at 24 Hour Fitness.  I wasn’t necessarily interested in him as a potential date or someone to date, but I had noticed him working out on several occasions and he’s intense!  Just the workouts he does is fascinating and so difficult and I am always one to admire someone who is working out much harder than I am, because I work out pretty hard.  One of my “Hot Mom” friends (I like to call them that, they’re in their late 30’s to early 40’s and they look like they’re my age…it’s only fitting) mentioned him one day and how I guess he had asked about me and I told her how I admired how intense he was in the gym, especially when doing pull-ups because he makes them look so easy, as if he were a ninja or a monkey (hence the nickname).  So she decided one day to introduce us formally and set us up.  He got my number and he started texting me and to be honest, I wasn’t really impressed.  He seemed either stupid or weird or something…there was something just really off.  He even had the nerve to ask me to send a picture of myself, which I thought was inappropriate and super strange, considering we had JUST formally met and hadn’t even hung out outside of the gym.  So I was extremely apprehensive for this date.


*Physical Aesthetics: 8

*Appearance: 8

*Personality: 8

*Manners: 10

*Intelligence: 8

*Confidence: 10

*Overall Rating: 8

The Date: We both worked that night, so we ended up just doing drinks after work.  He was a little bit late, which was kind of irritating since I HATE people who are late, especially when it’s supposed to be a first date, but I got over it pretty quick since the Nuggets game was on.

So we started talking, and to be honest, I was completely shocked.  Based on just his text messages and our conversations through that, I thought this guy would be a total dud.  He just seemed so stupid.  But he wasn’t at all!  We had a ton to talk about and talked about the most random shit.  It’s funny, because through our text messages he asked me a bunch of ridiculous questions, almost as if I was in an interview.  And granted, it was text message, which is already an inorganic way of speaking to a person, but I thought it would be that again and it wasn’t.  The conversation flowed smoothly!  We seriously talked about everything under the sun.

It turns out he actually graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder (woohoo go Buffs!) which was nice to hear since I myself graduated from there as well.  He likes to travel, but not overseas for some reason, and especially not to Asia (he’s not racist, he’s Asian too haha) because he doesn’t feel comfortable in places where it’s completely different than what he’s used to.  He’s from Boulder so you can only imagine how different that is from a third world country.  He’s a huge sports fan and surprisingly knew a ton about even sports he wasn’t that into (basketball) which was awesome!  It’s funny though, his way of picking favorite sports teams is by who has the best colors.  Haha.  And this holds true for both basketball and football.  While this clearly shows he’s not a huge fan of the actual sports, I thought this was so funny and cute, because I expect that from girls who just act like their fans of sports, but not from guys.  He himself plays soccer, so we talked about that for awhile and he educated me in soccer since the only thing I know about the sport are the sexy guys who play it (David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Bocanegra, all the soccer players who have passed through my own life, etc.)  We discussed which teams were actually good, which teams weren’t that good, and also how the sport (just like everything else in life) was all about politics and how a person could be amazing and another person could be mediocre, but if the mediocre player knew someone in the business or went to a more soccer-dominated college, then that mediocre player would have a better chance of making a good professional team over the amazing player.  It truly is sad how sports are run that way sometimes.   We also talked about beer/liquor since the only thing he drinks is Dos Equis, and in turn for him educating me in soccer, I educated him in the art of libations.  I surprised not only him, but myself, in how educated I’ve become in beer and liquor in general.  Hmm…

So yes conversation went very well!  I think the best part of it was that we see completely eye-to-eye when it comes to being Asian in the U.S.  What I mean by this is we discussed all-Asian communities in the States and how there are some (lots of) Asians who don’t like to venture out and be exposed to other races; they literally just want to stay within their race.  But we feel this isn’t right and we ourselves feel uncomfortable being in a group of just Asians for too long.  He told me how there’s a soccer festival in Minnesota that’s all Asians and while they invite him out to the clubs every time he’s up there, but he has declined the past couple of times because they go to all-Asian clubs.  How fucking boring is that?  I wouldn’t want to go to a club where there’s only one type of person, that’s so generic and boring.  I have friends of all different races, so I really hate when Asians (or any race for that matter) discriminates against people who aren’t of their same race.  Anyways, it was nice to find another Asian person who understood this point of view.

We basically just chatted and had a few drinks.  It was a lovely time.  Definitely nice to have a great date amidst the slew of bad ones I’ve had, as is evidence by my past few entries.

*Positives: Had great Asian manners (a.k.a. paid for everything), likes sports as much as I do, plays soccer, works out harder than I do, can keep up good conversation, is not awkward like he seemed to be through texting

*Negatives: He’s super short (can’t really wear heels with him), pretty sure I smelled cigarette smoke on him, he’s old (more than 10 years older than me…)

Second Date?: Yep, I totally would.  Only thing is, I don’t think I would date him on a consistent basis because I’m just not sexually attracted to him.