Date #5: “Meathead”

How We Met: I actually dated “Meathead” about 3 years ago for a brief period of time.  I bartended at this Country style restaurant with the country music, cowboy boots, and people with Country accents (puke).  It was in a small town up North and “Meathead”‘s dad owned the restaurant so naturally, “Meathead” was the head chef there.  I thought he was kind of cute, but I was still so into “Mr. Big (Past)” that I didn’t really think much of it.  Besides, I thought he liked another girl.  One night, he came out with me to a friend’s birthday and after that we started dating.  Initially I thought he was great because he was so nice to me and bought me a lot of stuff, but then I began to realize how dumb and childlike he was for his age (he’s 8 years older than myself) and that in all reality, I was just using him to get over “Mr. Big (Past).”  For most of our relationship, I didn’t even really have feelings for him whatsoever; he was just there and occupied my time so I wouldn’t think about “Mr. Big (Past).”   And to be honest, this was the first time in my life that I had ever thought about cheating (don’t worry, I didn’t).  Long story short, I broke up with him and he was really upset.  He wanted to be friends (although I knew he still had feelings) and I made every excuse in the book to not hang out (I see that this seems to be a trend for me…).


*Physical Aesthetics: 7

*Appearance: 7 when he keeps his hat on, 4-5 if he takes it off

*Personality: 6-7

*Manners: 7

*Intelligence: 4

*Confidence: 5

*Overall Rating: 6

The Date: This date was pretty boring to be honest.  We met up at Old Chicago’s to have a couple drinks and just catch up on life.  I guess a little after a year I had quit his dad’s restaurant (they had shitty management), they lost the restaurant because the landlord filed for bankruptcy or something of that sort.  So his family moved back to Tennessee, and he stayed out here and now works at the Yard House downtown as a line cook (though he had previously told me that he was their sous chef, which is completely different, so I’m not sure which one is true….).

On a side note, that in great part deals with this date, here’s the thing with “Meathead”….I am not really sure if he is a pathological liar, has some kind of memory deficiency (which then I would feel bad for saying all this), drinks too much, or if he’s just so stupid that he gets his stories mixed up, but this has been a constant ever since I’ve known him.  He’ll say one thing, then change his story later, claiming he got his words mixed up or some shit like that.  Sometimes, he’ll ask me the same question more than once, which drives me insane.  On top of this, I’m not sure if it’s the intonation of his voice, or if I just made this up in my head, but even the way he speaks makes him sound like a stupid football player.  Hence, the nickname “Meathead.”

Sorry…back to the date.  Anyways, he had also previously told me that he was offered a raise and a managerial position in Florida which he was accepting.  This was only half true, as I find out during this date that he wasn’t really offered the position.  More so, his roommate decided that he needed a change of pace and a change of scenery, so he asked “Meathead” if he wanted to move to Florida with him.  “Meathead” looked into jobs with the same restaurant down in Florida and there just happened to be an opening.  So he’s moving to Florida at the beginning of April.  I told him I knew a bartender that bartended at the hotel that the Yard House is at (The Sheraton) and that the guy was from St. Lucia (he will be featured here as a date as soon as he agrees to go on a date with me without me having to fuck him…seriously that was his terms).  I must have an invisible sign on my head that says, “If you don’t know your geography, please go out on a date with me!” because he didn’t know where this was at.  Granted, this is much more permissible of a mistake than a previous date of mine (see He said WHAT?!) since St. Lucia isn’t a huge place, but still….

Basically, the whole date was us just catching up on things.  Periodically throughout the date, he would make mention of how hot I was, which was sweet at first, but got pretty old by the 10th time.  He asked me about 3 times whether I was dating sometime, and on the last time I reminded him that he had already asked me this question on two separate occasions, to which his reply was, “Well, I thought the answer might have changed.”  Seriously?  Then he pulled his whole “You should come over and play cards with me and my friends” spiel about 5 times, which I know is just his way of trying to get me to hang out with him.  Because then he would just get super drunk and try to grossly hit on me like he did one of the first times we hung out.  The date ended with us saying goodbye and going our separate ways.

*Positives: Super sweet guy, really takes care of a girl when he likes her, very attentive (well…to a certain extent – he doesn’t remember shit I say), dresses fairly well for a guy, super caring

*Negatives: Dumb..SO dumb, smokes cigarettes, cannot remember things that I say, acts far younger than his age, still parties like he’s in high school/college, has a receding hairline, is a chef but didn’t know what prosciutto was until I told him (makes me wonder if he even went to a real culinary institute), reminds me of the stereotypical “dumb jock”

Second Date?: Probably not.  Going on this date and catching up with him reminded me why I broke up with him.  Nice guy, just not for me.

And your thoughts on this....

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