Random: My bad…

Why Leslie, why would you do that?!

So I’ve come to the realization that over the past few years I have made a huge mistake when it comes to men.  Usually, if I am not interested in a guy, I will know right off the bat, or at least think I know – I clearly don’t give many chances, nor opportunity for a chance.  In addition to that, I will usually write him off and show complete disinterest in him in every way imaginable.  I will ignore text messages, be very short/blunt when speaking to him, make excuses for not hanging out, and not make any effort to make him remember me in any such way.  I will, at times, attempt to maintain a friendship, but for the most part it never works out.  Usually the guy continues to want more and will keep trying to win me over, and I simply become too annoyed to continue speaking to them, to the point where I sometimes cannot even look at them without being saturated in annoyance.

But in starting this blog, I have now realized that my cold heart and my ability of disposing of men quickly may be detrimental to my entire project.  Looking through my phone and Facebook  in searching for my next date, I have come across the fact that I cannot call/contact many of the men who once would have moved the world to take me out on a date.  I’ve either blown them off to the point where contacting them now would blatantly show my motives (unless they were stupid enough…;-) ) or I’ve completely torched whatever bridge I had with them.  This, my friends, is a major challenge that I face.

Therefore, I have decided that from here on out (or at least until I am done with my “mission”) I will be completely open minded to any man who crosses my path.  I will give EVERYONE at least one chance and will obligingly go on dates that I know will end up going nowhere.  I will go on dates with men who I cannot stand, men who are not my type, men who are too stupid for words (literally…I’ve met some).  And I will put a big, happy smile on my face – for the sake of the art of writing.  Wish me luck…I’m going to need it.  And maybe a couple drinks too….

And your thoughts on this....

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